PSACircle Jerk calls in Bibrator – we all love her! And 11 reigning in an excitable CJ says – shut up to that. Next Saturday isLCH3 Hash Bash – free flow, awards, great food, music, (and strippers asks Coo Chi Coo?) and it’s your last chance for early bird – so give your cash to Bibrator and join for a fun night. She’s alright, she’s alright……


And now, it’s time, for, the, Mystery Whip??? Of course it’s not Cherry Picker, or Rooning Sh#t. It’s not even Dead Fish. And then naughty boy Coo Chi Coo looks up to Chastity Belt – am I number 1 or 2?  And so CB is the first in the dock, for not informing CCC of his rightful place – B.I.M.B.O…. CCC- when I arrived tonight, I saw a male member, who has apparently gone to the other side, bending over, hoping for some action? On in Rooning Sh#t – here’s to the cross over, he’s true blue…. And in a similar theme, as CCC was running along tonight, he spotted a Harriet, bent over, pulling her water bottle out from you guessed where. I could see the second playground exclaims CCC!. And Comes Quietly says, but your too old to be in any playground. On in Bibrator – she’s alright…..


Chastity Belt tells us the story about when CCC had an accident, falling off his bike, and really, really hurt himself. As the SCDF were loading him onto a stretcher, CCC looked down there, and there was nothing – it’s all gone. When he arrives at Gleneagles, the surgeon says, well, that’s most unfortunate, but in fact it’s your lucky day, as we are the only hospital in South East Asia that can do penile replacements (under the microscope). And it just happens that we have 3 in the fridge. We’ve got the Singapore Sling for $2k, the English Banger for $3k, or the Classical Western Caribbean for $5k. So, just tell us which one, and we’ll have it on in no time at all. Well say’s CCC, for such financial decisions, I would need to consult my wife – No Good. That’s perfectly understandable says the surgeon. I’ll send her in, and I’ll be back in 5 minutes for your decision.  And after 5 minutes of deep discussion, the surgeon comes back and asks CCC, so what are you having? And CCC says…….. “We’ll have a new kitchen!” He’s the meanest…..


VB has some Milestones – Butt Wiper for 50 non calling runs – and the call is off, off, off and then it’s – who ate all the pies….Next it’s Bibrator for 200 runs. Now, Bibrator apparently doesn’t like polo’s, so she picked her own Exclusive t-shirt which now has a LCH3 logo. And although we are not really sure, she’s alright, she alright.


And now, it’s time, for, the, Mystery, Mystery, Whip? Obviously Chastity Belt was struggling for an act to follow CCC, and so decided to keep it in the family and anoint the young fella – on in Dirty Groper. Let’s get all the Americans in he says, and anyone with the slightest affinity to them? On in Voting B#tch, Dead Fish and Tight Lips. Let’s talk about the National Baseball Major League – World Series? And how many teams outside the US actually play in this World Series? It’s just the Canadians, and they are half American anyway. Let’s give it to them for their lack of internationalism – they ought to be publicly……


Next our GM does a PSA for the Hash Bash – but hang on, we’ve already done that – Bimbo…..


Cherry Picker gets in a plug for the dog hash – any b#tch will do.


Hooray has had a rare moment of inspiration – who knows my reputation? SCB of course, we all say. So who follows me – absolutely no one, we all say. But, OMG, tonight, AS4S followed the SCB – why would you, he says? She ought to be publicly…..


Saliva is in to remind us of the rules of the hash, and she is promptly reminded there are no rules! But ok, the guidelines recommend, that FRB’s should break the checks – right? On in Butt Wiper for some hash guidelines re-education. So Mr. Butt Wiper, how come, the circle near the Mosque, still had chalk inside, but remained unbroken? It’s all his fault. Let’s give the useless one a note – B.I.M.B.O…..


And so, at 8:20pm, the only other item of AOB was to get to Samy’s, but someone wants directions – follow your nose.


Thanks to the GM’s and well done Dead Fish, and on on on Black Widow

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1963
Dead as a fish run

Circle Report

Friday 1 Nov 2019

Dead as a Fish run

Run Site: St. Georges Church - Dempsey

Hares: Dead Fish and Voting B#tch

On-on: Samy’s Curry place


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 40 of which 34 Members (18F, 16M)

Virgins: Not near Samy’s

Guests & Returnees: 3D, Redcock, Ketchup, In n Out,  Sockmycock and Dirty Groper

Milestones: Butt Wiper (50), Bibrator (200)


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Count Dracula

Welcome to run #1963, as Chastity Belt and Voting B#tch try to quieten the crowd. Chastity Belt then takes a moment to remember our dearly departed Frankie – Black Widow. A LCH3 member of 35 years, that everyone either knew or knew of. How could you forget that mop of blonde hair, the black nails, the dog collar and black clothes. Black Widow was charming, an accomplished entertainer, and was very much a fun hasher (especially when the Navy was in town). CB had been led along, and astray as Black Widow’s co GM, including many singalongs with Syph and the Sores, featuring Irian Jaya headhunter songs. Wearing a Syph and the Sores Tshirt from the 1990 Interhash, CB reminded us of Black Widow’s days at the Col Bar. Then pretending to be a teacher, Black Widow moved to Hong Kong and found the true calling of a smoking, alcohol loving hasher – the Queen Vic in Wan Chai, where many a (single) man was welcomed. Let’s have a minute’s silence for our dear hasher in the sky……….She’s alright, she’s alright….. on on Black Widow!


Let’s get the hare in – Dead Fish, and his guest hare – Voting B#tch who apparently also drew some arrows. And what did we think of the run??? Too much shiggy? Not enough hills? Not enough criticism, so it’s gotta be a Good Run. Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….. Tell us about your on on? This is where VB comes in – Dead Fish will do the run, in fact he would do just about anybody, but not the on on. So VB tells us it’s a curry and briyani and jugs at Samy’s.


Guests and Returnees: 3D from Timor Leste,Sockmycock – yes VB, that’s what he really said, Red Cock – why? - don’t go there, Ketchup (surely that’s not where it goes?), Dirty Groper (he’s priming himself) and In n Out – still coming to grips with the demise of the English in the RWC – here’s to the guests, they’re true blue….


Next week’s hare? On in Circle Jerk. It’s at the horsey end of Jalan Mashhor (very appropriate since its Melbourne Cup week), and we’re promised virgin territory amongst the graves? On on at the old fav – Red Lantern.


Chastity Belt calls in the deaf bstd – Cherry Picker – and STFUp. Now it’s time for the Hare Whip? On in Dead Fish in that quiet, reserved, all American twang – I want to bring this to your attention – It’s All Saints Day, and also, the day Britain were supposed to Brexit? So get them all in – English, Scots and Northern Irish – and why haven’t you left yet? Ooorrrddddeeerrr says In n Out – Rule Britannia, Britannia (used to) Rule the Waves….. Now please depart, the circle at least. Whilst Dead Fish was out in the jungle, he noticed snakes – big snakes. Do you recall the B&W with the pool, and Nico the dog – the psycho one, running up and down the fence line? The spot whereVB encountered the aggressive monkey.  So on in Roo Rooter for monkeying around. But back to the Shnakes (give him another beer) – there was 5 of em hanging on the fence – thanks to Nico. He’s the meanest….. And now we need a stand in for Larry? Who the f isLarry? He’s the Monday hasher, about Dead Fish’s vintage, with white hair, and a giant piece of pink… chalk. Here’s to Larry’s pinky, he’s true blue…









Run 1963 pictures