And our fav piece of hash trash is back - No Good drags in the PoTW. “It’s so damaged lah, can’t even work, no batteries. I had to leave it in the bag for 2wks - I didn’t even want to look at it!” “But it worked for me !!”, exclaims PML!


Back to the passing of the PoTW. Who to give? Well it is the 1900th run, so on in a smiling Pokai, and stand down Trolly Dolly. Drink it D.D.D.D.....


ToTW? On in Pays 2 Come. Can we have Bibrator in the circle please. Who can keep a secret? Bibrator was overheard after the run, talking about secrets, and how she had lent certain personal items to another hariett - here’s to the secret divulger...


MMW? Handbagcharges In n Out. He used to be a pretty good runner, buts he’s falling down a bit now, and prefers to run in the rain - so it looks like I’m sweating and people can’t see I’m actually crying. Some people like to see the positives, others the negatives. Dead Fishto HB after the run – “Looks like you’ve lost some weight?” Stash five minutes later – “Looks like you’ve put on weight. Stash has been in Asia too long - drink it D.D.D.D. HB has been trying out some face moisturiser lately. He can’t remember if he borrowed from his wife or daughter. Anyway, Smell Me checked it out for him - it was actually face whitener, but nobody had told him he looked any whiter!


Then it was Puck Smuggler, trying to roger Circle Jerk (is this still a family hash?), and PML accusing PS of being a home wrecker - you can all have a down, down


AoB? Oh yes - Pokai is in charging No Good and CCC and also PML for claiming thePoTW was working well (and CCC says - it must have been in manual mode!). Next Pokai calls in Pays 2 Come, and sizes him up alongside the diminutive PML, and comparing the couple to No Good and CCC. Size does matter according to Pokai – “They’re alright, they’re alright...”


Announcement - Father Hash’s 3,000th run is coming soon, so sign up for the 8/9th of Sept. Are women allowed was the innocent enquiry? Are hookers allowed was the reply - B.I.M.B.O.... (the answer is yes to both questions)


CCC reminds those of us not paying attention, today was a celebration run - #1900. On Sec asked hashers to bring their oldest LCHHH T-shirt. So CCC asked No Good to delve into the cupboards. I’d better wash this, its 1/4” cotton, it’s wet and it stinks (CCC had been caught out for not doing the washing since over 20 yrs ago). Turns out it was CCC’s Sexation run shirt, where hashers had to do 6 different activities on East Coast Park in 1994. “Here’s to CCC and N G, they’re true blue…”


Butt Wiper has a double announcement - Kampong on Saturday, then the Sunday hash. And CCCbrings up the quaddie of hashing in SG this weekend with the Bike Hash also. And not forgetting the RDR from OT on 27th Oct - get the dresses and the fishnets ready.


In & Out calls in Smell Me, and points out she has a ding in the giant Volvo. But whilst showering, In n Out was talking to No Good, who saw the damage and said – “I would never park next to a damaged car - they can’t drive lah”. Drink it D.D.D,D.....


And after 18 yrs, Samsong Letoi announces that young Ben is about to fly the coop. At home, they call him Lazy Hound, and after many attempts at a name - Hound of Hollandville, Dog Tired, Whinging B*d and Sex(Le)Toi, it was decided the young fella should be invited to come back for a proper naming when the Circle was in more inspirational mood…”He’s all right…”


And so, at 9:04pm, it was time to wrap up the 1900th Run since 1982, and go on on on. Great job by the Hares and GM’s, and see y’all at Bukit Gombak Stadium next week…


ECO-FRIENDLY LCHHH… Everyone must be aware now that disposable plastics are becoming public enemy No 1. GMs Puck Me Lately wants LCHHH to set an example to this over-consuming Republic. We’ll have to work on this, because things like D-Ds have developed into a habit for disposables. Also, we don’t want to overwork the already challenged Hash Brew. But we have to start somewhere. One way to do it is for members to follow the good example of Astronut, Cherry Picker and Mother Mary, joined now by Ditch & Stash, BYO mug …

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1900
1900th celebration run

Run 1900 Circle Report

17th August 2018 – Celebrating 1900 Runs

Run Site: Gillman Barracks Car Park B

Hares: Puck Smuggler, Puck Me Lately & Airborne

On-on: Sum Kee Food, 2, Telok Blangah St 31


Total Run/ Circle Attendance 58, of which 48 Members (23F, 25 M)

Virgins:                                    2 M

Guests & Returnees:                 10 (2 F, 8 M)

Milestones: Not this week

Next Week’s Hares: Airborne, Chicken Dicken

Run Site: Bukit Gombak Stadium Car Park

On-On: Meng Kee Seafood, Bt Batok W Ave 5 Blk 359


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers Photos: Count Dracula

The somewhat still dishevelled were called to order at 8:10pm. And what did we think of the run asked Prick Me? (Puck Me Lately still doing her curls?) Too short, too many steps, too many stairs, where was the drink stop, and with the verdict swinging wildly between terrible (that was a bit harsh) and a good f run, Puck Smuggler uses (abuses) his position of power, and declares it a good run, so, “Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue, they are...” And where is your on-on? Having to consult Google, Puck Me Lately exclaims it’s at 31 Telok Ayer - was that supposed to be 31 Telok Blangah Drive? B.I.M.B.O.....


Do we have any Virgins, PML asks innocently? Yes, on in Sean and Justin. And although they loved it, they’re alright, they’re alright, they’ve got tinny weenie.... (“Are you sure?” asks one of our hariettes.)


Time for the guests Ben, Chicken Dicken, Dead Fish, Kabab, Massive Cock Check & Rich Jones and free beer - sign up the guzzlers, they’re true blue...

Returnees? How could we forget Cunning Linguist and Mother’s Tongue, They’re true blue too.


And now it’s time for the Hare Whip? Airborne had agreed with his lead hare, they would meet at 3pm, but of course, Puck Smuggler arrives 40mins late, and now Airborne is exhausted from dashing around after the blade runner in record time. Referring to a Rudyard Kipling poem (lost on me – “The female of the species is deadlier than the male” - Ed), Airborne tells us he did the manly thing, and brought his trusty secateurs to clear a path through jungle for Princess PML. But our deadlier GMs brushed them aside saying “This is too easy – make it more difficult …” Here’s to our GMs, she’s true blue...


Puck Smuggler picks up the hare whipping. Seems our GM took on setting the long part of the run, whilst allocating a shorter section for PML & her geriatric guide. Then his phone started pinging – “We started here, WatsApps PML, then 2 seconds later, pings a picture - and here is our first mark. “Here’s to our messaging gal, she’s true blue...”


Next week’s run? Seems 8:24 has been called for higher duties, so Chicken Dicken and Airborne (again) step into the breach. It’s at Bukit Gombak Stadium car park – well done emergency hares.


And now, it’s time, for, the, Mystery Whip?Strapless says, let’s talk about our GM. And PML exclaims – “I don’t know what it’s about! Of course says Cherry Picker - you’re a Bimbo. Strapless pushes on undeterred – we were running - B/S....... Being a Front Runner - B/S..... He ran up the hill to a T check, then down 50 steps, but undeterred, PML runs up to the same T-check (seems CP was right) - B.I.M.B.O.... Strapless exclaims that some of our hashers are exceedingly fit people, in particular Samsong Letoi and the still-to-be-named young Ben. But Circle Jerk thinks the reference is to him and his dad - Bully? And the moral of Strapless’ charge - young fella, never try and outrun a hasher, drink it D.D.D,D....



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