Done with cross-dressing, last week’s quotable quotes from Mr T have triggered I&O to spot another… ”I always try to tell the truth…” “BullS#...” and thanks to Mr T for bringing us all down to the lowest common denominator. In & Out’s next charge was aimed at Corny Linguist, but he wasn’t there so the look-alike Running S# took the hit. Quotable was not what a UK MP heard, after a speech he was giving got into question time. A member of the Scottish National Party spoke up, but his speech was indecipherable. The UK MP asked him to kindly repeat, but again the comment couldn’t be understood. After a third repeat, the Scottish MP was asked to please submit his question in writing… So, “Here’s to Corny Linguist and all his talk-alikes, they’re true blue…”


Who’s TOTW ? Stick around 8.24, it’s you again… He calls in PoKai, Suzy Wong, & Bibrator for interrupting the proceedings by nattering happily, but the girls are not going to be fazed. Some people hash to run, it seems, and others hash to chatter. The girls stage a re-run of the key story…”What’s that in your pants? says Bibrator, seems she’s extra keen to get in there…Finally the girls get their own back and it’s “ T-R-U-M-P-O…” Get it down down down down…


Mystery Mystery Whip is the diminutive Chicken S#t and tonight’s the night for the altitudinally challenged … CS feels challenged by Coo Chi Coo but he’s actually slightly taller…when he stands on tiptoe. ”Here’s to the little people, they’re true blue…” Next up is Chong who is spatially challenged. He was really keen to get to last week’s run at Jalan Lam Sam but went to Lorong Sesuai instead… despite, as CS said, all the directions in the Newsletter & web site… ”B-I-M-B-O…”


Another one is Spreads Wide, “how to get a phone number? I lost mine…” But the circle decided “she’s all right, She’s all right…”


AOBtime and Cunni Lick Her calls in another lot of chatterboxes, Spreads Wide, Chicken S#t and Iron Crotch, in the hope that showing them up will discourage others. Will it work? “They ought to be…”


Posh Pussy has a charge for Coo Chi Coo and Handbag for running below branches…seems being small has its advantages.


Voting B* has a guest who’s a trailer man (Americans will understand that) and terribly concerned about the rules of the hash… “OMG How do I sign up for this hash? “He ought to be publically…” Well, educated, at least…


AOB Running S#t and Cherry Picker were a double act – the Terrible Twins… seems they had not many takers _.


Goody Bag having exposed 8.24’s key fetish, wants to reveal someone’s bright red knickers – Not 8.24’s but Cherry Picker’s. More cross-dressers.


Rooning S#t has it in for another set of natterboxes, & for sloping off to form a rival (smokers’) circle, Chicken Dicken, Sperm off Iceand George (definitely a suspect virgin) are given a D-D.


Getting to PSA time, Cherry Picker announces that the next SK9Hash Hare will be Sperm off Ice… if he can run very fast, it should be Dog Hash of the year… Jalan Bahar is the site. On-On-On!


Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1911

Run 1911Circle Report

Friday 2nd November 2018

Run Site: Lorong Sesuai

Hares: Comes Quietly & Bibrator

On-on: Forture Seafood @ Red Lantern


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 44 of which 34 Members (19 F, 15 M)

Virgins:                                   George

Guests & Returnees:                10 (2F,8 M)

No Milestones


Circle Scribe: Airborne Photos: Uncle Dracula

As the dusk gathered the beer proved ever harder to get out of the keg. Finally the harrassed Hash Brew PoKai had squeezed out enough for downdowns & gave GM Puck Smuggler and stand-in GMs Voting B* the OK to FORM A CIRCLE… and give a reminder to Bring Your own Mug. As usual the undisciplined squads of chattering harriets were slow to gather and even then would not be quiet. Cunni Lick Her resorted to verbal violence and finally the GM got attention.


Where’s the hares? Only one? After laying the trail, Bibrator’s co-hare came quietly to be as invisible as his trail markings. These were frequently confused with ordinary litter. So WDWTOTR? The rabble grumbled, and someone flashed his i-Watch to prove the first FRBs were home in 43

minutes so technically… “Never mind that” says the bold GM, puts the vote to the shoutometer and it’s a Good Run. And the on-on’s even better, our favourite, so there, doubters!


One Virgin this week and it’s George. For a first run, George demonstrated amazing hash skills, shouting “on-on” and finishing sweaty up with the FRBs. “A false virgin!” comes the cry. He was led astray by veteran short-cutters and didn’t finish the trail. But 3,2,1 “He’s all right, he’s all right…”


Guests were Chicken Dicken, Chong, Cunny Lick Her, Dead End, Morgan, Shuttle Cock & Sperm off Ice, “They may be a joy to …” Returnees were Sharon Batu and Tiger Lily, who had done a runner, so call in a look-alike for a proxy D-D…Coo Chi Coo?! They ought to be publically…”


Next Week’s Hares are represented by 8.24 who confidently says “It could be a good run…” It will be if co-hare Puck Me Lately is back in time. It’s starting from Blackmore Drive and finishing there too, with a dish or three from Mr Hoe.


Hare Whip: Bibrator first calls in the GM, for forgetting to call in Next Week’s Hare at the circle last week, he pleads guilty so “Here’s to Alzheimer’s … Next, thoroughly deserving the same charge is 8.24 who’s forgotten where he put his car key. Helpful Goody Bag asks – “Didn’t you put it in your pants?” he is too proud or embarrassed to answer. “He’s dumb, he’s dumb, he’s really really dumb…”


PSA from Voting B*- a reminder about the Dinner & Dance. “We are the literate members of LCHHH…” she says, but then the rest is drowned out by “Bulls#...”


Mystery Whip and In & Out comes in, changing into the props he used for the Red Dress Run. He and Suzy Wong made it a double act, roles reversed, she calling out how much to touch which bit… hilarious…and brought in good money for the charity.

Run 1911 pictures