And so it’s on to AoB? In n Out is in to tell us that after his self-deprecating charge about his snoz, Sooch had pulled him aside and asked – are you a Jew??? And In n Out also calls in 11, for moonlight basking to try and get a tan. But whilst she really has such pale skin, it’s no comparison for Astronut’s chalk legs – here’s to the legless ones…..

Rooning Sh#t drags in the GM for a good natured chastising – didn’t know next week’s run, lost the Pr#ck, no MMW – B.I.M.B.O…..

Handbag has traversed the Island and calls in the hares, for underselling the run as fairly straight forward. But he claims that the long stretch down Margaret Drive must have been set from In n Out’s car with chalk markings so far apart

Tiger Lily admits to getting lost easily, but being the only female runner tonight, she was quite proud of herself. Having checked down a long slope, she came back up and told Butt Wiper, who took no notice and went down the slope in vain, and followed by Rooning Sh#t! They’re dumb, they’re dumb….

Fawtly Towers has a follow up to Handbag’s arrow charge. Running along tonight, FT got a bit bored – not that it was a boring run mate. And so he started counting the strides between arrows. And the winner was 89M! And In n Out gets yet another D.D.D.D….

Circle Jerk has one, and tells us about Stash, who was uncharacteristically walking tonight, due to his bung hammy. He was somewhat downcast and a bit mellow and out of place. But nonetheless, after the walk, invited CJ over to his car for a warm shower, and even offered him a pair of slippers! (And someone, RS, was heard to mention vaseline?).CJ – can we have the new Stash all the time pleeeease!

Stash has the privilege of a counter charge. Having offered CJ a shower, soap and sandals, CJ complained about the water temperature – it’s not as hot as Rooning Sh#ts! He’s the meanest…..

Handbag didn’t come that far for just one charge, and calls in Blur Like Sotong, as the Malaysian representative. A question has been bugging him all week – why is it, when there is a politicians sex scandal in the US or UK, it usually involves a blonde, big breasted woman, so bugger me, what is going on in Malaysia? He ought to be publicly….

Corny Linquist is out of Africa and back in the circle with an observation that so far only 3 people in the circle haven’t had a down, down, so on in 8:24, Bangcook and Ayam Zinking – D.D.D.D.

But if you’re a LCH3 charger, you’d better get your facts right, and Cherry Picker informs CL that neither he, Poser nor the beer guy have had a down, down either, so here’s to the not so observant CL, he’s true blue…. And the barrel is still going strong – more charges pls?Hooray has been lurking in the shadows and takes the final D.D.D.D….

8:24 says the air is thick with sexual tension tonight – body parts stuck under fences, guys sharing warm, soapy showers, 11 asleep on the grass. And so when 8:24 offered a barefoot Tiger Lily his slippers, her response was – ohhh, they’re so big. We don’t like you British Sailors, Yankee pay $5 more….

Suzee Wong brings in her co-hare for a public caning. 16yrs and he has only ever set 5 runs. And so tonight In n Out pitted his experience against SW and argued that they could go this way because the roads would eventually meet up? But of course SW was right and so it’s B.I.M.B.O…. for the roads engineer.

8:24 has a charge – on in Butt Wiper, 11 and Cherry Picker. Seems BW had to go for a small medical procedure, and attends a clinic where the SG nurse says, bend over, I have to insert something, but I must warn you, it may cause an erection. That’s ok says BW, I’m ready for it, and pop, in it goes. And BW complains, but it didn’t get an erection, and SG nurse replies, but I did!

In n Out has a golfing story. He was up the north of England with a mate, and it was pissing down rain, and they couldn’t find the course, and it was getting dark, but then they saw this beautiful blonde, on the veranda of a farm house. Would it be alright if we stayed the night enquired the drowned In n Out? Well I’m recently widowed and I wouldn’t want the neighbours to gossip, but it’s ok if you sleep in the barn. 9 months later, In n Out received an official letter from the Widow, and says to his mate, do you remember that stormy night in the barn - did you happen to slip out and give one to the Widow? As a matter of fact, yes I have to admit that I did – sorry about that mate. And did you give her my name – well yes, very sorry about that also. Well tough sh#t for you mate, she has left the farm to me.

CJ has a PSA for the Quad Run – across the Causeway Setia Eco Park with the Polar Bears. And says Handbag, you can be sure they will follow you up like a Malaysian politician.

Well done hashers, we finished the barrel and it was on on on at 8:30pm

Excellent run hares, and a great job by the stand in GM’s

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1948
Run 1948 pictures

Run 1948 Circle Report

Friday 19th July 2019

Run Site: Dempsey Hill Durian car park

Hares: In n Out and Suzee Wong

On-on: 43 Holland Drive


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   21 of which 20 Members (5F, 15M)

Virgins:                                   No new durian devotees

Guests/Returnee:                     Tiger Lily


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers

Photos: Poser

It’s holiday time, and we have LCH3 members doing RnR in Penang and Bangkok, so a small crowd tonight. Our stand in GM’sWonton and Astronut, bring the intimate circle together at 7:46pm. WDWTOTRun? Short? Sweet?  And according to the hares, there was no confusion, coz even Tiger Lily found the long run. Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue, they are……….

Onon? Come to 43 Holland Drive, $13 for fine fare and more beer if we can finish the barrel here first!

Guests? Just our very own Tiger Lily – here’s to TL, she’s true blue….

Wonton asks for next week’s run? Seems no one has any idea, not even Rooning Sh#t? B.I.M.B.O. But Astronut calls on one who should know – the Scribe. And where’s last week’s newsletter btw? Fawlty Towers takes his punishment in the circle, and also has NFI about next week’s run, but it’s good to know someone reads the newsletter!

Astronut calls in In n Out, who had for some obscure reason, decided to park on the other side of the fence, not in the car park designated by the himself? And Astronut shared his observation of In n Out trying to limbo under the fence, only to have his rather generous snoz, get caught in the fence – who ate all the pies……

Next Astronut calls in 11, who he had seen lying on the grass, on her back, basking in the moonlight, eating magic mushrooms – she’s alright, she’s alright, she’s a little….

Wonton gets ahead of herself and calls for the Mystery Whip? But we haven’t had the Hare Whip yet? B.I.M.B.O…..

In n Out steps in to tell us about his run, especially the bit where the tree was down across the path and up against the fence. The situation led to a small discussion amongst the hares, with Suzee Wong having none of it – cannot lah, go back. But In n Out is British after all, and compares the tree to a mountain, and since he couldn’t go round it and could go through it, just had to crawl under it, proboscis and all. (I think this was the bit of the run where Cherry Picker burst into his usual appreciation for the hares). And In n Out has a Brokeback mountain song to share and it ends in down, down, down, down

But it didn’t slow down our Tiger Lily, who scrambled under the tree, caught up with the Butt of Butt Wiper. We can only hope she recovers from the mental scaring, and he ought to be publicly….

And now Wonton informs us, it really is time for the Mystery Whip! Cherry Picker isn’t getting a beer this time, and calls in the hares for a clock wise whip. According to Suzee Wong at the start, we should expect paper, ribbon (in the jungle only), chalk and flour to mark the trail? But CP spotted a tree where there were both ribbon and paper? So why did the hares set counter rotating runs, or was there a third hare in a parallel universe? Or did Suzee Wong just not tell In n Out what the marking arrangements were to be??? D.D.D.D….. Next it’s Butt Wiper – and according to CP, diseases appear to run in the family? Tight Lips recently dislocated her thumb, and tonight it was BW’s turn. But anyway, it’s somehow all Rooning Sh#t’s fault, so, he ought to be publicly…. Cherry Picker has been called many names – Chewy Pillow (only on outstation runs), Cherry Plucker, Cherry Plonker, and so on….. But tonight according to TL, it’s Cherry Bucket? But Rooning Sh#t thinks it’s just a mispronunciation and she meant to say Cherry f it? She’s alright, she’s alright….

PoTW? Astronut refers to the font of no knowledge – the Scribe, who claims to have never had the Pr#ck and has no idea who the custodian is. Stash protests that’s an unfair charge, and since there is no such thing, he also gets a D.D.D.D….

And Astronut says small circle, small willie, small whipping and no MMW? But Sooch is brought in for commenting to Astronut – so you’re the GM tonight – that’s why you had a hair cut?