Mystery Whip: Stick Her Shock had been nominated but forgot who it was she was supposed to be charging….”My alcohol level exceeds my IQ at the moment…” So, she awarded herself a D-D for being an American B-I-M-B-O. Stuck for a charge and apropos of nothing in particular, M Whip reported the new way of committing suicide in the US. You climb up POTUS’ ego and jump down to his IQ…(The proverbial bottomless pit – Ed) Finally finding someone to charge, M Whip called in In & Out with Bibrator and somehow connected them with a joke about alcohol-induced liver failure (which was lost on the Scribe – Ed) Nevertheless they got their D-Ds, which probably made the problem worse.


POTW was, as threatened last week by PoKai, still in her custody and likely to be so for 3 months (Pity as there were several deserving candidates – Scribe) so then it was time for…


Mystery Mystery Whip Alex (the Monday Boy) came out of the jungle and found an interesting something. He went straight to the Hare with it, but Poser said “Astronut’s is way bigger than your thing!” “Here’s to big ones, they’re true blue…”

Next in for flagellation was In & Out, a popular victim tonight, obviously his turn in the barrel. It’s 20 years since the colony of Hong Kong was given back into the custody of the Peoples’ Republic of China. M2 Whip alleged that In & Out went to Hong Kong to find a girl friend because he wasn’t successful in Singapore. “Here’s to philanderers, they”re true blue…”

Next, stuck for a charge, Alex asked what is it when someone suffers from exactly disease?

– What’s that?

– It’s when your face looks exactly like your backside…” (No comment – Ed).


AOB: Butt Wiper called in Tight Lips and nominated her for North American B-I-M-B-O. It seems she left her water bottle topless in her backpack so the clothes were all wet but the bottle was dry. The Circle Choir duly took note.

Not done, Butt Wiper called in Wonton. “We all like a Pink Fanny,” he said, referring to Wednesday’s Harriets run. “However, tonight we have a black fanny…” see photo. “Here’s to black fannies, they’re

true blue…”


More AOB fromGoody Bag who charged Alex’s wife and Alex. The latter pair were much alike with the same T-shirts, but when Alex’s wife wanted to be carried through the run she was told to eff off by her husband. What a gentleman! “He’s the meanest…”


Wet Landing charges all…”As you all know, I am a boring German accountant…So pay your subscriptions – tomorrow they’re due again!”


Finally, and back to the beginning, Totally Unacceptable called in Hooray, the one Hasher who, after his mega-experience, ought to know every twist and turn of every possible run site in Singapore, after so many runs, but today he came back in a taxi. How are the mighty fallen! “He ought to be publically…”


Reminder to save the date: LCHHH 35th Anniversary Run will be on 25th November 2017

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1840
Canada day run

Circle Report- Run 1840: Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Date: Friday 30th June 2017

Run Site: Jalan Lam Sam

On-on: Farmart

Hares: Astronut & Poser


Total Run/ Attendance:              28, of which 22 Members

Virgins:                                    Not one

Guests & Returnees:                  6(2 F, 4 M)

Milestones None noted

Next Week’s Hares:                  Stash & Puck Smuggler

Run Site:                                  Bulim Ave opp. Heavy Goods Vehicle Park

On-On:                                     Farmart


Circle Scribe & Photos: Cherry Picker

A soft opening to the circle was performed by Hooray arriving in a taxi at 7.48pm … “He ought to be publically…”


GM Puck Smuggler gave up waiting for GMs to appear and formally opened the Circle at 7.51pm, though only 24 Hashers were present. Hares – Astronut & Poser were assailed with the usual shouts of “Too many this…” and “too mch of that …” but the Circle decided that, for Canadians, the Verdict should be GOOD RUN despite criticism. “Here’s to Hares, they’re true blue…”

Where’s your On-On? Farmart, with 8 courses at only $13 a head.


Still no sign of a Grand Mattress, nor any Virgin this week, but Grand Master carried on regardless. Next Week’s Hares: Stash & Puck Smuggler, assisted by any loose Yanks that can be rounded up and pressganged. Their original run-site was not workable so has been shifted.


A few Guests turned up but no Returnees were seen. Women Guests: Jor and Tight Lips. The Guest men: Alex, Butt Wiper, Samson LeToi, and Vodka. All got their D-Ds and the customary serenade… “Here’s to visitors, they’re true blue…”


Hare Whip was Astronut who appeared with not one but THREE ice hockey sticks, adding credibility with a hockey helmet…(is this how the Canucks get equal to their vocal brothers to the south? – Ed) He summoned Puck Smuggler and compared his three sticks with the GM’s lone ranger. Relenting, and sympathising with PS’ complaint that he was named after, but was not as such, a Canadian, Astronut conferred on him the title and dignity of honorary Canadian. Wrapping the Maple Leaf flag around PS, he crowned him with the hockey helmet “Here’s to Canadians, they’re true blue…” Next charge was on Goody Bag who was taking her job as Hash Haberdash seriously. To better display her wares, she brought with her an erector set, D-I-Y robe rack. Only snag was she forgot to bring any hangers so couldn’t use the erection. (Ed – I sympathise, my wife is never around at the once a month I have one...) “She’s no bl**dy use to anyone…”


No Donald of the Week, but in the Trump spirit, Butt Wiper was seen checking along a wall…and finding himself on the wrong side of it, having problems getting back on track…which is what the Donald wants for Mexicans…”He’s no bl**dy use to anyone, he’s no bl**dy use at all…” (These words are particularly apt for the said political Tweeter – Ed)