Next it’s Tight Lips 29th birthday – drink it down, down, down, down


And now, finally, its time for the Mystery, Mystery Whip. After an awkward silence, the stickless Puck Smuggler admits after seven attempts at a MW, he gave up and nominated himself. After a 50 minute terror ride in the Mazda from Jurong, PS arrived at last, but very late, but still maintaining his cool behind his shades. There was just Wet Landing, Harvey and Maskabator in the car park. Rushing to put his water under the bonnet, he changed quickly to learn he had left his hash shoes at home. Having worked 14 hours, driven like a mad man, and finally made the run, can we give the shoeless, clueless GM a note – B.I.M.B.O


Sticking with the earlier underwear theme, PS relays a SHS story. Pool Toy comes home from work, grabs a beer from the fridge and plonks on the couch in a t shirt and jocks. SHS instructs – “take the dog (Maggie) for a walk”. (At this stage a lookalike for Maggie – Coo Chi Coo, was dragged in by the collar). Grumbling, the obedient one gets up off the couch and heads off for a walk. After a while, Pool Toy wonders why everyone is staring at him? B.I.M.B.O.


PoTW – still MIA???

ToTW– back in Pool Toy, who immediately summons the hare. Arriving early, PT found no Wet

Landing, just Police questioning 8:24. So on in at precisely 8:24, we hear how he had implored the plods to “make this neighbourhood great again”. But the Police proclaimed hashers as the most beautiful people. Taking no further advice from the Mooch, the boys burst into a rendition of - tits out for the boys …to a very sporting Wet Landing


Is there Any other Business – oh yes there is. No Good calls in Wonton, who had rushed up whilstNo Good was still trying to park, saying she was desperate for a pee. But since her recent “little incident “’ No Good now has four cameras on her car. That wasn’t enough to stop the desperate one. CCC – no going thru the footage this week! 3 2 1 – down, down.


Handbagbrings in Goody Bag, who has lots of strapping going on. Whilst HB had showered and changed, our Haberdash was still deciding which dress to wear. Seems she wore them all, until CCC announced she was indeed wearing the world’s longest G string. She ought to be publicly…..


SHSbrings in No Good and Sway, apologizing profusely, as they had to walk behind Pool Toy whilst he brought forward global warming with his emissions – he ought to be……


Pokai had announced that we needed to finish the keg, and the immediate obligors were charged for delaying her charge whilst filling their glasses – down down for Stash, Puck Smuggler and Fawlty Towers.


Then there was a call for a Bibrator lookalike. Parking on double yellow lines, the vibrating one couldn’t wait to go shopping with her new black colored credit card – here’s to Comes Quietly he’ true blue…..


Stash enters the circle (as Maskerbator blows another barrel), exclaiming there were two different trails – a cycle path and a walking path. But Machine was confused as the arrows were on the cycle path – so what to do? On in Wet Landing, blaming Harvey – one German drinks…..

Next Pokai calls back the Germans, b4 chastising Stashwho had corrected her perfectly good Singlish. Seems Pokai had come across perfect arrows – in opposite directions. Asking Machine– you are German? The hare is German? Don’t you think alike? What were you Zinking? Why were they born so beautiful…..


And now 8:24calls in Pokai (whilst being rammed by Corny Linquist and CCC impersonating an oil tanker). He thought he heard Pokai say there’s no cake left, but turns out the retranslation from Singlish to English was there is no keg left - blonde, blonde……


And with the beer gone, it was time for the hungry hashers to rush past the hungry ghost, for a great onon, and plenty more beer.


Scribe’s note: Lots more photos of the Run 1848 Circle proceedings are available, click on “For All The Pictures…” (see above)

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1848
The Mystery Harvey run

Circle Report- Run 1848

The mysterious Harvey run

Date: Friday 25th August 2017

Run Site: Pakistan Road car park

On-on: Coffee shop across the road

Hares: Wet Landing, her bike, and Harvey


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:     41, of which 34 Members ( F, 17 F & 17 M)

Virgins:                                        Harvey?

Visitors & Returnees:                   7(3 F, 4 M)

New Member:                              Not in Pakistan

Milestones                                   Nuh

Next Week’s Hares: Corny Linguist, Awesome 4some, Shipyard Flasher &

possibly Durian Dog

Run Site: West Coast Park Car Park No 1

On-On: 99 Buona Vista Kitchen


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Goody Bag

The GM’s called the dishevelled together at 7:54pm. With most hashers back within the hour, the GM’s thought they’d get an early start, and an early finish – not likely. Welcome to run number…. brain freeze – and Voting Bitch gets the first down down within 10 seconds – B.I.M.B.O.


And what did we think of run no. 1848? Too much shiggy, too short, but anyway its all Harvey’s fault. Any run is a good run, so here’s to the hare, she’s true blue….. And where’s your onon? Just past the outdoor karaoke concert blaring away. (Scribe’s note: Maskerbator informed me earlier the outdoor local concert was some kind of celebration for the hungry ghost festival? But at least the hashers who went to the onon didn’t go hungry).


Guests and returnees – on in Pink Fanny, Suction Cup, Tight Lips, Butt Wiper, Chong, Ed, Samson Letoi………. Here’s to the guests….


Next weeks hares? Corny Linguist steps in – and after some LiT (lost in translation), we are off to Dover rd., near One North car park, subject to the good grace of Nparks (Cancel that, it’s West Coast now – see above – Scribe)


And now its time for the hare whip. Wet Landing begins her (short?) charge by talking to the invisible Harvey. He had advised her to be more German (is that possible?), be more accurate, and set the trail markings to exactly one foot long, and lots more than last time pls. Having achieved her task admirably, WL calls in Stick Her Shock. After 5hrs of drawing perfect arrows, WL calls SHS. “are you home? SHS – yes” and volunteering some unwanted information – “but I’m in my underwear” – more than enough for: Why were they born so….. Attempting to escape the circle, the hare who had stepped up to fill in the hareline, was dragged back in by Voting Bitch. Have you not read the guidelines for setting a run? (has anyone?). Seems there’s something in the fine print about crossing only on designated crossings – here’s to roadkill she’s true blue…..


Some public service announcements – its Pokai in her RDR t shirt– this should be short. Reading off her t shirt – Red……Dress……Run, Pokai then chastises us for staring at her boobs. 21st Oct, at Orchard Towers, 5pm. SeePokai or Ayam Zinking for forms.


Our GM then announces LCH3 35th anniversary with a weekend of hashing. Friday 24th Nov is a celebration run, with a goody bag (no not that one), free booze n a great onon, followed by our DnD at the Tanglin Club on Sat 25th. Early bird price for members of only $80 – so sign up now! And Pokai announces ‘the package’ for the two day affair – Friday an affair with Pokai, n Saturday an affair with VB! $150 for both – what a deal!


And now it’s time for the Mystery Whip? Roo Rooter –oh f, that’s me. Seems there had been a committee mtg at the GM’s place last night. And Puck Smuggler having drawn blanks on his seven previous requests for a MW, took the opportunity to corner Roo Rooter on his home turf – he’s the meanest………. But someone had to feed the hungry committee, so Roo Rooter cooked up some ripping Va Geters (otherwise known as Fahita’s), but still Goody Bag brought tons of curry puffs. On in Pokai, VB n SHS for trying to halve up the curry puffs and mangling them in the process. Here’s to the spicy ones….


With the concert in full flight, Pokai sneaks in some AOB and brings in Pink Fanny, who had just whispered, that in her early days, “I was on that stage”. Pokai – that’s not singing, it’s indecipherable Chinese. She’s all right, she’s all right, she’s a little……

For all the  pictures...