TOTW…8.24 is keen to pass on the (hair) shirt, so takes on All Asshorn and Stick her Shock. Bold going into a forbidden area in search of shiggy, SHS challenged the military. When 8.24 joined the rescue mission to get SHS out again, he saw from a warning notice that 17 people just got arrested for trespassing … somehow AA & SHS escaped …”Build a wall…” came a cry from the circle, which found that TR-U-M-P-O fitted quite well into the tune of B-I-M-B-O…and All Asshorn gets the robe of office for this week.


An Interrupt from Circle Jerk who’s gone ballistic, or rather relativistic, over SHS’s mammalian attributes.. Einstein, he reminded us, predicted that a sufficiently massive object would bend light away from a straight line. Calling in SHS he invited he to repeat Eddington’s experiment which if I am not wrong, involved squinting at stars close to the solar limb during the 1919 eclipse of the sun. The stars were seen very slightly before they were actually there, if you get my meaning. This proved Einstein was right, and that’s why we all know who he was. Stick Her Shock was invited to bend slightly backward and commented that she needed help from Atlas to hold up her assets. “Here’s to Einstein, he’s true blue…”


Next up Mystery Mystery Whip Stash was captured by the relativity idea or possibly by Stand-in GMs’ assets, “anyway it’s all relatively good”, kept Stick Her Shock in the Circle. Seems that he had overheard a conversation between last week’s hares to the tune of “If you come with me, I’ll come with you…All Asshorn joined in the D-D…”Here’s to true love, it’s true blue…”


AOB time, first up was Sperm off Ice calling in Goody Bag for what seemed to be an inquisition – “Are you now, or have ever been, involved in a run next weekend? “… in fact it was a plug for next week’s Sunday Hash. Sperm off Ice had plenty more in his generously sized gonads, and called in Bibrator, for being numerically challenged. Seems she heard a rumour that the Wednesday run might be delayed & was asking around anxiously. Had she not got it that 9th is National Day? Or did she secretly have 69 in mind? “Here’s to the numerically challenged, they’re true blue..”


AOB from Ditch, seems Guest Dead Fish who should have known better, was handphoning to his loved one on the run - “How’re ya doing, darling…”. As a guest of Fawlty Towers he should have been warned that the penalty is a D-D: “B-I-M-B-O…B-I-M-B-O…”


More AOB from Handbag, remembering the run, shortly after peaking up at Mount Faber, went past a pagoda where several ladies with party deco seemed to be waiting for masculine inspiration. A big sign “Will you Marry Me?” was seen…CooChi Coo was offered but evoked the response “We said “masculine”, not emasculated…” “Here’s to optimists, they’re true blue…”


Awesome Foursome was next in with a charge on In n Out and Sway, apparently Sway wanted to know who were the serious front runners… the usual suspects were 8.24, Circle Jerk & CooChi Coo, and all got a D-D.


And Now it’s Time for… the National Day Group Photo…summoned by the GM, in came … All the Singaporeans…well, at least 22 of them! with a spirited rendering of Majulah Singapura …How to follow that?


Circle Jerk did his best. Like the British Daily Mirror wartime cartoon heroine Jane, he was ready, willing & able to bare all for his cause – namely the Dog Hash. Off came the top Tee shirt, revealing the punch line – the K9H was also celebrating the week’s big event, with special attractions. Please try to make it!


More AOB from Goody Bag: Circle Jerk like one of his canine members and Handbag were seen micturating on the run, whilst In & Out was looking for water… “They’re all right, they’re all right…”


Final AOB from In & Out (The treat at tonight’s run, notwithstanding the difficulties humping the beer & accoutrements up to the top floor of the MSCP, was a stick of delicate pisang mas bananas – Scribe). “ When I arrived, a very nice Harriet was peeling her banana in, what I can only say, was a really suggestive way… you gotta be careful peeling back the skin,” she said”…On in Bibrator …”She’s all right, she’s all right…”


And on that note, at the late hour of 9.02, it was over the road and on on on!

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1845
Singapore National Day run

Circle Report- Run 1845

Singapore’s 52nd Birthday Run

Date: Friday 4th August 2017

Run Site: Bukit Merah Central MSCP (Top)

On-on: Coffee Shop Across the Road

Hares: Strapless, Chicken Sh*t & PoKai


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:           58, of which 44 Members ( 25 F, 19 M)

Virgins:                                              2

Visitors & Returnees:                         12(7 F, 5 M)

New Member:                                    Not as such

Milestones                                         Or millstones whichever you prefer

Next Week’s Hares:                           Handbag & Tina Tuna

Run Site: Pasir Ris Car Park F, very end of Elias Road

On-On: Georges@The Cove


Circle Scribe: Airborne, Photos: Airborne & PoKai

The appointed Grand Mattress having taken time off, Puck Smuggler was joined by Stick Her Shock, an admirable stand-in, with a bright red dress set off by a white belt, and a high-altitude version of the famous Effme Shoes. On the cry of “Call in the Hares”, PoKai appeared for the defence with Chicken Sh*t and Strapless. “What did we think of the run?” was answered with such complaints as “Too many steps” …and “Too much up & down” to which could have been added “Not enough paper,” referring to the long stretch over Henderson Waves without any marking at all. It was a longish run with checks that had the front runners so thoroughly confused they took until 7.20pm to arrive back. This, plus an attractive mini-backpack as a souvenir goody, assured the hares of a Favourable Judgement. “Borderline Very GOOD RUNwas the decision of the Circle. “Here’s to Hares, they’re true blue…”.

And tell us about your on-on? It’s over there said Pokai pointing to the coffee shop on the other side of Bukit Merah Central, and clinching the GOOD RUN decision with “Free Beer, while stocks last!!’.


Next Week’s Run: Handbag said “Guess where? I’m working my way round the Pasir Ris car parks, and this week it’s F for Foxtrot, not the usual A…so don’t go there!” For those challenged by spatial agnosia, look at the map: according to Handbag it’s at the very end of Elias road, but you might do better to use Pasir Ris Road – or even a 403 bus from Pasir Ris Interchange _


Guests & Virgins: Puk Smuggler called two Virgins…on in one girl, Glonie and one man,Peter.:. Who made you come? “No idea…” How careless!! But “they’re all right, they’re all right…”.

Guest Girls were:Fawlty Bush, Forced Entry, Mud Sucker, and Ying, Guest Men::Bumper Humper, Butt Wiper, Chong, Dead Fish and Sperm off Ice. … Here’s to the Visitors, they’re true blue…”…and then Returnees: Spreads Easily & Tiger Lily, Welcome back, but …”They ought to be publically…”


GM & GMsnow hear a call…”Where’s the Hare Whip?” and PoKai appears. First of all, hammer the GM & GMs for forgetting to call in Hare Whip …”BIMBO…” Next, call in fellow Hare Strapless… another big BIMBO she says. He’s carefully worked out a plan, and they go off together to lay the trail. There’s a snag, a narrow gap that the gymnasitcallychallenged can’t hack. So he gets Pokai to go to the other side and passes the plan to her whilst he finds a way round. Later he boasts about his agility…”He’s dumb, he’s dumb, he’s really, really dumb, if it wasn’t for his mother he’s be just a lump of cum…”


Mystery Whip ,and Comes Quietly is in a provocative mood, with a nod towards the bottle brigade… “The beer’s going flat…we need more bottled beer to stop it going flat…” Then he calls in Airborne, Astronut & Puck Smuggler… hang on, what have they got in common? As it turns out, nothing, actually …”one of these sat on the beach watching WW2 flying bombs, one was a keen Rugby Sevens achiever, the other forgot to call in the Hare Whip … give ‘em a Down Down…