Public Service Announcements – lamenting not having brought a model dummy for mouth to mouth demonstrations, Airborne suggests we sign up for the first aid course. And VB puts out a call for DnD payments and also Sponsors – hands out of your pockets hashers and let’s make it a great night.


And now its time for….Lollie, lollie, lollie. And MWhip Posh Pussy then asks, am I no. 1 or 2? Avoiding the bimbo down down, PP asks for a Strapless Chinaman lookalike. On day one of the Pan Asia Hash, Strapless was full of energy, but went downhill after that. Absent at the on on, then skipping the day two run and escorting the ladies shopping. Sitting on the floor of a traditional Korean restaurant, Strapless struggled to get to his feet again. Is it the aging process or did he have too many women to look after?


TOTW? He’s on an Asian tour, so on in Roo Rooter, as lookalike for the now famous Twitter ex- employee who took down the Don’s account for 11 minutes – he’s the meanest….


On in 8:24, who apparently does a Circle Jerk every mrn? (Is that Shu?). Or is that premature ecirculation, asks In n Out?


Pushing on, our MW2 Circle Jerk, calls in 11, and the bastion of US cultural knowledge – Stick Her Shock. VB then tells us a tale from the Pan Asia Hash sleep over. Seems 11, as a teenager in China, trying to learn English, used to sing a little ditty in front of the unsuspecting family, along the lines of: “my neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack” ….. Here’s to American culture…..  As VB starts getting a bit frisky with Roo Rooter, Posh Pussy calls for them to get a room and stop reminding the randy one her man has been away for two weeks.


On in Airborne, imparting a little history. Apart from setting the run, Guy Fawkes had attempted to blow up the English Parliament with gun powder in 1605. Just a boy at the time, Airborne managed to thwart the attempt, and so grew the penny for the guy tradition to fund Airborne’s fireworks penchant. But in steps 8:24 with a small bag of dollar coins, not for fireworks, but for paper for the hare. And the frugal Scottish one bursts into tune about “you set the trail, and I’ll run the trail……" Then continuing on with the Guy Fawkes story, tells us about his contribution to democracy, and so we all fire up and give the cracker man a rousing down down. And In n Out chimes in with a beauty about King George’s knob – oh for a British boarding school education.


AOB? Its way past 8:24, but he proceeds to tell us there was a private party going on earlier, and in response to his most feigned, dirty look, Sway n Posh Pussy continued on chatting, and simply switched from English to Chinese.


Circle Jerk then tries to tell us something about Little Prick’s shoes – but it’s lost in the maelstrom of laughter. He still managed to get a plug in for the Dash – lots of bitches on heat?


Another memorable circle then comes to a close at 8:55pm. And the thirsty hashers rush across the road for more beer. Well done hare n GM’s.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1858
Guy for a Penny


Circle Report- Run 1858 – A Penny for the guy?

Date: Friday 3rd Nov 2017

Run Site: Bukit Gomak Stadium

On-on: Meng Kee Seafood, across the road

Hares: Airborne & Guy Fawkes


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   34, of which 29 Members (F 16 & M 13)

Virgins:                                    Not in Bukit Gomak

Visitors & Returnees:                5 (2F, 3M)

New Member:                            Not this week

Milestones                                Cracker of a night

Next Week’s Hares: Annual Scorpio Run – Astronut, Stash & Strapless

Run Site:                                  Jalan Lam Sam

On-On:                                       Farmart – Sungei Tengah Road


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Fawlty Bush

GM Puk Smuggler having finally washed down and beer’d up, was dragged in by GM Voting B#tch at 8:11. And so, WDWTOT Run? A penny for the guy (or was that gay run?) Too much of everything apparently, although paper was in short supply? And amidst cries of good run and rave reviews, here’s to Airborne he’s true blue….


And the on on? Across the street – the coffee shop with 3 bottles on each table – here’s to a great run ….. he’s a pisspot thru n thru…


Next weeks run? The Annual Scorpio run – usual place – Jalan Lam Sam (best bring a torch if previous years’ any guide). Hare’s Astronut, Stash n Strapless, on on Farmart. It’s a t shirt run.


Guests? Yes, Suction Cup, Samson Letoi Little Prick and family- here’s to our guests…..


VB apologizes for her absence last week – she was on the Korea hash, sleeping withCircle Jerk’s wife (I just can’t print the comments), while Posh Pussy was breaking balls on the long (26km) run, and VB was taking the piss on the Olympic course – what a weekend that must have been. They’re alright, they’re alright, they’re a little….


And do we have a hare whip? Given Guy Fawkes kicked the bucket 400+ yrs ago, on in Airborne, who immediately calls in VB. Apparently the first attempt at N Parks approval was rejected, so VB used her NY magic, told a few pinkies, and Airborne was off and running. She’s all right…


Calling in an Englishman, Chinese and an Aussie, step in In n Out, 11 and Coo Chi Coo. A study on stress levels revealed some interesting insights. And who are the least stressed? 78% say those down under. So here’s to the chilled out….. Followed by anIn n Out ditty about too much cold beer, a bucket of prawns at Bondi beach, and a ‘chunder’ in the pacific – perfectly normal, mate.


Stay in there young man – as Suzee Wong tells us about the forgetful one – always losing things, forgetting where he puts stuff, and especially for forgetting to put the hash wine in the car tonight (if his balls weren’t permanently attached, he’d lose them too), B.I.M.B.O….. And Posh Pussy declares it time to look for Up n Down not In n Out (read on and you’ll understand where her mind was at )

For all the  pictures...