Run 1920 Circle Report

Friday 4th Jan 2019

The 20th New Year Recovery Run

Run Site: Jalan Lam Sam

Hares: Astronut & Stash

On-on: Master Crab Seafood,

Sunshine Place, Choa Chu Kang Ave 3


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 45 of which 40 Members (22 F, 18 M)

Virgins:                                   Not tonight, CCC

Guests & Returnees:                5 (2F, 3M)

Next Week’s Hares:       Fawlties Towers & Bush

Run Site: Punggol Point Rd (car park)

On-On: Punggol Settlement


Circle Scribe: Airborne, Photos: Count Dracula

For the last few runs at Jalan Lam Sam, the weather had stoked the water hazards, making us challenge torrents or wade through floods up to chest level. Thus Friday’s dry evening was a nice surprise, the hares had to hunt for a big drain to get our shoes wet.


Circle time came at 8.05 with stand-in Cherry Picker acting as GM, but we had the real Grand Mistress Puck Me Lately with us, and no sooner was she in the circle than the usual Bimbo stuff was being hurled around. “What was the Run No.? What Happened to your effme shoes? Where’s your eco-friendly beer mug?...” and so on. Welcome back!!


Call in the hares…well, WDWTOTR? It was long, no doubt about that, and there were a lot of T-checks which added to the distance…if you want to see where you got lost, see the run map, kindly provided by Stash, at the end of this report. So no serious complaints & even Cherry Picker said

“I think it was a good run”. That certain? “Here’s to hares…”

“Where’s your on-on? Should know the way now to Sunshine Place and the Master Crab.


No virgins, but a few Guests… Dumpling, Tiger Lily, Chicken Dicken, &Returnees

Kannot Kan, & Lincoln. “here’s to visitors, they’re true blue…”


Running S#t took a D-D for not singing. Hash BrewPoKai took the opportunity to vent some spleen on Lincoln for causing her hassle by using a fake name … Linked In, Kinky Linky … “He’s the meanest…”


Next Week’s Run disclosed by Fawlty Towers & Bush will be at Punggol Point, with an on-on at Inspirit House, all fully approved by N Parks…BS, BS…for details see front page hereof.


The GMs required the entire Circle to call a capellafor the Hare Whip, suitably placated, Astronut entered, wanting first to thank Stash for standing in, as Poser had to make a trip to the UK. Hare whip deprecated the small number of runners wearing New Year Recovery T-shirts, he had after all been running it for 20 years…”So what happened this year?” Well, wife wasn’t around so it never got organised. The substitute hare was a little flat-chested but “He’s all right, he’s all right…”


Astronut called in Wonton to say thanks for helping out, despite bringing 2 lots of 10 bog rolls, the paper quality was crap, so to speak, so he and Stash had run out before half way (Not surprising, there was enough out there for a battalion with dysentery – Scribe) so Wonton had to make a trip to a petrol station for replenishments. “Here’s to cheapskates…”


And now it’s time for Mystery Whip #1, Trolley Dolly, having trouble with his pronunciation as he calls in Smelly – oh sorry it’s Smell Me, along with Awesome Foursome & Goody Bag for being bearers of bright lights – LED torches. Vestal Virgins? Meanwhile he throws a quick aside at Comes Quietly, who actually didn’t come on the run at all, excuses, excuses, take a D-D, CQ, while I come up with another non-sequitur, my New Year’s Resolution, made for me by PoKai: “Listen to me and do what I tell you…” “She’s all right, she’s all right…” TD declares he’s discovered we have a horsewoman amongst us, Stick her Shock, who keeps a string back in the US of A. She’s been clearing out the stables, as all good horse people do, and though she much wanted to bring a steed back with her to SG, it was too difficult … so she brought her husband instead. “Do you have to do the same for Puul Toy? “ asked TD. Before he got his face slapped, TD led the singing…”She’s all right…”


TD still has fuel in his tank, and wants everyone to know he’s cool, he’s cool, he’s really really… but how about all you girls, are you up to date with trendy language? Come on in Goody Bag, Voting B#, GMs, and Dumpling. “OK, here’s the question…What is TWERK?!” 3 out of 4 don’t know, but VotingB# not only is hip but also gives us a demonstration of what this dance movement looks like. Not to be included in a dad dancing repertoire I think. TD Has another such word for which VB can give the meaning, but GMs hasn’t seen the POTW for a while and is pining.


“Who’s got the Prick? “O sh#t, I left it in the car, “ says Coo Chi Coo, running off to recover the dark priapus. In the interlude, various people get D-Ds for not wearing Hash logos on their T shirts. After another interruption from PoKai, CCC wishes to report that last week he was not actually, as such, officially, given the Prick. He calls in Wonton, and heads it back to her. After a few rounds of musical, not chairs, but Prick, it winds up with Circle Jerk.


And then it’s time for Mystery Mystery Whip and it’s Handbag. First call is on Butt Wiper and Tight Lips, congratulations on your engagement…”Here’s to…” Next he wants to know where’s Kannot Kan’s signature skirt (oh, all right, sarong). Seems KK wants to show off his knees…”Why was he born so beautiful…”


Then it’s Astronut’s turn to be summoned, “What’s the charge?” “Hang on let me see my notes…” Ah yes, now is the season for recollections of space events, like the picture of earthrise seen from Apollo 8 when circling the moon. December 24th was the 50th anniversary of that photo being taken. The moon, of course, is a lot further than London, but you can see it from here whereas you can’t see London.


AOB for Stash from daughterDumpling, “Have you decided which watch yet? You look like an idiot walking around Singapore wearing 2 watches!”


AOB from Kannot Kan, who’s concerned that LCHHH needs more variety in its hash songs. His memory jogged by PoKai’s complaint to Kinky Linky and the link to sausages … which used to be sold by the link, if I remember rightly… he regales the circle with a little butcher’s shop ditty that starts…

”Put it in your hand Mrs Murphy,

 it only weighs a quarter of a pound…”.

Remaining words are a bit murky but can be obtained on request from Scribe.


On-on-on was called at about 8.35pm.

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Run 1920
20st Annual Recovery Run

Run 1920 Run Report

Friday 4th Jan 2019

The 20th New Year Recovery Run

Run Site: Jalan Lam Sam

Hares: Astronut & Stash



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