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Date Run # Hares Run Site On On Notes
19 Jan
Teeny Weeny Willy and troupers
Jalan Gaharu
  Red Lantern
International Fetish day run
12 Jan
Ditch, Sweet Thighs
MOE Dairy Farm
Adventure centre
  Red Lantern
Ditch's birthday
5 Jan
Astronut, Poser, Stash
Jalan Lam Sam
  Red Lantern
19th Annual New Year Recovery run
29 Dec
Stick Her Shock, Puul Toy
247 Montreal Road
F-off 2017 run
22 Dec
Pokai, Tina Tuna
Pasir Ris car park "F"
  Georges Bistro
15 Dec
Airborn, Alvin
Jalang Gaharu
  Red Lantern
The AA run
8 Dec
Puck Smuggler, Puck Me Lately
Lorong Sesuai
  Red Lantern
Santa run
1 Dec
Bagless, Shoeless, Dog Sh*t,
Corny Linguist, Malfunction
Bukit Merah Lane 1-3
  Hong Kong Kitchen
St. Andrew's day run
24 Nov
Pokai, Ayam Zinking, Trolley Dolly
Tagore Road (end of)
  Happy Kampong Seafood
35th Anniversary run
17 Nov
Samson Letoi, Suction Cup
Holland Drive & N. Buona Vista
  On Site
Here's to Guest Hares
10 Nov
Astronut, Stash, Strapless
and the Scorpio's
Jalan Lam Sam
Annual Scorpio run
3 Nov
1858 Airborne
Bukit Gombak Stadium
  Meng Kee Seafood
  Blk 359 Bukit Batok W ave 5
Penny for the Guy
27 Oct 1857 Chastity Belt, Wanke P*h
Clementi Stadium
West Coast Walk
  Shi Zi Wei Seafood
  Blk 431 Clementi Ave 3
Chastity Belt's birthday
20 Oct 1856 Deep Throat, Ripper
Marymount Terrace
  Blk 22, Sin Ming Road
Deepavali run
13 Oct 1855 Voting B*, Roo Rooter
Holland Drive & N. Buona Vista
  Hansa Thai
Blk 115B Commonwealth Drive
Triskaidekaphobia run
6 Oct 1854 Chicken S*, Running S*
Bulim Street (off Bulim Ave)
  On Site, Mr. Hoe
Annual S* Family run
29 Sep 1853 Coo Chi Coo, No Good
Pepys Road, car park C and D
  The Peak, swimming pool
Coo Chi Coo's birthday run
22 Sep 1852 Cunni Lick Her
Bukit Merah Central
blk 119, MSCP top
15 Sep 1851 Fawlty Towers, Fawlty Bush
end of Chestnut Ave
  On site, Mr. Hoe
The Fawlty Run
8 Sep 1850 Prick Me, Totally Unacceptable
Kampong Bugis
  On site, Mr. Hoe
The Kallang River run
1 Sep 1849
Corny Linguist, Durian Dog,
Awesome Foursome
Shipyard Flasher
West Coast Park, car park "1"
  99 Buona Vista Kitchen
The Lost Dog run
25 Aug 1848
Wet Landing, Harvey
Pakistan Road car park
  1036 Sembawang Seafood
Mystery Hare Run
18 Aug 1847
Pokai, Bibrator
Lorong Sesuai
  Red Lantern
No Male Consultant run
11 Aug 1846
Handbag, Tina Tuna
Pasir Ris car park "F"
  Georges@The Cove
Indonesia National Day run
Tina Tuna's birthday
4 Aug 1845
Pokai, Chicken S**t, Strapless
Bukit Merah Central
blk 119 multi store car park
top floor
  Coffeeshop near by
Singapore National Day run
28 Jul 1844
All Asshorn, Stick Her Shock
247 Montreal Road
  On Site
Big A* Ham run
21 Jul 1843
Dominator, Bully, Cherry Picker
Ditch, Sweet Thighs
Tulip Garden swimming pool
  On Site
Dominator's Birthday run
14 Jul 1842
Goody Bag, 8:24, Zach Smith
Bukit Gombak Stadium
Meng Kee Seafood
Bukit Batok W Ave 5
blk 359
Goody Bag's birthday run
7 Jul 1841
Stash, Puck Smuggler
Bulim Street
American Independence run
30 Jun 1840
Astronut, Poser
Jalan Lam Sam
Canada day run
23 Jun 1839
Shipyard Flasher, Pokai
1003 Toa Payoh Industrial Park
 Xiang Man Yuan
 blk 9, #01-1209
 Toa Payoh Lor 8
The Flashy run
16 Jun 1838
Wet Landing, Voting B*
Pakistan Road carpark
1036 Sembawang Seafood
Sembawang wellness ghostly sightseeing run
9 Jun 1837
Cumpuss, Pokai
Tan Boon Liat bldg,
off Outram Road
coffeeshop on carpark
June granny run
2 Jun 1836
G-String, Tiger Lily, Dog Mount
Lorong Tawas
(Jurong Eco Garden,
off Clean Tech Loop)
10th Japanese Girl's run
26 May 1835
Airborne, Eskimo
Bukit Gombak Stadium
Meng Kee Seafood
Bukit Batok W Ave 5
blk 359
Airborne's birthday run
19 May 1834
Suzee Wong, Sonia-After-Hours
In & Out
corner Holland Drive &
N. Buona Vista carpark
Holland Drive blk 43
12 May 1833
Totally Unacceptable, Prick Me,
Bubble Blower
Tanjong Beach carpark
On Site, Mr. Hoe
Norvegian National Day run
5 May 1832
D'less, Ginseng
Tanah Merah Besar Road
On Site, Mr. Hoe
D*less birthday run
Farewell run
28 Apr 1831
Voting B*, Stick Her Shock, Roo Rooter
Gillman Barracks, car park "B"
Voting B* Big 50th birthday
22 Apr 1830
Cherrypicker, Cunni Lick Her
British Club
British Club
AGM day, run and party
21 Apr 1829
Circle Jerk, Sir Long & Thin, In & Out
and the English
Dempsey Road
George's church car park
British High Commision
St. Georges' day run
14 Apr 1828
Bibrator, Comes Quietly
Lorong Sesuai
Red Lantern
Every Friday's a good Friday
 7 Apr 1827
Impossible, Too Good, Ct. Dracula
end of Tagore Road
Xian Seafood Village
Impossible Too Good
 31 Mar 1826
Rescu Hare: Hooray
McRitchie Carpark
top level (open air)
Saving Hareliner's Ass Run
 24 Mar 1825
G-String, Machine
Mandai Lake Road
Ga-Hock Eating House
795 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
A stroll in the secondary jungle
 17 Mar 1824
Sperm Off Ice, Puk Smuggler
end of Tagore Road
Xian Seafood Village
81 Tagore Lane, #01-110
St. Patrick's day run
wear GREEN
 10 Mar 1823
Deep Throat, Ripper
Marymount Terrace
blk 22 Sin Ming Road
Ripper's 60th birthday
 3 Mar 1822
PoKai, No Rection
Kent Ridge Park
car park "A"
99 Buona Vista Kitchen
Short and Sharp
 24 Feb 1821
Fawlty Tower, Fawlty Bush
Dairy Farm
Heavy Vehicle park
Red Lantern
 17 Feb 1820
Posh Pussy, Awesome Foursome
Dim Sum
Pasir Ris Park
car park "D"
Tham Paradise
blk 623 Elias Road
The Beauties and ...
 10 Feb 1819
Mount Faber carpark "B"
Mount Faber Cafe
Last chance for the iconic landmark
 3 Feb 1818
Durian Dog, Pokai, Chicken S**t,
and all the Chinese
Queens' Crescent
Heavy Carpark
off Queensway
Stirling Seafood
blk 169 Stirling Road
Chinese New Year's run
 27 Jan 1817
Bibrator, Comes Quietly
Lorong Sesuai
Red Lantern
Aussie Invasion Day run
Bibrator's birthday run
 20 Jan 1816
In & Out, 8:24, Ditch, Malfunction
Blackmore Drive
Red Lantern
January Boys run
 13 Jan 1815
Airborne, Eskimo
Bukit Gombak Stadium
361 Bukit Batok W. Ave
Anti-triskaidekaphobia Run
 6 Jan 1814
Astronut, Poser, Comes Quietly, Bibrator
Bukit Brown Cemetery
Lorong Halwa
Red Lantern
Bryce's 18th New Year
Recovery Run
 30 Dec 1813
Handbag, Tina Tuna
Pasir Ris Park, carpark "A"
On site
Christmas recovery
New Year warm up
 23 Dec 1812
Circle Jerk, Eleven, Shoeless
Gymkhana & Mahhsor Ave
Red Lantern
Turkey Buster Run
 16 Dec 1811
Cherry Picker, Roo Rooter
Heavy Vehicle Park,
Bukit Batok
Sin Yi
Blk 177, #01-247
Bukit Batok West Ave 8
S 650177
GMs had to beg
Hash Santas (voluntary)
 9 Dec 1810
Corny Linguist, Voting Bitch, Roo Rooter,
Shipyard Flasher (Consultant)
Turf Club Road Loop
SE Corner
Red Lantern
Flashy Linguistic Run
 2 Dec 1809
All the Scots
Turf Club Road Loop
SE Corner
Red Lantern
St. Andrew's day run
 25 Nov 1808
Dim Sum, Strapless, Chicken Sh**
Blk 30 Dover Road
Dover village XO
Fish Head Bee Hoon
Blk 5 Dover Crescent
D & D warm up run
 18 Nov 1807
Astronut, Stash, Ct. Dracula, Strapless
Jalan Lam Sam
Annual Scorpio Run
 11 Nov 1806
Sweet Thighs, Ditch
Hillview Rise  Red Lantern
US Election Hangover run
 4 Nov 1805
Voting Bitch, Stick Her Shock,
All Asshorn
247 Montreal Ave On Site
US Election Anxiety run
 28 Oct 1804
Sharon Batu, Whipme Houston
Lorong Sesuai Red Lantern
The celebrities "Duo Pai" run
 21 Oct 1803
Chicken S**t, Running S**t, S**t Fit
end of Springleaf Ave Sher, 25 Sembawang Road
The Annual S**t family run
 14 Oct 1802
Bibrator, Comes Quietly
Blackmore Drive Red Lantern
 7 Oct 1801
Conny Lick Her
Mont Faber, carpark "A"
Block 12,
Telok Blangah Crescent
 30 Sep 1800
Coo Chi Coo, No Good
Bedok Reservoir Park,
carpark "B"
WAWAWA bistro by the reservoir
Coo Chi Coo's birthday run
 24 Sep 1799
1800th run committee
Kulai, Malaysia
Quad run
1800th anniversary run
 23 Sep 1798
Sperm Off Ice, Viral Threat
Tanjong Pagar Railway station
 16 Sep 1797
Cumpuss, Belcher
Tanjong Pagar Railway station
ACE Seafood
Cantonment Rd & Yan Kit Rd
 9 Sep 1796
Pokai, Bibrator, Chicken S**t
playground at end of
Springleaf Avenue
Famous Kitchen
54 Sembawang Rd
Lantern Festival Run
 2 Sep 1795
Posh Pussy, Too Good, No Rection,
Ct. Dracula
end of Tagore Road
Xian Seafood Village
81 Tagore Lane
The Benelux Run
 26 Aug 1794
Dog Mount, Tiger Lily, G-String
Lorong Lada Hitam
GA-Hock Seafood
794 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
The Japanese Girls Run
 19 Aug 1793
Big Head, Pasi, Lars
Danish Seaman Church
on site
Big Head's birthday run
 12 Aug 1792
Handbag, Tina Tuna, Juicy Pussy
Pasir Ris Park
carpark  "A"
on site, Indonesian
Indonesia National Day run
 5 Aug 1791
Durian Dog, Chicken S**t
and all the Singaporeans
Heavy Vehicle Park
Queens' Crescent
Stirling Seafood Rest.
Blk 169 Stirling Road
Singapore National Day run
 29  Jul 1790 Bugle Boy, 14 Penguins, Cunni Lick Her
Heavy Vehicle Park
Thomson Rd & Whitley Rd
Hong Kong Street Rest.
273 Thomson Rd
Bugle Boy & 14 Penguins
Goodbye run
 22  Jul 1789 Suzy Wong, Waxing Off, In & Out Holland Drive carpark
Holland Drive coffeeshop
Blk 43
The Hare-less run
 15  Jul 1788 Lacey Lady, Mr. MaGlue Sengkang Riverside Park
Hong Yun Kitchen
Anchorvale street
The Stettmayers'
10th wedding anniversary run
 8  Jul 1787 8:24, Goody Bag Pakistan Road
1036 Seafood
1036 Sembawang Road
Also not the American
IndependanceDay run
 1  Jul 1786 Deep Throat, Ripper Chestnut nature park
Not the American Independance
Day run
 24 Jun 1785 Pokai, Bibrator, Smell Me, Trolley Dolly
Dairy Farm
MOE adventure
Red Lantern
Pokai's birthday run
 17 Jun 1784 Wonton, Comes Quietly Lorong Sesuai
Red Lantern
The Twin's birthday run
 10 Jun 1783 Roo Rooter, Cherry Picker Jurong Road Heavy Vehicle Park
South West Tavern
21 Boon Lay Way
Glorious Mud
 3 Jun 1782 Pokai, Trolley Dolly
 Tat Boon Liat building
 315 Outram Road
Coffeeshop nearby
Trolley Dolly birthday run
 27 May 1781 Airborne Bukit Gombak Stadium
Meng Kee Seafood
Blk 359, Bukit Batok W Ave 5
Airborne's birthday run
 20 May 1780 Ayam Zinking, Eskimo
Blk 30, Dover Road
Coffeeshop nearby
The Zinking Run
 13 May 1779 Totally Unacceptable, Slow & Easy, Private Parts Tanjong Beach Car Park, Sentosa
On Site, Mr Ho
Norwegian Independance day run
 6 May 1778
"8:24", Spreads Easily
Pakistan Road (Sembawang)
 1036 Live Seafood, Sembawang
Cinco de Mayo run
 29 Apr 1777
Stick Her Shock, Voting Bitch
247 Montreal Road (Sembawang)
 On site Mr. Ho
American Power Run
 23 Apr 1776
Bugle Boy, Circle Jerk
& the Commitee
Changi Sailing Club
 Changi Sailing Club
AGM run
 22 Apr 1775
Circle Jerk, Shoeless, Conny Licquer
& the English
Blackmore Drive
 Red Lantern
St, Georges Day run
 15 Apr 1774
Posh Pussy, Dim Sum, Dead Fish
South Buona Vista
& Pasir Panjang
 99 Buona Vista Kitchen
The cherry dim sum run
 8 Apr 1773
In & Out, Ct Dracula
Dempsey Rd
Durian Stall car park
 Red Lantern
 1 Apr 1772
Shipyard Flasher, Voting Bitch
Jln Gaharu
 Red Lantern
 25 Mar 1771
Handbag, Tina Tuna, Phil
 Pasir Ris carpark "A"
 On Site
The Rhodes family run
 18 Mar 1770
Durian Dog, Awesome Foursome,
Iron Crotch
 Gillman Barracks, carpark "B"
 Keng Eng Kee Seafood
 blk 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1
 11 Mar 1769
Topless, Goes Down Easy, F**ing Easy
 End of Tagore Road
 Ming Chu Che Loa Ban
 134 Casuarina Road
Farewell run
 4 Mar 1768
Impossible, Too Good, Ct Dracula
 Holland Drive
& North Buona Vista
 Good Taste Seafood
 blk 43, Holland Drive
 26 Feb 1767
G-String, Machine
 Mandai Quarry Rd
 GA-Hock Seafood
 794 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
G-String's birthday run.
 19 Feb 1766
Eskimo, Astronut
 Blackmore Drive
 Red Lantern
Canadian Mid Winter run
 12 Feb 1765
Strapless, Durian Dog, Chicken Sh**
and the Chinese
 Lorong Sesuai
 Red Lantern
Chinese Newyear Run
 5 Feb 1764
Bibrator, Pokai, Smell Me
 Blk 30 Dover Road
 Dover Road Coffee Shop
Bibrator's birthday run
by the Dream Team
 29 Jan 1763
Belcher, Torstein
 Fort Road Heavy Vehicle Park
 Eastern Wind Foodhouse
 82 Joo Chiat Rd
 22 Jan 1762
Coo Chi Coo, Comes Quietly
 Hortpark carpark,
 off Alexandra Rd
 The Peak, Pepys Road
Aussie day run:
A Bridge too Far!
 15 Jan 1761
Phoney Dick, Big Head, Trash
 Cleantech Park
Phoney Dick's birthday run
 8 Jan 1760
Deep Throat, Ripper
 Dairy Farm Rd Heavy Vehicle Park
 Red Lantern
Deep Throat's birthday run
 1 Jan 1759
Astronut, Poser, Bibrator
 Jln Lam Sam
 Red Lantern
17th NY recovery run
 25 Dec 1758
Circle Jerk, Eleven
 Lorong Sesuai
 Red Lantern
Christmas day run
 18 Dec 1757
Sir Long & Thin, Bibrator
 Turf Club Road
 Red Lantern
Diplomatic Incident
 11 Dec 1756
Airborne, Count Dracula
 Vigilante Drive,
  carpark "A"
 99 Buona Vista Kitchen
 4 Dec 1755
Totally Wet, Durian Dog, Cherry Picker
 Gymkhana Ave
 Red Lantern
 27 Nov 1754
Darren, Shipyard Flasher
Dim Sum Consultant
 Punggol Point,
 end of Punggol Road
 Blk 639 Punggol Drive
 20 Nov 1753
Aye Aye, Bagless, Corny Linguist
Scots and half-Scots
 Blackmore Drive
 Red Lantern
St. Andrew's Day Run
 13 Nov 1752
Roo Rooter, Voting Bitch
 Tanglin Halt Close
 Hansa Thai
 Blk 155B Commonwealth Drive
The Rooters run
 6 Nov 1751
Dim Sum, Foetus
Chicken S**t, Strapless
 Ang Mo Kio Str 64
 On Site, Mr. Ho
 30 Oct 1750
Astronut, Strapless, Stash
and all the Scorpios
 Jln Lam Sam
Annual Scorpio Run
 23 Oct 1749
Corny Linguist, Little Linguist,
Cunni Lick Her, Topless, Rob
 off Portsdown Road
 Tanglin Trust School
 Gate "C"
 Good Taste Seafood
 Blk 43, Holland Drive #01-75
 16 Oct 1748
Awesome Foursome, Her Linguist,
Cunning Linguist
 Labrador Park
 Car Park "B"
 Hong Kong Street Chun Kee
 Bukit Merah Lane 1
 9 Oct 1747
Chicken S**t, Running S**t, S**t Fit
 Cleantech Heights
 On Site, Mr. Ho
The S**t family run
 2 Oct 1746
Coo Chi Coo, No Good
 Beach Car Park
 Sand Bar
Coo Chi Coo's birthday run
 25 Sep 1745
Smell Me, Hans, Sweet Thighs, Ditch
 Mount Faber
 Danish Seaman's church
 on site Italian
Autumn Festival Run
 18 Sep 1744
Shipyard Flasher, Pokai, Corny Linguist
 Toa Payoh East
 in front of
 Golf Driving Range
 Xiang Non Yuan
 Blk 9, Toa Payoh Lor 8
 11 Sep 1743
Foot Fetish, Sperm of Ice
 Bukit Merah Lane 3
 Hong Kong Street Chun Kee
 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Let's have a day off to vote
 4 Sep 1742
Count Dracula, Too Good, No Rection
 end of Tagore Road
 Hwa Seafood
Cubic Caveman Memorial Run
 28 Aug 1741
Tiger Lily, Dog Mount, G-String
Backseat Bonker, Machine
 end of Arcadia Road
 Hillcrest Arcadia
 BBQ pits
The Japanese Girls Run
 21 Aug 1740
Foot Fetish, Princess Lay Her
 Tiong Bahru,
 Chay Yan St Carpark
 54 Eng Hoon Street
Police complaint
 14 Aug 1739
Handbag, Tina Tuna
 Pasir Ris Park
 Carpark "A"
 On Site
 Mr. Ho's Fish & Chips
Yorkshire Day Run
 7 Aug 1738
Chicken S**t, Strapless, Durian Dog
and all the Singaporeans
 Bestway Carpark
 Prince Edward Road
 On Site
 Mellben Seafood
Singapore National Day Run
 31 Jul 1737
Airborne, Voting Bitch
 Pepys Road
 99 Buona Vista Kitchen
 24 Jul 1736
Aye Aye, Saliva
 Dempsey Road
 Durian Stall Carpark
 On Site, Mr. Ho
Follow the Durian
 17 Jul 1735
Machine, Butt Plug
 Heavy Vehicle Car Park
 off Dairy Farm Road
 Red Lantern
Deutsche Zuverlssigkeit
 10 Jul 1734
Lacey Lady, Mr. MaGlue, Machine
 End of Pasir Ris Road
 Car Park "F"
 On site, Mr. Ho
The Stettmayers' wedding anniversary run
 3 Jul 1733
Bugle Boy, F***ing Easy, 14 Penguins
 End of Punggol Road
 Georges by the Bay
 Punggol Settlement
American Independence Day Run
 26 Jun 1732
Ayam Zinking, Pokai, Bibrator
 End of Tagore Drive
 Seafood Restaurant
Pokai's 50th birthday run
 19 Jun 1731
Knickerless, Dim Sum
 St. Joseph's Institute
 International School
 On Site, Mr. Ho
Knickerless' Goodbye Run
 12 Jun 1730
Durian Dog, Kannot Finnish
 Dempsey Road
 Durian Stall Car Park
 On Site, Mr. Ho
Kannot Finnish' Goodbye Run
 5 Jun 1729
Comes Quietly, Wonton
 Lorong Sesuai
 Red Lantern
The Twin's birthday run
 29May 1728
Jan, Posh Pussy, Sir Long & Thin
 Venus Drive
 Home of Tze Char
 Blk 22, Sin Ming Rd, Stall no 2
 22 May 1727
S**t Fit, P*** Bag, Ishi Bawa San
 Heavy Vehicle Car Park
 20 Bendemeer Rd
 Juxiong Rest
 991 Serangoon Rd
How the Pooh came out of the Bag
 15 May 1726
Totally Unacceptable & Amber
 Tangjong Beach Car
 On site, Mr. Ho
Norvegian Constitution Run
 8 May 1725
Suzy Wong, Voting Bitch
 Dempsey Village
 Durian Stall Car Park
 Food 'R' Us
 Blk 3, Queen's Road #02-171
Last Voting of the Season
 1 May 1724
Dickless, Ginseng
 Changi North Street 1
 Far end
 On site, Mr. Ho
 25 Apr 1723
Astronut, Ditch, Count Dracula
 British Club
 Britisch Club Roof Terrace
AGM run
 24 Apr 1722
Circle Jerk, Shoeless, Reciproc*t, Pinball Wizard
 Choa Chu Kang Cemetery
St Georges' Day Run
 17 Apr 1721
Durian Dog, Dog Mount
 Blk 30, off Dover Road
 Dover Village XO
 Fish Head Bee Hoon Rest
 Blk 34 Dover Road
Canine Family Run
 10 Apr 1720
Airborne, Shipyard Flasher
 Jalan Gaharu
Red Lantern
 3 Apr 1719
Eurocrap, Smell Me
 Tanglin Infant School,
 off Portsdown Rod
On Site, Italian
 27 Mar 1718
Impossible, Too Good, Count Dracula
 East Coast Park
 Car Park C
Lee Soon Happiness Kitchen
Blk 80 Marine Parade Central
 20 Mar 1717
Ayam Kampong
 PUB Recreation Club
 Parking Lot
PUB Recreation Club Cafe
Ayam Kampong's Birthday Run
 13 Mar 1716
Sperm off Ice, Topless, Rob,
Corny Linguist (Consultant)
 Labrador Park
 Car Park B
Hong Kong Street Chung Kee
Blk 125 #01-190 Bukit Merah Lane 1
St Patrick's Day Run
 06 Mar 1715 Goes Down Easy, F*ing Easy
 End of Tagore Road
Happy Kampong Seafood
The Easy's run
 27 Feb 1714
Dim Sum, Strapless
Chicken Sh**
 10 Raeburn Park
On Site
Annual Chinese NewYear Run
 20 Feb 1713
Cherry Picker, Cumpuss,
 Butik Batok Rd &
 Jurong Rd
 Heavy Vehicle Car Park
On Site
The run on Chinese NewYear
not the CNY run
 13 Feb  1712
Sweet Thighs, Ditch
 36 Turf Club Rd
 off Vanda Link
Red Lantern
Valentine's day Run
 06 Feb 1711
Col F.A.Duck, Bugle Boy
 Gillman Barracks,
 Car Park C
On site, Mr. Hoe
 30 Jan 1710
Cums Quietly, Coo Chi Coo
 Equestrian Walk
 Top of the Hill Carpark
 Off Woodlands Ave 3
On site, BYO
Australian Day Run
 23 Jan 1709
Recipro****, Pinball Wizard
 Tulip Garden poolside
On site, Mr. Hoe
 16 Jan 1708
Phoney Dick, Malfunction
 Int'l Business Park
 opp. Swiber Building
Broadway Food Court
Blk 286E, Toh Guan Road
The Twin Birthday Run
 9 Jan  1707
Ripper, Deep Throat
 Venus Drive  Blk 22, Sin Ming Road Deep Throat's birthday run
 2 Jan  1706
Astronut, Poser
Strapless, Chicken S**t
 Jalan Lam Sam  Farmart Bryce's 16th Annual Recovery Run
 26 Dec  1705 Strapless & Chicken S**t Springleaf Nature Park  Beng Cheng Last run of the year
19 Dec  1704 Impossible & Hooray
Dempsey Road
Durian Stall Carpark
 Samy's Curry
12 Dec  1703
Chastity Belt & Wanky Pooh
Blk  30
Dover Road 
 Dover Village XO
 Fish Head Bee Hoon Rest
 Blk 34 Dover Road
Chastity's Belated Birthday run
 5 Dec  1702
Airborne & Malfunction
 Jalan Gaharu  Red Lantern  Airborne's 2nd Coming Run
 28 Nov  1701
Stiffy & the Scotts
 1009 Bukit Merah Lane 3
 Hong Kong Street Chung Kee
Blk 125 #01-190 Bukit Merah Lane 1
The Real St. Andrew's Day &
Stiffy's birthday run
 22 Nov  1700
Phoney Dick & Big Head
Cherry Picker & F**king Easy
Bus run from 
 Orchidville Restaurant  1700th celebration run
 21 Nov  1699 Ayam Zinking & Corny Linguist  Blk 30 Dover Road  Dover Village XO
Fish Head Bee Hoon Rest
Blk 34 Dover Road
 Scottish-German Alliance Run
 14 Nov  1698
Ripper, Iron Crotch & Mother Mary
 Tampines Industrial Ave 2  Good Year Coffee Shop  Ripper and the Girls in Distress run
 7 Nov  1697 
G-string, Tiger Lily, Backseat Bonker,
Dog Mount, Oscar the Crotch
 Heavy Vehicle Truck Park
Off Dairy Farm Road
 On site 7th Annual Kawai Gals Run
 31 Oct  1696 In & Out, Suzy Wong & Po Kai
Dempsey Road
Durian Stall Carpark
 On site  Halloween Run
 24 Oct  1695
Astronut, Stash, Strapless &
Nipple Sucker
 Jalan Lam Sam
 67 Sungei Tengah
 Annual Scorpio Run
17 Oct  1694
 Carpark between
 Northumberland Road
 & Race Course Road
 Banana Leaf Apollo Rest.
 54 Race Course Road
 Deepavali Run 
10 Oct  1693 Chicken S**t & Running S**t  Heavy Vehicle Truck Park
 Off Dairy Farm Road
 On site, Mr Hoe  Annual Shite Family Run
3 Oct  1692
Coo Chi Coo & No Good
 Car Park behind
 West Coast Car Mart
 Xi Long Hot Pot
 West Way Building
 Coo Chi Coo's birthday run
26 Sep  1691 King Leer, Ditch & Bugle Boy
 Gillman Barracks
 Car Park B
 off Alexandra Road
 On site, Mr Hoe  Be Bright, Wear Bright run
19 Sep  1690 Count Dracula & Too Good
 Corner Tagore Rd &
 Tagore Lane
 Jew Kit Seafood
164 Tagore Lane
 The Count's annual run
12 Sep  1689 Cherry Picker & Eskimo  Blackmoor Drive  Red Lantern  Bring a Torch Run
5 Sep  1688 Shipyard Flasher, Suzie Wong  1004 Toa Payoh Ind Park
 Eng Soon Hun Eating House
 9 Toa Payoh Industrial Park
 Back to School run
29 Aug  1687 Airborne & Eskimo  Tanglin Halt
 Good Taste Coffee Shop
 Blk 43 Holland Drive
 Airborne Comeback run
22 Aug  1686 Suzy Wong, In&Out
 Dempsey Road
 Durian Stall Carpark
 Don Quijote Spanish Rest   Suzy Wong's Birthday run
15 Aug  1685 Big Head & Phoney Dick
 Eng Kong Playground
 Toh Tuck Terrace
 Eng Kong Seafood Rest  BH's Max Vert Min Pave Birthday run
8 Aug  1684 Strapless, Chicken S**t
 End of Lorong Lada Hitam
 Wong Chiew Rest.
 29 Sembawang Rd
 49th National Day Run
1 Aug  1683
Cunni Lick Her, Snow Blower
& Booty Camp
 Blackmore Drive
 Hup Choon Eating House
 794 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
 Stand-In, 4a Stand-In's run
25 Jul  1682 Cock Radio & Co
 Tuah Rd Carpark,
 off Sembawang Park
 Lai Sun Eating House
 1036 Sambawang Rd
 Farewell Cock-Off Run
18 Jul  1681
Knickerless & Dim Sum
 SJII main school
 On-Site, Mr. Hoe
 Annual SJII run
11 Jul  1680
Mr. McGlue & Lacey Lady
 Carpark #5, Stadium Walk
 Happiness Seafood, Stall #01-112
 Blk 51 Old Airport Rd
 Hawker Centre
 Special Runner's Run
4 Jul  1679 Stash, Bugle Boy, Ditch
 Jalan Gaharu
 Red Lantern
 American Independance Run
27 Jun  1678
Sharon Batu & Whip-Me Houston
 Lorong Sesuai
 Red Lantern  Hawai Five-O run
20 Jun  1677
Machine & Durian Dog
 Mandai Quarry Rd
 Gah Hock Rest
 Woodlands Rd
 Machine Inaugurated Virgin Run
13 Jun  1676
Goes Down Easy & F**king Easy
 Lower Pierce Reservoir  The Easy-Peasy Run
6 Jun  1675
Comes Quietly, Stash & Wonton
 End of Tagore Rd  Jew Kit Seafood Rest  The Twice & Nice Run
30 May  1674
Food Fetish
 Near Blk 80
 Chay Yan Str. Carpark
 Xian Ji Rest
 56 Eng Boon Str, Tiong Bahru
 The Foot Fetish Run
23 May  1673
Slack Arse & Loose Change
 Butik Batok East Ave 2 &
 Bukit Batok East Ave 6
 Red Lantern  Slack & Loose Retirement run
16 May  1672
Dim Sum, Strapless, Chicken S**t
Lorong Sesuai
Lorong Sesuai  
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