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STOP PRESS (30 Jun 2017)



As you are probably aware, the recent incident regarding flour laid in Woodleigh MRT station and subsequent security alert, has raised the profile of all local HHH groups with the Authorities. As a result, representatives of each of Singapore’s Hash chapters attended a meeting in June 2017 with the Police Crime Prevention Unit to discuss how we can continue to hash safely and without incident.


Thanks to Fawlty Towers for representing LCHHH.


Whilst the meeting had a friendly tone, the message given to us was firm:

·         We are not to use flour (or any white powder) ANYWHERE to mark trails. Directional arrows and toilet paper are ok.

·         All markings must be cleared up immediately following the run, regardless of where the run is set.

·        In N Parks areas only toilet paper is allowed. As always, prior notification is required. Please inform GM and GMs at least 3 weeks in advance if you wish to lay a run through N Parks territory.

·         No markings whatsoever are to be made in MRT stations. If you want to take a run through an MRT station, brief the runners beforehand on the exit to be used.


Failure to follow the above rules could result in harsh penalties, transgression may be considered criminal action. None of us wants this, please be sure to follow the regulations as well as the existing instructions for setting runs. Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions.


Kelly Payfer,

Grand Mistress & President