And finally, it’s back, after a very long absence (but we suspect not abstinence) for the Pr#ck. Seems our GM’s have been haranguingPokai. PS couldn’t wait till Dec and wanted it back sooner, and VB was reminded of the long one, when running for the bus, managed to shake things up a bit and ended up with underwire under her chin? And with the dickometer equally balanced, this becomes a story tbc, and so Pokai pops the member back in her bag. Happy Christmas to the Pr#ck n see you next year most likely…


And now it really is time for the MMW. A hesitant Cereal Killer is contemplating the difference between MMW and MW2. “You’re up, mate” insists PS. According to the convicted one, SG really is a law abiding, racially and religious tolerant place. So what was Running Shit doing on his knees pointing (the wrong way) to Mecca after the run? Amidst calls for a check on his religious authenticity, there is only one (in-)appropriate song – rollback, rollback, rollback your…..


For his next victims, Cereal Killer calls in the long absent ones – DIY and Penile Extn, its good to have you back – they’ re alright….. Apparently the hashing in Jakarta has heavy drinking and more abuse. But theSuper Pussy has been abusing himself more than most. Having had both knees replaced by the US Army, he then proceeded to break his ribs, and last week dropped a weight in the gym and broke a toe. But b4 he can be given a note, its…”one pussy drinks, all pussies drink”. On in Juicy Pussy and Cum Puss. Here’s to the super ones, they’ re true blue….


Now it’s the turn of Sir Long n Thin.Always arriving late, doing most of the run in the dark, how does the shlong find his way around? He’s the meanest…


Following the US Embassy on twitter, our GM asks “How was Trump’s Asian tour?” Waving the ToTW, Suzee Wong comes in and returns it from whence it came. Seems it belongs with the PoTW, so Pokai can use it to polish up the discoloured member this week. And according to Airborne, that’s really making Hash great again. 3, 2, 1, drink it down, down, down, down…


AoB? And the energetic and excitable Puk Me Lately tells us how she found herself in a construction site with Cherry Picker (father?) and Airborne (grand father?). The light weight ones raced thru the mud to the safety of firm ground, but Cherry Picker, sinking like a Tiger tank could only be heard yelling F, F, F, as he sank further into the mud. Who ate all the pies…


Our new hasher has also recently started her international hash career, with a run in HK. Chatting with Indi, an ex LCH3 harriet, they quickly reel off the names of all the SG hashers they know,Coo Chi Coo, Stash, Saliva……, Are all the old faggots still running? Get in, and get a life (or wife), get a life, get a life, life, life…. But Saliva insists they’ re all still young at heart.


Having straggled in at 7:50pm, Trolley Dolly claims he and Stashwere the FRB’s early in the run? B/s……. But TD over heard the young bucks – Puck Smuggler and Cereal Killer and the not so young Running Sh#t say, “who are the old guys upfront”. Is there no respect on the hash? They ought to be… And later in the run, TD calls out the non-callers, as the reason for his late return – Bibrator, Shu n Iron Crutch, b/s, b/s, it all sounds like b/s to me…. (Too right it was b/s, as TD was spotted running home taking directions from Mr. Google)


Next it's returnee Ice Dancer from HK, telling us that Telecum, was being a cheap ass, celebrating his wedding with a piss up in WanChai rather than shouting his LCH3 mates at HV.Ice Dancer has fond mammaries of the keg beer on LCH3 (OMG, don’t let’s have the keg v bottles debate). But on his last run at Turf City, VB did the math(s) and decided it was bottles only. But with a big crowd and two kegs tonight, all is forgiven, so thanks to the hash brew she’s true blue….


Now it’s Corny Linguist, with Shipyard Flasher as an interpreter, calling Bully who is firmly entrenched in his chair. Give the man a hand up. Bounding to his feet, Bully is asked “do you feel as young as when you first started?” To which Bully replied, that he only felt as young as the women he is feeling! He’s all right…”


And sticking with the theme,Trolley Dolly calls out two of our more experienced – Stash and Running Sh#t, for complaining about mud on their shoes. They’re not old men, they’re old women!


And so, at 8:58pm, with the second barrel long gone, our GM’s decided that was enough fake news and abuse for one night, and called on on on. $10 for home cooked Vietnamese and free beer – Well Done the hares!!


Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1860
Here's to Guest Hares!

Circle Report - Run 1860

Date: Friday 17th Nov 2017

Run Site: Cnr Holland Drive & North Buona Vista Road

On-on: Home cooked Vietnamese on site

Hares: Samson Letoi & Suction Cup


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   52 of which 41 Members (F 20 & M 21)

Virgins:                                  Ben

Visitors & Returnees:               9 (3F, 6M) +2 Hares

New Member:                          Not this week

Milestones Everyone made it back – eventually

Next Week’s Hares: LCH3 35th Anniv - Trolly Dolly, Pokai & Ayam Zinking

Run Site: One of the ends of Tagore rd.

On-On: Happy Kampong Seafood (next to run site)


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Goody Bag

With stragglers still emerging from the darkness, the GM’s called the somewhat unenthusiastic together at 8:06pm. Is this a circle or a circus? And what did we think of the run? Too much of everything: mud, chalk, checks, jungle, arrows, villages. And with Sir Long n Thin’s arrival, and all accounted for, it was indeed declared a GOOD RUN. So here’s to the hares…..

And directions for your onon? About 20m over there – we can smell the food already.


Next weeks hares? Trolly Dolly, Pokai and Ayam Zinking (that should be a short hare whip?). It’s the 35th Anniversary run, end of Tagore Rd., free T-shirt, free food and free flow – it’s got all the makings of a successful celebration.


On in the guests and returnees – Girls: Dominator, Mata Hari, Spreads Easily & Suction Cup (Hare) …Men: Cereal Killer, Chong, D-I-Y, Ice Dancer, Penile Extension, Samson Letoi (Hare) and Wimbo……. Here’s to the guests…. But there is a reluctant one – according to Bully she is only a Dominator at home!


Virgins – yes – Ben. Young Suction Cup was supposed to help set the run, but went to school instead – seems he’s smarter than the average hasher!


GM’s call for the hare whip so on in Samson Letoi. Ignoring complaints about those herculean checks, he immediately and rightly so, charges co-hare, Suction Cup for getting lost setting the run (and some even got lost on the run – Goody Bag n Chkn Sh#t?). Next in is Cherry Picker, who apparently found mud – really? He’s alright, he’ s alright, he’ s got…..


Then it’s Voting Bitches turn, caught doing it in reverse. Is that the reverse Roo Rooter? And Pokai backs in also. B. I. M. B. O’s…..


Puk Smuggler puts out a forlorn call for a hare on Dec 15. And with no response, tries for a MW instead? That would be Totally Unacceptable – who proceeds to charge Stick Her Shock in her very well filled out Dash T-shirt. Rumour has it our dashing harriet was walking in new hiking boots, having disposed of her runners? What else could we sing the blonde one: B. I. M. B. O


Next is PS and Cereal Killer, caught racing on the hash. Now that is unacceptable, they ought to be publicly …. Get the hares in again. It was in fact a very well marked trail, so what is it with CP, and he downs another as his protestations are drowned out by a now well oiled circle.


GM VB calls Bibrator and Airborne back to the scene of their Friday 13th adventure. Having snuck off for a shower, the dishevelled Airborne steps up in his towel, ready for some more action. Here’s to Airborne, he’ s true blue……

Run 1860 more pictures