Puul Toy called in Cherry Picker, Ditch and Hidden Assets for starting drinking beer before the run! And then, during the run, who couldn’t find the drink stops? They’re all right…. DD.


On in for the TOTW, Coo Chi Coo. Looking for Runing S* and Sir Long & Thin, but both gone already. So next Sperm On Ice and Strapless, who were stupe enough to miss not one but two drink stops. The highest shout moved the TOTW to Strapless.


As the POTW is still missing, the GM called in the all US runners. Remember the date of April 8 coming up! What? So gave out the brochure for a marathon run…, in North Korea! All US runner there to be! DD.


Mystery, mystery whip: Ayam Zinking. First step of course, as “one German drinks, all Germans drink!” Then he called in Stick Her Shock, typically for giving too much information, but nothing being useful to find the drink stop goodies! Then she brought in the dogs! DD.


The next charge was for Awesome Foursome. She likes it in any position, so she’s a true blue!


The GM asked Comes Quietly: “Did you see any jungle?” So he made it to drink stop nr 1 and nr 2, but made it without any shaggy! He’s the meanest…


AOB, No Good called in Maskerbator. Maskerbator showed her his phone. He was sick as a dog on Thursday. The doctor gave him 2 days MA. He couldn’t take the 2nd day off, however, as he had an important job to do this Friday, being Lion City Hash! Have a DD to the hero!


AOB. Stash called in Spreads Easily for her Taiwan passport! Printing 200,000 passports, claiming the international airport latest architectural beauty. Only the picture showed Washington’s airport! BIMBO!


Spreads Easily called in her co power girls Awesome Foursome, Bibrator, Pokai, Hidden Assets and Push Possy. Do all the run by themselves. Power Girls help each other, no need for men! They’re all right…! Until 8:24 showed his long legs because there was a spider on the path. All right…!


In & Out called in Poser. In & Out’s daughter got 5 kittens and a bull-dog, so she needed a friendly mother for a kitten. On in Poser who was willing. He asked her, how about Astronut? “Oh,” Poser said, “Astronut loves pussy!” So in for a DD…!


AOB Wonton called in Sperm Of Ice, reminding of the Cambodia run. There were a lot of stories on SOI for the Cambodia run, but finally, on the bus back to the airport, he showed up, was not drunk, checked his phone for being on the correct day for his flight. All OK, so he took out his laptop. Well, with no battery, DD for the BIMBO!


The GM called in Blur Like Sotong for not less than 5 drinks, only on the 2nd drink stop. DD for a drinker.


Pokaicalled in Eleven. What do people on the run? They run, they walk, they drink, they call. etc. But they don’t pass by the runners with a bicycle, and then wave to the runners! Not once, but 2 runs in a row! All right for Eleven


Now enough rubbish talk, so get to the ON-ON at 8:55.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1866 - F-off 2017

Circle Report - Run 1866

F-off 2017

Date: Friday 29 Dec 2017

Run Site: 247 Montreal Road

On-on: on-site

Hares: Stick Her Shock, Puul Toy


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   46 of which 35 Members (F 15 & M 20)

Virgins:                                    Nicky

Visitors & Returnees:                11 (M 4, F 7)

New Members:             None today, but 1Q subs are due for all members!

Milestones:                   Not so you’d notice, last run of the year 2017.

Next Week’s Hares:                  Astronut, Poser, Stash

Run Site:                                  Jalan Lam Sam

On-On:                                     Red Lantern


Circle Scribe: Count Dracula, Photos: No Rection

Lion City goes to the dogs. As half of the runners could not find the drink stops while standing on the drink stop marker, the other half lost trail, the GMs called in the circle at 8:10, with a dog in her arms, and a pack of more dogs all over the place. Free publicity for the dog’s hash.


With free beer at the On-on and Puul Toy’s culinary writs, nobody wouldn’t dare to call other than “GOOD RUN”.


On in the virgin: Nicky. And she promised be coming again!

The stand-in GMs didn’t bother to call all the guest’s names, although she wrote them all down: “You know you are guests! So come in!”. Hidden Asset, Totally Wet, Sperm of Ice, Tight Grip, Words Fail Me, Matahari, Dripping Bush, Chong, Glonie, and, paying her $20 in the circle to the Asst Hash Cash, Spreads Easily. DD (Drink it Down) for visitors…


Next week’s run: the 19th annual New Year’s recovery run at Jalan Lam Sam. Bring a bag for the Durians!


When the Hare Whip was called in, Puul Toy went missing. Surely turning around his toy, full of turkey. The Hare Whip had called the run to be too dangerous and full of pussy, the hare whip was delayed till the turkey could be taken out of the Louisiana cooker.


This gave the GM the opportunity to call in all those flashy shoes in the circle: Strapless, Ayam Zinking, the virgin Nicky, and Hidden Assets. Lucky or unlucky, but no beer was poured in the flashy shoes. DD!


Time of the Mystery Whip, entering Sweet Tighs. She was looking for Runing S*, but by absence, Cherry Picker had to stand in. Including with Stash and Chicken S*, the whip pointed out her broken esteem for established hashers being short cutting bastards. More broken esteem, calling Runing S* for endangering hashers, who pushed the Ditch in the ditch. He’s the meanest…


Next she called in Blur Like Sotong, for being…, well…, sotong! A Singaporean, who asked an American where we were, when Stash pointed out him the cranes of Semabawang wharf. He included the history story for free. BIMBO for the Singaporean!


Now the Hare Whip had finally time to call in his co-hare. Stick Her Shock, after the recce (or Recoy as she called it) she called in despair missing her handphone! Puul Toy called up her phone, no sound! OK, let’s restep every step where you were. First in the shower, no sound. Then back to drink stop nr. 2, no sound. Drink stop nr. 1, no sound. After 1 ½ hour, in the middle of the jungle, the sound came out, with the phone. She should be p…!


Run 1866 more pictures