Mystery Whip Wonton themed on the Korean Pan-Asia Hash and the strange doings of the Singapore contingent. Most of it was lost on those who weren't there, but first in the stocks was: Stick Her Shock, for generating fake news, followed by Sharon Batu for rude use of handphone on the safari run. Next was a charade on the difficulty of accommodating people with different sleeping habits (including snorers) in the same group of hotel rooms, Eleven, PoKai, Sway, Voting Bitch and Sir Long & Thin...but "They're all right..." Apparently.


GMs Voting Bitch noted that our POTW is still missing, and this is generating some separation anxiety. PoKai was called in to explain, apparently Bagless is the custodian reluctant to release the member, rumors abound as to the reason. "Here's to Pricky, he's true blue..." As POTW so TOTW, seems the robe of office has fallen down a crack between proxy Suzy Wong and awardedPoKai. Maybe next week...?


GMs VB had a charge for Stash, apparently he so much misses real food that he had a hamburger flown in specially.  He's the meanest...


GM Puck Smuggler called in Ditch who arrived at 5.30 and only parked his own car, Coo Chi Coo was already asleep in his. After that, GM called back the hares, revealing there were good guys and bad amongst them. Stash went out again to sort out his messed up check, "I want to make sure they're OK" but his co-hares said, "Oh, never mind, f-them..." "They're the meanest..." Stash called back Ditch, who was wearing the 2004 Scorpion Run T-shirt.  Stash remembered that in 2004 Scorpios gave pink shirts for girls and blue for men. Ditch was wearing the pink, so, was it borrowed from Sweet Thighs?..."He's all right, a little flat-chested but he's all right..."


Next up: Pokai with a plug for the Kampong Hash Outstation Run in Subic Bay, Philippines. Registration is still open but local hotels are getting booked up so don't delay... Contact PoKai for details.


AOB: Pokai had a story about the Mekong Hash. In the hotel, she had room 401 and 405 opposite was occupied by  - guess who? - step up Goody Bag. Late at night there was a knock on the door of 401, PoKai wondering who was this? Was my TV too loud? Opening the door, she foundGoody Bag who desperately needed help with a problem with her room, it was flooding... (very topical - Scribe). Checking the bathroom,PoKai found the wash-basin overflowing, the outlet was blocked by ... "B-I-M-B-O..."


AOB from Trolley Dolly who called in three married couples for quizzing. Poser and Astronut, Eleven & Circle Jerk, along with Wonton & Stash were all asked two questions. The questions were loaded, of course, and the forfeit for failure was a D-D with a difference – partners had to assume a posture notnormally seen in yoga manuals whilst linking arms and using the spare hand with which to drink. (Sparing the professional dignity of T Dolly’s victims the photos are not included here ?? – Scribe)  


Whilst the Circle jointly & severally recovered its breaths, GMs Voting Bitch rejoiced that LCHHH trail marking was simple and straightforward. The Korea Interhash apparently had a whole page of variations on the theme of circle & T-checks with different actions required of runners. Remarkable that more S-pores didn't get lost.


AOB from Coo Chi-Coo who called in Strapless: "I've always had my doubts about this guy, now look at his footgear ... not quite F-me shoes but definitely rather femme for a bloke." "He's all right, he's all right..." - see photo.


FinalAOB from Guest Cereal Killer: being one of the few FRBs with a torch, he found himself having to lead the way for the locals likeButt Wiper, Chong, Running Sh*t and Coo Chi Coo. What a bunch of B-I-M-B-Os...but, apparently they're all right?.


After a longish Circle (what a stoically rain-resistant lot we are!) umbrellas were folded at 8.50 pm as GMs declared "on-on-on..."

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1859
Annual Scorpio run

Circle Report- Run 1859 – Annual Scorpio Run

Date: Friday 10th Nov 2017

Run Site: Jalan Lam Sam

On-on: Farmart Sungei Tengah

Hares: Astronut, Stash, & Strapless


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 45, of which 36 Members

Virgins:                                   None brave enough

Visitors & Returnees:               9 (3F, 6M)

New Member:                          Not this week

Milestones                              Plenty of T-shirts

Next Week’s Hares:                 Lamson Letoi & Suction Cup

Run Site:                                 Car Park at N Buona Vista & Holland Drive

On-On:                                    On Site



Circle Scribe: Airborne   Photos: Goody Bag

Last year's Scorpio Run was amazingly wet, but this year the weather went one better and turned every stream, ditch & canal into raging torrents. It also turned dark early so even FRBs were still groping their way out of the hulu at 7.25pm. The rain only relented to a drizzle by Circle time. At 7.55 the GMs came out from under her umbrella to call a 5-minute warning and give time for the GM to finish primping his coiffure. At 8.00 promptly the Hares were summoned to hear the RUN VERDICT, the only consistent complaint being "Too much rain..." Since that was something for which the Hares could not be held responsible, GOOD RUN was the only possible outcome. "Here's to Hares they're true blue..."


Next Week's Run: Guest Hares Samson Letoi and Suction Cup will lay a trail starting at Buona Vista/ Holland Drive Car Park, the On-on will be on site and for something completely different, will feature Suction Cup's Vietnamese cuisine - we all look forward to it! "Why were they born so beautiful..."


Guests & Returnees were: Girls: Suction Cup, Tiger Lily, Tight Lips,  Men: Butt Wiper, Cereal Killer, Chong, Dead Fish, Samson Letoi, Telecum "here's to visitors, they're true blue..."


Hare Whip: Charge and counter-charge kept the circle entertained starting with Astronut who called in Strapless for being a stickler for formality, to such an  extent that he used a discarded fan belt to form a template for a perfect circle check...handed on to next week's hares.

Next in Astronut's sights was Stash, for being ultra-cautious. Whilst out on the trail at the height of the thunderstorm, the Warren Golf Club siren went off, with a warning for all on the course to remove themselves. So loud it could even be heard on Jalan Lam Sam, it panicked Stash to ask, "Shouldn't we stop laying for a while?" Seems this led to screwing up a T-check at a drain crossing, needing hands-on on-site guidance, not to mention Trolley Dolly going A over T over a misaligned post. "He's the meanest..."

Enter Strapless, calling in both his co-hares. "I'm a Chinese..." Go on? really? "Not very punctual but when I arrive, if not on time, at least I'm ready. These two gweilo’s were already waiting when I got here, but with what? Just 2 miserable rolls of toilet paper for the whole trail!" "B-I-M-B-O..."


That was all from the Hares, but now for a word from our resident Master Geomancer Deep Throat, reading the Zodiacal characteristics of our hares. Stash has clear vision and goes after what he wants. Strapless, being Chinese, loves to please people in whatever he does.Astronut, on the other hand, is totally honest, but jealous and possessive. For the Birthday Month D-D, hares were joined by Iron Crotch, Count Dracula, Fawlty Towers & Sir Long & Thin. "Here's to the Scorpios, they're true blue..."


For all the  pictures...