Pr#ck Me calls for the Hare Whip – huh? B.I.M.B.O. And Astronut tries again for the Mystery Whip?

Wonton calls in the virgin, survivor back pack and all. This girls came well prepared – two water bottles, emergency pack. Let’s get SOI in also for not informing his virgin, and Chong also for wearing Soccer boots. But the charge is really for Pr#ck Me for asking the virgin at the start: “Do you run or walk?” as she looked like she was ready for an ultra marathon – they’re dumb, they’re dumb….

Astronut asks his fellow GM – so where is it – on the way to NZ? But PML is brought in as she still forgot how to run the circle. I’m so lucky to come back to this – I really need it. And claiming she will examine it for spots and might even turn it white   – She’s alright, she’s alright….

MMW? Blur Like Sotong – what day is it? National Day. So we need a true blue auntie – Pokai, and a Chinaman – Strapless. BLT to Pokai – how does a SG flag look like? Red and White, with stars? Seems our Chinaman hung a Chinese looks close enough flag – and then more than 50 complaints to the local policeman – B.I.M.B.O….

Pr#ck Me tries to talk above the crowd. We’ve all been enjoying our Crossroads beers, and now the boys have renamed the Pump Room – The Cross Roads. And Peeping Tom is in with a special announcement – a special for all hashers – $10 pints all day every day. But will they be hand pumped?

AoB? Handbag – Q - what is against the law in Singapore? Answer – everything! And graffiti is especially against the law. So on in Peeping Tom, who has a logo on the Cross Roads van – “Live for now”. So he is charged for encouraging the graffiti Handbag saw on the run today – he’s the meanest….

Rooning Sh#t is asking – has the average age of the hash increased? Especially so for Ditch, who ran up the hill from Venus carpark tonight, missed the paper, and was over the hill. Then he called on on to the drinks stop – a very nice table laid out in red and white and lots of people drinking and eating – but it was a National Day picnic! He’s dumb, he’s dumb….

Pokai is in – also on the false drinks stop. With the fancy table cloth, Pokai thought the hares had gone atas. But realising, she called Goodie Bag back. But our GB was having none of it – she had smelt the bbq so it must have been LCH3. But trying to justify herself, GB says – I ran here Sunday lor, and we ended up at Dempsey? And PML had promised fireworks – so should we go to the Padang also asks Pokai? B.I.M.B.O….

Circle Jerk has a question – did anyone see me on the run? Noooooooo. But CJ says he is a happy camper, and can die and go to heaven with a smile on his face! Turning up late, looking for a way out of the carpark, he saw his childhood fantasy. Two semi dressed SQ gals, still getting ready for the drinks stop – why were they born so…..

Handbag calls in SOI. Seems HB was a FRB tonight. But overheard SOI cursing him left and right, at the drinks stop – for not calling on on. And then charging himself, for bringing out a red t-shirt tonight – that turned out to beTina Tuna’s. And what about the bra and panties asks someone? He’s alright, he’s alright…..

Lady Boy says all the guys will agree with him (well, maybe some). Our men work hard for our Hariettes wives and girlfriends, so they can afford their wines and snacks. But tonight, the SQ hares decided to rent their sarong kebaya’s for $25, instead of paying $30 and owning one for life, and modelling it for your boyfriend. But PML reminds JP that she doesn’t have to return it till tomorrow, so Cereal Killer is in for a private party tonight. Here’s to the SQ gals who don’t want to pay $5 more….

Master of Ceremonies – Strapless calls the Singaporean’s in – for a fine and upstanding rendition of Majullah Singapura, and then it’s down, down, down, down. And with all the beer now gone, it’s on, on, on to the Top Cock Sing Song for some more singing and drinking.

Well done GM’s for an excellent circle, and a great National Day run by our hares and friends, and the SQ gals can come again soon – on, on, on……

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Run 1951
National Day run
Run 1951 pictures

Circle Report

Friday 9th  August 2019

Singapore National Day Run

Run Site: Upper Thompson

Hares: Strapless, Puck Me Lately,

Juicy Pussy and Cereal Killer

On-on: Top Cock Sing Song


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 48 of which 35 Members (19F, 16M)

Virgins:                                   Yes - Cher

Guests/Returnee:                     13 (6M, 7F)

Cereal Killer, Esther, Microscopic, Cougarroo, Bagless 2, Sperm On Ice, Cher, Puck Me Lately, Lady Boy, DA, SockHerMum, Chong, Glonie


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers

Photos: Count Dracula

It’s just gone 8pm, and here we are again – in a strange car park, half showered, half dressed and half p#ssed – perfect time for a circle calls Pr#ck Me and Astronut. Let’s get the hares in. And Puck Me Lately and Juicy Pussy resplendent in their SQ Sarong Kebaya’s, welcome us to flight #1951 – Yah, PML gets the number right.

So, what did the rest of us thing about the run? Some claimed too dry, others say Juicy, some couldn’t find Gate T, too much turbulence……. But for sure it was a good, long run (9km for those who actually did some checking out). Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….

Onon – It’s just past 3 traffic lights at the Top Cock Sing Song – Chinese food sponsored by the Singaporeans – just $10 and free beer for all – here’s to Singapore!

Do we have a virgin? Yes indeed. It’s Cher who looks like she has just come off the set of Survivor – she’s a FRB for sure. Who made you come? - Sperm On Ice. And she promises to come back soon. She’s alright……

Guests and Returnees? Mal from Mozambique a la Cereal Killer, Esther, Microscopic and Cougarroo from Aus, Bagless 2, Sperm On Ice, Cher, Puck Me Lately from India, Lady Boy, DA, Sock Her Mum, Chong and Glonie from the Philippines – here’s to the guests, they’re true blue….

Hare Whip? PML is back in and back in charge, along with her fellow SQ Crew – Juicy Pussy. It seems there is a pecking order as JP has the green thingy on her Sarong Kebaya whilst PML has blue being the junior gal. But at least they don’t have the red auntie SQ uniform! JP charges Cereal Killer. Whilst the run was being recce’d by the Singaporean’s, Cereal Killer abandoned her for the UK. But those stupid Brits – they had all the best countries including Singapore, Hong Kong and Aus, but gave them all up – seems they now can’t afford to subsidise Harry and Meaghan. Now they want Brexit – wake up and f the French and take back SG! But wait, JP has another charge – My little Jeddai wanted to be top dog, so she went to India for one month for detox. But Strapless being the observant one says – why go all the way to India lah, to get detox and pay thousands and come back with spots! Just go to theChicken Sh#t spa for free like me. He ought to be publicly….. And PML says that as an Indian, she couldn’t recce, so set Strapless andCereal Killer off in front, whilst the SQ gals walked behind to top up the markings. But the FRB recce ones were a bit stingy with the Frangipani’s and so the gals got lost – B.I.M.B.O…. But the girls overheard the FRB’s talking about how to firm up their butts? But maybe if they had bent over a bit more and laid some frangipani’s, they would have firm butts already.

Pr#ck Me has a PSA – Nparks are complaining – some (Monday) hashers not following the rules (SOI?) – no chalk, more frangipani’s. And clean up your paper!

Astronut calls in Ditch who was leading his harem thru the bush, claiming to be lost, but actually short cutting home – b/s, b/s, it all sounds like b/s to me, to me….. Next in is Bagless 2. We are supposed to be wearing nationalistic red and white, but the Scotsman wore black shorts and a slime green top. When Astronut asked if he’d read the newsletter – he replied yes, but he has just come from a cleaning job.