PSA no. 2 – Fawlty Towers informs us it’s 3 years since Cock Radio started hashing in the sky, and he and Penile Extension are setting a memorial run for the Harriettes on Wed in Sembawang. Here’s to Cock Radio, he’s still true blue…

Pr#ck Me calls for the Pr#ck? The reluctant member is still MIA.

How about a MMW? Rooning Sh#t calls in Fawlty Bush for having sport and other Aussie DNA in her. And he blames AS4S somehow, for him being a last minute MMW nomination?  But in fact he calls in all the Aussies – Coo Chee Coo andFawlty Towers, for losing the cricket world cup semi-final to England. Next it’s 8:24, who was obviously confused on trail. It’s flower, as in frangipani, not baking flour – B.I.M.B.O…. And finally, Diet Coke Head. She’s as experienced LCH3 hasher, but at the top of the hill, encountering a T check, decided becoz it was blue, it can’t be a T, and kept on running? Here’s to the misbelieving gal, she’s true blue….

CJ has a Bastille Day charge, so on in Ditch, Rooning Sh#t and Juicy Pussy. Seems they are the great, great grand-children of Mademoiselle Juicy Pussy of the French Revolution. Monsieur Rooning Sh#t, an engineer, Juicy Pussy and the Irish Priest _ Saint Patrick, were arrested in the French countryside, and take to the guillotine. First up is JP – I am not afraid, and putting her head on the block, then lifting up her frock, the executioner in shock, pulls the lever, but miraculously, the guillotine drops but stops just in time. Patrick – fk, I’ve just witnessed a miracle. I may have shagged every nun between here and Timbuktu, but perhaps the miracle will repeat, and indeed it does, and Ditch is saved also. And then Rooning Sh#t pipes up, and says to the executioner, hang on, I see your problem, there is a nail blocking the guillotine – He’s the meanest….

AoB? Coo Chee Coo tells us that as the second ever GM of LCH3, he instigated some rules. No more than 3 females could congregate together. But tonight we have 5 natterers, so on in ladies. Oh, and there was another rule – no females higher than CCC. So in in Diet Coke Head – here’s to the other sex, they’re true blue….

8:24, the Frangipani man, is in, with a serious charge? It’s about the werewolf syndrome, and in the light of the waxing moon, Butt Wiper becomes mysteriously quiet. Sending 8:24 into a song – your quiet, your quiet, you barely make a sound, if it wasn’t for your mother, you’d go down, down, down, down. And then 8:24 calls in Diet Coke Head, who after running up a massive hill, then down to a T check, then back up to the top again, calling a la Cherry Picker – f the hares, f the hares.

Lady Boy is in – I like to keep my troubles at home, but tonight, when I was with my good brother – 4Sores, I was asked – are you sure you are straight? And so today on the run, when this guy had to go to the toilet, I became very worried. On in AS4S, one 4 family member drinks, all 4’s drink.

Ditch is in to report a wardrobe malfunction. Having meticulously designed the Men’s 3,000th run shirt, Ditch was astonished to see Fawlty Bush had altered it, turning a running singlet into a mini skirt. But I like it, he declares. Here’s to the volunteer….. (and CCC says, what are you volunteering for?)

Tiger Lily – one thing on this hash has never changed – CCC. After the run tonight,TL was talking to Spreads Easily and 11, as they were stretching and cooling down. And who is transfixed observing (perving)? None other than CCC – He’s the meanest…

Cherry Picker has a charge for Fake Virgin, the hasher who is supposed to know everything on trail? But tonight, when the paper went left, FV asks; Cherry Picker, does this mean we have to turn left? B.I.M.B.O….

Circle Jerk announces a decent amount of money has been found, and if it isn’t claimed, it will go to a very worthy charity of CJ’s determination – possibly including 11. But Fawlty Bush guesses the correct amount and claims the lost and found.

Pr#ck Me calls back the hares. It seems our Kiwi GM has a special app for steps, and counted 57 different flights tonight? That’s a lot for a flightless bird! They ought to be….

CJ calls in One – the beer guy. Seems he has found a new position, as a manager? B/s, b/s….But he is leaving Cross Roads, so sing him a song….

And at 8:45, with no beer, no beer man, and a starving pack, Pr#ck Me calls on, on on.

Great run hares, and an excellent circle GM’s, and see you at the Durian Stalls this Friday

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Back to History...
Run 1947
Run 1947 pictures

Run 1947 Circle Report

Friday 12th July 2019

Run #1947

Run Site: Gillman Barracks

Hares: Awesome4some and Durian Dog

On-on: Blk 124 Seafood


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 49 of which 42 Members (22F, 20M)

Virgins: Not in the Barracks

Guests: Spreads Easily, Tiger Lily, Soccer Mum, Dirty Ass, Cunni Licker, Four Sores and Lady Boy


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers  Photos: Fawlty Bush


Our esteemed GM’sPr#ck Me and stand in Circle Jerk, call us to order in the Barracks right on 8pm. Hares in and let’s get started. CJ – one hare did all the work and the other gave instructions? Well done AS4S – b/s, b/s, it all sounds like….. But what did the circle really think of the run? Too flat, not enough steps, too much shiggy, but there is a clear consensus – it was indeed a good run – well done hares. On-on is at the seafood place, Blk 124, go up there, left, u turn, and you’ll be back at the circle.

Next week’s hares? In & Out, as instructed informs us to get ourselves to Dempsey Road, Durian Stall carpark, for a stinker of a run, and some new territory.

With a lack of virgins, Pr#ck Me calls in the guests - Spreads Easily, Tiger Lily, Soccer Mum, Dirty Ass, Cunni Licker, Four Sores and Lady Boy (claiming it was a pussy run?). CJ asks 4Sores – How’s Malaysia? How would I know, I live in Indonesia! Anyway, join up, and drink it down, down, down, down…


PSACJ has his own – it’s the Quad run in JB, with now the worlds best MSG (Chinese food). Get in and sign up and make sure LCH3 has a good crowd there.

Hare whip? AS4S is in, and immediately charging Cunni Licker and Cherry Picker. Our super organised hare had laid the run in plenty of time, and so by the time the hashers arrived, she was showered, changed and perfumed. And our doubting Cunni Licker’s questioned whether AS4S had even set the run at all? Here’s to the male chauvinists, they’re true blue…… Next it’s the co-hare Durian Dog – the real hare? But AS4S cautions us – we should all change our mindset about DD. He turned up, with flowers, and offered to do a long T check. So I waited. Half an hour, then one hour goes by, so I call DD, and he claims to be in the jungle bashing? But I found him drinking beer in the coffee shop – He ought to be publicly…….

Next it’s the History teacher – DD. History has to be studied from all angles. I came to this run expecting awesomeness, but what did I get? Onesome? AS4S did own recce. In choosing her co-hare, she wanted someone only of a similar calibre – an elite runner, not a Cherry Picker or No Good. Setting the run with her was like being with a prostitute – I wanted it, she wanted it, left, right, up and down. But in the end, when it came to buying the beer, apparently our generous teacher was stingy? And y’day, he got a message and his hopes went sky high – pls come to my place, I have something for you??? So I quietly told my wife I was going out, and took our daughter to make it look legit. After arriving, AS4S swans down the stairs with 4 rolls of paper – you can start setting the run! Here’s to the awfully not so awesome one, she’s true blue….

CJ calls for a Mystery Whip, and hopes. And success – Cumpuss is in, and straight away calls in the stand in GM for harassment. Apparently CJ called on false pretences – how are you, can you bake a cake. No dates or dinner invitations. And then after softening her up, CJ calls again. You know it’s compulsory to be a MW? But you have a choice – you can be first or second? And then Cumpuss calls in 11 – why didn’t you ask her, she’s the one with suspenders on? Why was he born so….