PS makes some more erudite observations – 1/ there’s lots of guests (he is a genius), and 2/ so PML can now buy new shoes (but there’s nothing wrong with the old ones?)


Do we have a run next week? Maybe – Pays 2 Come says it’ll be at the Kent Ridge Car Park – check the newsletter, its WIP. And Coo Chee Coo has a suggestion – since the giant Pays 2 Come can’t reach the ground to draw the arrows, then maybe PML can demonstrate how she would set the run – and she obliges, to cheers from the crowd.


ToTW? Awesome4somebrings in a freshly laundered Trump, and calls in the married contenders – Cherry Picker, for changing queues at University many years ago so he could chat up his future wife, Stash who met WonTon at the mile high club and then offered her his couch, and Ayam Zinking, who despite only recently legalising things in the eyes of the HDB, in fact met his wife 18 years ago. And the shirt doesn’t get pastCherry Picker – he’s the meanest, he…..


MMW? Pays 2 Come comes in, and after dispatching PS for the late notification, decided to reveal too much information about his recent holiday with PML. Not only was there the 5 day window ‘thing’, it seems PML didn’t meet expectations as a drinking partner as she went to sleep after just two wines. But the hash still thins she’s alright….. Upon returning to SG from his holiday, Pays 2 Come was confronted by his landlady, kicking him out of his abode.


So he calls in the SG real estate agents, and Awesome4some gingerly steps in, and the expat P2C bends over for the SG agent – (S)He’s the meanest….


Wisely abstaining from relationship counselling, PS decides to call for AOB? In steps I’m from Minnesota – where’s that? But it’s her b’day, so hashy b’day to you….


Stash claims the floor – and says to the hares who had promised pink chalk – what pink chalk? Nonetheless most of the pack has worked out how to get to the Danish Seaman’s Church, but not PML and Pays 2 Come, who led the pack down the hill in the wrong way – no f clue, must have still been in holiday bliss? B.I.M.B.O


Handbag, still on the pink chalk theme, calls in the hares and Captain Red Arrow – reminding the hares – he’s not Captain Pink Arrow! They ought to be publically….


Circle Jerk calling in Cherry Picker – you’ve known me for 11 years, but you still don’t know why I’m really called Circle Jerk? CP had revealed he had gone online for the real meaning, but found material of a rather dodgy nature. And just so CP got it, CJ takes the opportunity to call in the guest – Circle Jerk (yes, unbelievably there are two CJ’s, and they both look the same). Here’s to CP he’s

true blue….


Voting B#tch calls out Pays 2 Come. With the Father Hash weekend imminent, VB thinks there too much sausage focus. She had seen the lovely holiday snaps on Face Book, but the charge about the 5 day thing – that’s too much – he’s dumb, he’s dumb….


Kannot Kan comes in, and we all dive for chairs. Dear distinguished and extinguished friends….. It was almost 10 years ago, that KK was excommunicated from the LCH3 Clan, for introducing a controversial song that challenged the acceptable norms of the average SG hasher, but which has now become a virtual LCH3 anthem? And calling in the Kanuts, they sing in unison – he’s the



Hooray brings in the daughter of our ex GM – Bugle Boy, and the crowd agree – she’s alright, she’s alright……


And at 8:56pm, with CrossRoads facing bankruptcy, and the Handlebar calling, it’s definitely time for on, on, on. Great job hares and the Puck Family – it’s was a rowdy, fun filled night.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1903
Awesome Smell run

Run 1903 Circle Report

7th Sept, 2018

Run Site: Gillman Barracks Car Park B

Hares: Awesome4some and Smell Me

On-on: HandleBar


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:     62 of which 35 Members (17 F, 18 M)

Absent Member -                      1

Virgins:                                    yes, one young Singaporean gal

Guests & Returnees:                 26 (9 F, 17 M)

Milestones: Not in the Barracks

Next Week’s Hares: Puck Me Lately and Pays 2 Come

Run Site: Pepys Road, Car Park C & D

On-On: TBA


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers  - Photos: Count Dracula

And so at 8:01, ignoring the drizzle, the Puck Family tries to call the big circle to order. Let’s get the hares in, and WDWTofTRun? Not enough pinkies?, no paper, no chalk, no Nparks, but the Pucks liked it, and that’s all that matters in hash democracy – Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….


Puck Smuggler observes – some new, but mostly old, and experienced faces, but did we have a virgin? Timidly owning up, the young Singaporean gal comes fwd, and she’ll come again! She’s alright, she’s alright….


Puck Me Lately - On in the Guests (ie: old farts – that’s anyone over 30?) – all 20 of them. They’re the meanest… Next it’s the even older Returnees Tiger Lily, King Leer, Shiggy Piggy, Bagless 2, Kannot Kan and Vibrator, and Absent Member/ Returnee – Shoeless – Welcome back. But Kannot Kan has a confession – Bless me father, for I have sinned, but there’s not enough time for that, so it’s here’s to the old farts, they’re true blue…..


Hare Whip time, so on in Awesome4some with her flashing glasses, and immediately calls in Smell Me. Seems as they set the run, Smell Me wanted to turn it into an episode of Crazy Rich Asians, so they ran (b/s, b/s…) past Keppel Bay Marina and Yacht Club, and all the fancy condos for an 11 - 12km recce (b/s, b/s…) but then Smell Me lost the GPS map and so they had nothing – B.I.M.B.O…. Next it’s Astronut and the Canadian gang who are in town for the Father Hash’s 3,000th run – but they were overheard to be complaining they didn’t bring umbrellas for the rain – Pussies – they ought to be publicly…. After which we were regaled by the Canadian version of “I want to be a forest ranger…., and with references to 69er and ending in necrophilia? They’re a strange lot up near the Arctic.


PS – hares, tell us about your on on? It’s at the nearby Handlebar, and with loads of beer – well done girls.


Announcements? The Monday boys have the huge banner out for their 3,000th run – sign up for the ball breaker you bstds (and as it turns out, at more than 25+km, it broke more than balls). And Kannot Kan gets one in for next weekend’s Mother Hash in KL – it’s FoC? B/s, b/s…..


And now, its time, for, the Mystery, Whip…. And after the usual falsies, Voting B#tch takes charge – get the f outta here, and on in with the King – Leer. It’s good to see the young un back, and here’s to King Leer, he’s true blue, he’s a bstd through and through….. Next it’s Wankie Pooh’s son, who had been walking around with a towel only. And to cries of off, off, off, he is fully compliant, and then some hariettes call for his shorts down, down, down, here’s to the young un, he’s true blue….


And with an announcement of her own, VB reminds us of the LCH3 DnD, RSYC, Sat Nov 10 – get out your Hashywood gear. Calling for 8:24 as the recently departed Burt Reynolds (the first man VB had seen naked), it’s on in Rooning Sh#t as a look alike, with a stick on 1980’s porno Mo. Here’s to a happy ending…



Run 1903 pictures