And now, according to Pr#ck Me, it’s time, for, the, Mystery, Whip? It’s Awesome4some, seeking out Durian Dog? He is really good at time management – he’s a dedicated teacher, always looking after his daughter, finds time to walk the dog, and can make his wife very happy! And last week he enthralled us with some excellent whipping, but when I tried to outsource to him tonight – he couldn’t find the time for me! He’s the meanest…… Now, everyone has been asking me about my hashing holiday in Spain, with Strapless, Chicken Sh#t, Posh Pussy and No Rection. Speaking softly, because of a throat condition (let’s not print CCC’s response), AS4S pushes on. We hired a 7 seater, and No Rection insisted that as the only European, he would be the driver. Whilst Chicken Sh#t took on the mothering role for the whole group – making sure they all had avocado’s for breakfast, arranging schedules, making sure everyone had their meds.Strapless was the joker. And Posh Pussy (represented by her sister - Juicy Pussy) took lots of selfies and was in foodie heaven. AndAS4S was just the Sherpa. And the Mijas hash was awesome (even for Awesome4some). Cava drinks stops, Orange stops, special t-shirts. Here’s to the Spanish hashers, they’re true blue……

Voting B#tch has a public service announcement – some lost and found including a ‘baby shark’ hat – send it back to Tulip Gardens – it must to Stash’s. And get yourself to Setia Eco Gardens JB on Sat Aug 24 for the Quad run – improved Chinese food (more MSG quips someone), just $30 for the run, t-shirt, beers, and to find yourself stranded in JB!

Chastity Belt calls in Strapless and Windy Bar, for short cutting in broad daylight, to avoid the drain, only to go through the bush, and encounter lots of trips, thorns and a dead end – and all CB could hear was – oh f, sh#t, ahhhh – B.I.M.B.O…..

Pr#ck Me is seeking the PoTW? But it’s MIA. That doesn’t stop VB, who calls in Samson Letoi for giving away the long standing member. Suction Cup is brought in for aiding and abetting. As VB reads from a text from Kate – I have the Pr#ck, what do I do with it? But how did you get it? Bcoz Suction Cup didn’t want it hanging around. Here’s to the unwanted one…..

MMW? Stepping up is Count Dracula. Y’day we have a LCH3 Committee mtg, where a very strong accusation was made, that Lion’s City is becoming a bit of a snobby hash? On inCoo Chi Coo and Corny Linquist. How can we possibly be accused of being snobby, when we have these two fine upstanding members? Dirty old men may be, but definitely not snobbish – here’s to the specimens, they’re true blue…… And now some finer specimens – on in AS4S andFawlty Bush -this is why we are so beautiful. Why were they born so beautiful……..

Pr#ck Me calls for AoB, but Pokai has another announcement Malaysian Nash Hash – May 2020. (I don’t know what I’m doing next weekend, let alone in May 2020!). Registration now open, just givePokai RM250 for 3 days of the best hashing, including a red dress run. Get in now b4 the fee goes up to RM300 end of June.

Chastity Belt has been looking at the stars, and predicts our 2000th run will fall around August 2020, and he ambitiously calls for volunteers to be ring leader for the festivities – good luck with the rush.

But Pokai’s still not done – sorry GM ahh, my announcement not over. This year we have the Kampong Outstation run at Koh Samui, second week of Dec, call me on 96986266 for details and dates. And Corny Linquist chips in – last time I called that number it cost me $175!

Butt Wiper has another announcement – it’s the Sunday run this weekend, and Pokai is the hare, so bring your Ringit and Baht and sign up

Is there seriously AoB? Juicy Pussy saves the day, and calls in the hares and Windy Bar. This run was just too simple for Windy Bar. He had his headphones on, in his own world, doing his own thing, minding his own business. But was he covertly communicating with the hares – getting real time special instructions, secret clues, change direction, go left, no paper here, go right…. They’re dumb, they’re dumb, they’re really……

Chastity Belt calls out Telecum, for touching his toes. It seems Telecum went to a sexy gym instructor and asked – how do I touch my toes? And the gym instructor replied – how flexible are you. I only do it on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s says Telecum

And on a Friday, at 8:44pm, we only go on on on for free beer. Thanks GM’s and great work by our emergency hares

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1942
Run 1942 pictures

Run 1942 Circle Report

Friday 7th June 2019

Run #1942

Run Site: Tanglin Halt Close

Hares: Circle Jerk, Samson Letoi and Suction Cup

On-on: The Wang(king) Cafe


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 47 of which 41 Members (21F, 20M)

Virgins:                                   MIA

Guests: 6 (4M, 2F) Dumpling, Telecum, Pink Fanny, Back Beard and Sperm Off Ice

Returnees: Long Dong


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers - Photos: Count Dracula

It’s 8:00pm and the GM’s are trying in vain to form a circle. Some of us got back at 7:40pm and were still in various states of undress. But Chastity Belt and Pr#ck Me push on, and we kick off a few minutes later.Pr#ck Me calls for the hares, but Circle Jerk is still tucking bits away. Finally all the hares are rounded up including Samson Letoi andSuction Cup to receive the verdict - WDWTOTRun? Not long enough? Not enough escalators. Too much shiggy…… but according to the only vote that counts – Chastity Belt’s, it was, considering the 4 bottles per table, and in spite of the FRB’s coming in after 1h35, a good run – indeed it was. They ought to be publicly……..

On on is at the Wang(king) Café – 5 mins walk that way, or follow the hares. 7 courses plus all those promised beers

Virgins? Its been a while. Guests? Sperm Off Ice (in his Sunday best), Pink Fanny, Back Beard, Telecum and Dumpling. Returnees? Long Dong aka Joseph Ng from 15yrs ago. But it seems some can’t remember who or what or where they are – here’s to the alzheimers’ they’re true blue…….

Next week’s hares? On in Pokai and Bibrator, who promptly declare – next week no run lah! Where’s the consultant? But the gals have been busy, so get yourself to Chestnut Avenue for some of the very best hashing in Singapore.

Hare Whip? Circle Jerk can’t hear himself (he’s gone a bit deaf in one ear), but we can sure hear him! On in his co-hare for some whipping. How was the British Empire built? With over confidence – Francis Drake was playing with his balls whilst the Spanish Amarda was sailing up the channel. They sent Captain Cook off to claim the great southern land over a long weekend. And for such an ambitious run, Samson Letoi suggests they start laying the trail at 3pm, stressing CJ out and making him rush back to set the pack off. Here’s to the overly confident one, he’s true blue….  Next CJ calls for Gemini’s – interpreted by some as Germanise’. On in Rooning Sh#t, Ayam Zinking, In n Out and Bibrator. CJ asks – are you an expert in age? How old am I? >50? Am I getting close to the dirty old man age – ie: Coo Chi Coo’s age? Would that be 69? Am I an old fart like Rooning Sh#t? Here’s to Circle Jerk’s coming of age as a dirty old man……

Samson Letoi continues the hare whipping. It was a nice long run, but even after 12km, some FRB’s were running competitively, short cutting, and trying to be first in! So on in Butt Wiper, and also SoI for being the snitch – they’re the meanest……

Chastity Belt calls in Blur Like Sotong – new shoes tonight – but why so slow, still standing on arrows? He ought to be publicly…..