Puk Smuggler makes a public service announcement – he has a message from G String – make sure Machine eats, and signs up for the 35th anniversary and DnD. And so the Circle makes sure Machine drinks it down, down, down, down…


And we have a b’day hasher. On inButt Wiper, still dying his hair grey? – hashy b’day f you…


PoTW? Seems it’s permanently MIA…has Pokai fitted it out to strap on to lady gays? Or is some elderly hasher of uncertain stamina using it to keep his partner happy?(Ed)


ToTW – it’s where it belongs – on tour in Santiago. Poor Roo Rooter, who has been subjected to Fox News, but according to the circle, its Voting Bitchwho’s the meanest…..


And now it’s time for the Mystery, Mystery Whip? What a fine job the GM has done, and in comes Pokai, aided by props. Having almost lost her voice, some wag calls out “too much … (I can’t print that!). Parading extremely short shorts, emblazoned with the LCH3 logo, Pokai exclaims they were from the era when Eleven was the Haberdash. Claiming he could fit into them to cries of b/s, b/s, Circle Jerk is brought in and presented with a dilemma. Either Eleven wears the enormous drawers, or Circle Jerk takes one for the team, and strips off for the skimpy ones. And as he sportingly peels on the elasticized mini shorts, the pack sing, they’re alright…..


And as tradition would have it, on in the hare. Highlighting the difference in height, Pokai as exhibit A and CLHas exhibit B, swan around the circle. Having volunteered to sweep, Pokai was proclaimed an angel by CLH, who then proceeded to put paper way out of Pokai’s reach, even with Cumpuss on her shoulders. Here’s to the hare….


Now it’s the turn of our GM, who arrived at the run site typically late, in a frazzled state, seeking direction from Pokai. How long have you been hashing? How many chapters? Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun?. Reminding PS there are certain rules, like saying thank you to a MMW, b4 asking which direction did the run go? And anyway, when a run starts from the top of a multi storey car park, there is only one direction to go, and its down, down, down, down


More announcements, and Voting Bitch holds Pokai in for the Red Dress Run, but it’s Sperm Off Ice who charges VB, for hijacking the all chapters Watsapp group reserved for discussing sensitive NParks stuff, to promote the upcoming LCH3 debaucherous weekend.SoI assures us that all RdR donations for leprosy, will find their way from his pocket to a good cause. Here’s to the promoters they’re true blue…..


AoB? Trolly Dolly has been back three weeks and he’s disappointed. Last Sun he turned up on time to a Cherry Pickerrun, and the pack had already gone. Tonight he arrives late and the (German/American) hare hasn’t called on-on. One German drinks – all Germans drink…


SpankMe apparently was on the non existent long run, and calls out the pussies who didn’t go down the drain. Meanwhile Posh Pussy is protesting that she is the only real pussy here.


On in the bikini model – Circle Jerk, saying it was unfortunate Eleven was here today, and that he will remember this run for a very long time. Whilst running down an open drain, he heard voices calling his name from above. Looking up he saw Posh Pussy and Bibrator teasing him saying, hihi, we love it when we’re on top. Here’s to the dominatrix’, they’re true blue….


Awesome4some makes the observation that there are a lot of guests tonight, but there is one very special one. To which Coo Chi Coo replied – and is that your selection for this evening? SpankMe chimes in with a request for a bus fare home, and the destitute one is sent off in the appropriate



And with that, the GM’s restored order and call on on on at 8:46, to the coffee shop across the

road, but still some are heard asking for directions…???

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1852

Circle Report- Run 1852

Date: Friday 22nd Sept 2017

Run Site: Bukit Merah Central – Blk 119

On-on: Coffee Shop across the road

Hare: Cunni Lick Her


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 45, of which 31 Members ( F 15 & M 16)

Virgins:                                   Quasi virgin – hat man

Visitors & Returnees:               14(3 F, 11 M)

New Member:                          More guest fees

Milestones Passing of the age of the Machine

Next Week’s Hares: Coo Chi Coo’s birthday run

Run Site: Pepys rd., car park C & D

On-On: The Peak, pool side


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Airborne

The GM’s initially tried for a 7:45pm start, but the beer was flowing and so on a night of tradition, the well primed were finally called together at the usual 8:02. And what did we think of the run? Too many loops, not enough drains, but a great job by a solitary hare, so here’s to Cunni Lick Her, he’s true blue….


Next week’s run? It’s the annual Coo Chi Coo b’day run. Top of Pepys rd., Will there be any bush? Bloody oath mate, as CCC made references to the grooming habits of the 1980’s harriets. On on by the pool side, gals in bikini’s FoC.


Any virgins? The nearest we can manage is a Quasi virgin – on in hat man. Who made you come? SpankMe. And after some virgin verification by Handbag, here’s to the virgin……


And now – it’s the guests turn, and the Hash Brew goes into overdrive- fill em up n down, down,

down, down for Butt Wiper, Tight Lips, Sampson Letoi, WoWio, Sperm Off Ice, Puk Me Lately, Bagless Too, Trolly Dolly, Little Pain, SpankMe, Chicken Dicken, Tiger Lily and Backbeard


The GM’s have got this down pat now, and next it’s the Hare whip. CLH seeks a lookalike. Sharon Batu for the still sweeping Pokai, who two wks ago messaged CLH saying, Dolly Trolly is back, n he can give you a hand. But it seems there was some marital miscomm and so the hare was left wanting. Here’s to Batu…..


Next it’s the car less, and direction lessMachine, who without the aid of a GPS, phoned a friend – Stash, for directions for his cab driver. Good luck finding trail in Hoakkaido. Here’s to Machine….


Trying to escape the unenviable inevitable, VB calls Machine back. Now that he has found a home for his pussies, it’s time for the traditional send off. And in somewhat mellow tones, to a true LCH3 harrier, f off you…. But come back and visit us soon.


And now it really is time for the Mystery Whip. After a few false starts, Astronut tells us it’s a night with a traditional theme. Lately, Puk Smuggler has been copping sh#t for failing to appoint whips, or doing so at the last minute. This week however,Astronut got a week’s notice, and Puk Smuggler even reconfirmed yesterday by sms that he had the whip secured. But not breaking with tradition, let’s give our GM a note anyway…he’s the meanest, he….. According to Astronut, it’s traditional for a good MW to make up material on trail, but if that’s a bit thin – what to do? Wikipedia was the cry. And so on this day, nothing good has ever happened: 2013 – 75 killed by a Church bomb in Pakistan, 1995 – a US military plane crashes in Alaska, 1993 – a Georgian plane was shot down by separatists… And sticking with tradition, on in the hare for trying to kill the FRBs with his dastardly checks, loop backs, and stinky drains, but failing to add to Wikipedia. Here’s to the hare…..


Seems it’s also a tradition on the hash, for some to take delight in the misfortune of others. There’s even a German word for it – schadenfreude! As our MW was standing at the lights, a bus swerved into a large puddle, giving Astronut a free shower. On in Fawlty Towers for taking great schadenfreude at the spectacle.