For the next attraction the black bag was to be opened and the proud prosthesis given its weekly airing. “Very glossy”, says Juicy Pussy, “but rather floppy…” The next lucky recipient was to be selected by audiometer and the candidates are: Pink Fanny, Fawlty Bushand, surprise, Poser. “Now, says JP,” “these girls have never had it, and I’ve had it four times, not fair, eh? So who do you think should get POTW?” The verdict was never in doubt, the circle came on like a football crowd when Poser’s name was mentioned.


Whilst the circle got its breath back, Voting B* had a complaint…”The Monday Hash is about to celebrate that for 36 years they have not let women come!!” Unrepentant, Puck Smuggler used the cue to give a plug for the SH3 3000th Run (see Interhash page). “Come to my Ball Breaker run”, says he.


News of a Ball of another kind, coming up fast is the LCHHH Annual Dinner & Dance which will be at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club on 10th November. The theme is “My favourite Hollywood star”…or Hashywood, if you would have it… tickets are on sale now for early birds, members S$120, Guests S$130.


TOTW time and here comes Cherry Picker looking for a deserving candidate to receive the T-Shirt. If you thought announcement time was done, wrong. Before doing anything else CP wants everyone to know that the SG K9 Hash is coming up to its 200th Run… see the Interhash page for details. Getting down to business, he notes that someone displayed great insensitivity in setting a run in a Chinese graveyard during the 7th month, disturbing the hungry ghosts. Windy Bar, how about that?. But Awesome 4some was overheard to say she couldn’t bend over and this inflexibility she shares with POTUS, apparently “Here’s to Awesome, she’s true blue”.


Which brings us to Mystery Whip the Second…Coo Chi Coo and it seems that word has got about that LCHHH circles are rather long… one of our guests appears in pyjamas so he can get straight into bed afterwards… “Here’s to Pyjamaman, he’s true blue…” M2W was also taken by Juicy Pussy’s hair handle at the previous week’s run There should be more hair handles, he said. “After my shower & change”, said CCC, “I found my wife was chatting up young men. When I asked her about it, she said: “But they’re visitors…” What difference does that make, I ask?” Here’s to upmarket movers, they’re true blue…” For his third & final charge CCC has Running S#t in the stocks. “I hear the guest speaks very good German,” he was heard to say. “What did he say?” “Scheisse, this is my car”...


Heading towards AOB time, we get a reminder from Backbeard that It’s also Malaysia Merdeka day, so let’s see who are all the happy people … Pink Fanny, Blur like Sotong and Strapless, come on in and have a D-D. Hidup Malaysia Merdeka!


Meanwhile, Voting B* tells us that Australia has a new Prime Minister – Scott Morrison, of the bruised & battered Liberal Party. How do our Aussie friends feel about this? Well, before they could say anything, they were drowned out by “All Australians are born in a tenement…” or something like it.


AOB from Roo Rooter condemned Strapless as “Dumb, really really dumb…” for not knowing the difference between National Day and Merdeka Day. Then Running S#t was back in again, this time for his short-cutting virgin guest – “He’s the meanest…” then at last ON-ON-ON at 8.40pm for a well chosen menu at Red Lantern – thanks to our kindly hares.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1902

Circle Report

31st August 2018 – Run 1902

Run Site: Gymkhana Ave – Jalan Mashor

Hares: After Hours & Windy Bar

On-on: Red Lantern


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   47 of which Members 34 (13 F, 21 M)

Virgins:                                     3

Guests & Returnees:                 10 (3 F,7 M)

Milestones: Not this week

Next Week’s Hares:       Awesome Foursome & Smell Me

Run Site: Gillman Barracks Car Park B; On-On: HandleBar


Circle Scribe: Airborne Photos: Count Dracula

Once more the hares were challenged by fickle weather but by the time the appointed hour approached, the day had metamorphosed into a charmingly still and sunny evening. The hour not only approached but threatened to pass without a GM to launch the run. No worries, we had an experienced ex-GMs to step in and fill the breach: Voting B*. A quick briefing from the hares and we’re away, almost forgetting to warn the virgins of their impending fate… off into the delightful running country of Bukit Brown. As usual it didn’t take long for the GM to recover from his late start and get up among the front runners.


With a shorter than average trail, folks were soon back. This apparently left them with more wind for nattering, so despite the GM trying his best to bring forward the circle, hashers were still tippling, chatting and changing at 8pm.


Finally with Voting B* standing in as GMs we got to…”Call in the Hares!” WDYTOTR ?? Too many – fast guests, hungry ghosts, not enough kilometres, and BTW where was all the shiggy? Basically none of the complaints could overturn the GM’s verdict of GOOD RUN!


“Do we have any virgins?” Oh yes, we have three – Yian Ling, Koh & Onno (was that onon or nono?) Made to come by several members, and we hope to see you again…”They’re all right…”


Now for the Guests: Pink Fanny, Emily; Backbeard, Koh, Ryan, Prickly Balls, Shuttlecock, Telecum, joined by Durian Dog’s dog (feeling left out for a beer?); and Returnees: Mother’s Tongue & Shiggy Piggy, nice to see you again but how about joining up? “They’re the meanest…”


Next Week’s Hares saw Awesome 4some in the circle, she and Smell Me selected a run site at Labrador Park, but Nparks were slow to issue a permit so Gillman Barracks Car Park B, it is.


An off-the-cuff charge from Puck Smuggler for Running S#t and Cherry Picker, poseurs “Here’s to the Rugby boys, they’re true blue…”


Now it really is time for the Mystery Whip, and in comes Juicy Pussy, looking for revenge at having been set up last week for POTW…First in is Puck Smuggler, for no other reason than being GM, apparently. Then, come on in Mother’s Tongue, Durian Dog, Strapless and Windy bar. What do they have in common? They’re all teachers, and today is Singapore Teachers’ Day, when all pupils have to be nice to their mentors. From LCHHH, teachers just get a D-D and serenade “They ought to be publically…”



Run 1902 pictures