Circle Report - Run 1865

Date: Friday 22nd December 2017

Run Site Pasir Ris Car Park F

On-on: Oswalds at the Beach

Hares: Pokai & Tina Tuna


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   28 of which 25 Members (F 12 & M 13)

Virgins:                                   Intimidated by the threat of a wet

Visitors & Returnees:              3 (M)

New Members:                        What do you expect?

Milestones:                             Not so you’d notice

Next Week’s Hares: Pull Toy & Stick Her Shock

Run Site: 247 Montreal Rd, Sembawang

On-On: Pull Toy’s Own Home Bistro


Circle Scribe: Sir John Skipton Button, Photos: Dame Po Kai

Not the largest of attendances but its quality you want, not quantity, right ladies?

Visitors: Don, Dripping Bush, Sperm off Ice


Run Verdict: The two stand-in GMs, Stick-her-Shock and Stashcalled in the Hares, Pokai and Tina Tuna. Great effort, despite the lousy weather and more importantly, nobody got lost which is always a good sign. GOOD RUN declared the circle: “They’re all right, they’re all right they’re a little flat chested!? But they’re all right!


Hare Whip: At this point the heavens opened and it became increasingly difficult to discern the pearls of wisdom emanating from Pokai, who described why and how Handbag fell in love with Tina Tuna. Was it her gay wit and repartee or her winning smile and gentle maidenly demeanour? Alas neither, it was the hot little two piece she was nearly wearing which made him fall in lust, sorry, love with her. He ought to be publically p155ed on…..


Mystery Whip No 1: On in… No Good. The circle now enjoyed an exercise in English collective nouns to describe the birds flocking (hint!) by the fish ponds. A skein of geese, a murder of crows, a gaggle of Hariettes were all suggested before it was settled as a flock of birds.

After this diversion Pokai was charged for asking No Good to be the scribe at the last minute (taking her cue from Puck Smuggler? – Ed), and Hooray for being the ultimate shortcutter! At this stage we had lost the plot so the circle was left to reflect on the old adage that women are like antiques, the older they get, the more expensive they become!

Mystery Whip No 2: On in Pull Boy who charged Ditch for directing traffic over the eponymous obstacle encountered along the run. (If any of you Singlish speakers have trouble with Scribe’s etymological superiority, he means “a ditch” – Ed)

Next up, Astronutfor being a Star Wars act-a-like, Yoda no less, for helping out the back markers and directing them in excruciating detail how to know the obvious.



Stash brings in all those not wearing Christmas colours. Sad to say, he did not insist on a certain lady proving that she had lacy red knickers and matching bra under her white shirt. “There goes my Christmas present…” was heard to emanate from a certain section of the circle.


Circle Jerk calls in Pokai and Bibrator for taking photos of Hashers negotiating a hole in the fence and catching them in compromising, nay, titillating, positions. “Here’s to voyeurs there true blue…!”

In and Out calls in Dripping Bush and Bibrator, and wonders why the most hirsute man on the Hash has no need of hair clips, whilst Bibrator has a hair clip tucked into her panties! The mind boggles! “One black one, one white one and one with a bit of sh**e on, and one with a fairy light on….. to show him the way!”


A very wet Circle closed at 8.30 pm just before we all got washed away!

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Run 1865 - GLAM IT UP

Circle Report - Run 1865


Date: Friday 22nd December 2017

Run Site Pasir Ris Car Park F

Hares: Pokai & Tina Tuna


Run Report: Handbag

About 30 hashers made it out to car park F, Pasir Ris park, for the Tina Tuna & Pokai run, with consultant Handbag promising virgin territory.  Let’s see about that!


The run entered the shiggy at the bottom of car park before exiting at the Overseas Family School, attracting more & more expats to live in Pasir Ris. A circle check at the bottom of a passage had the pack all but doubling back to enter the military area. 


A T-check had the pack crawling under a fence to enter a deserted former prawn farm (virgin territory except for local former Elias road resident Astronut, who had once been caught on camera here before, so decided to miss this bit). 


Traversing the various ponds then called for another tight squeeze under the fence out onto the farm-way for another circle check.  Trail was straight on, then followed a small drain to the main drain which had to be crossed to find another circle check. 


Crossing the open field and the heavy goods vehicle car park for another circle check which apparently it took the front runner a while to break this one, allowing the pack to catch up.  After this it was a straight forward run through the HDB’s back to Elias road & home for the front runners in 55 minutes followed by the rest of the pack 5 minutes later. 


Total 7km.

Run 1865 more pictures