Next it’s on in Trolley Dolly. CJ declares this won’t be TD’s last run. We always admire his trail markings, and his costumes, but… on in Bibrator and Stick Her Shock, show casing their assets, but when they grow up, they really want a chest like TD’s? Calling for an expert in Bra size fittings, it’s on in Pr#ck Me, who expertly feels (fondles) the contestants’ bouncy bits, going from Small to Medium to D.D.D.D…..


And do we have a run next week asks our GMs? It’s Ditch and Sweet Thighs. As Ditch tries to remember where the run will be, he is welcomed for his senior moment with B.i.M.B.O…. But getting it together, and claiming it will be a recce-less run, we’re off to the end of Vanda Link  (STOP PRESS make that Blue House International School Car Park B) for another excellent run???


ToTW? Wonton has sent the Trump to the laundry – so keep it…B.I.M.B.O….


PoTW? PML announces a major drama – something terrible has happened! Someone stole the Pr#ck!!! (I can’t print where Bibrator suggested it might be hiding). But Cherry Picker gives it up and PML, waving the wand, asks, what does The Pr#ck really mean? So she Googled it? She just doesn’t understand why she received it last week. And this week, deciding to do the short run because of broken running shoes, PML is confronted by judgemental old farts.Strapless to PML – hey you, you did short run ah? And then it’s Blur Like Sotong for asking PML – how can you be in front of me? AndPML declares, I definitely want to give it to you! “He’s the meanest, he sucks….”


But Puck Smuggler reveals some fake news – and calls in Ditch for the truth. It seems PML, when asked why she did the short, said she hadn’t been feeling so well. So it’s got nothing to do with the shoes?


And Wonton is up and off to the car in a flash, and returning with the unlaundered Trump for PML– here’s to Melania, she’s true blue…”


And do we have a Mystery, Mystery, Whip? Yes, it’s Bat Girl out of uniform. Pr#ck Me calls in Samson Letoi and Suction Cup for the insect repellent (was that ANZAC repellent) charge. Pr#ck Me had observed Samson Letoi prior to the run, standing there with his arms out stretched like JC on the cross, awaiting for Suction Cup to apply the insect repellent – here’s to the lazy bugger…”


Next it’s on in all the Aussies for the Bunning’s (not bunions) onion drama. {Translation – Bunnings is a big Aussie hardware chain. There is always a local charity bbq out front – sausages, onions, tomato sauce). Pr#ck Me explains, it’s normal for the Bunnings bbq to have the bread, then sausage, then onions, then sauce. But someone dropped some onion, and an old fart slipped on the onion and fell. So now Bunnings have issued a nationwide guidance on how to serve the sausage. It’s now bread, onion, sausage and sauce. “Here’s to the onion droppers, they’re true blue…”


AOB? Pokai is in – translator please? Coo Chi Cooget in. Conversation overheard – “I’m coming tonight, I haven’t come for a long time, but I do try my best to come.” But then the admission – but it’s not really in! Pokai responds – so long as it’s in a bit! He deserves the Pr#ck? Let re-direct? And Blur Like Sotong reluctantly steps forward to give up his newly acquired member, but everyone, including No Good agree, keep the Pr#ck. They’re all right, they’re all right……


Cherry Picker is in, showing off his scar. The reason he short cutted, was apparently because he knew the run, as it was the same as the one he got a scar on 4 mths ago! Trolley Dolly, can you explain? He ought to be publicly…..


Sperm off Ice, calls in the Telecum family for totally not doing the run. No hash gear, but jeans? And despite recently getting a place in Bali, no Batik shirt or Pak clobber… B.I.M.B.O…”


Ditch is in calling out missus Telecum. What’s wrong with him? Naughty, stubborn and injured? Blaming sneaky sex moves, then a bad ankle, but it turns out it’s in fact his knee! “He’s the meanest…”


Puck Smugglerhas some lost and found – a water bottle, and an XXS top, and a XXXS top. You can keep it, we’re all going on on on. And so at 8:53pm, it’s like all good hashes – up and straight, to the on on on. Well done, hares and the Puck Fam, and all the best to Trolley Dolly. We look forward to seeing you in costume soon, but not your budgie smugglers please…

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1913
Trolley Dolly farewell run

Run 1913 Circle Report

Friday 16th November 2018

Run Site: Tanjong Pagar, Old Railway Station

Hares: Trolley Dolly, Pokai, Wet Landing

On-on: Coffee Shop Blk 14


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 44 of which 32 Members (13 F, 19 M)

Virgins:                                   Nil

Guests & Returnees:                 12 (4F, 8 M)

Next Week’s Hares: Ditch & Sweet Thighs

Run Site: Turf Club Rd, Blue House International Sch Car Park B

On-On: Red Lantern


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Count Dracula

It’s 8:03pm, and our GM is not thinking straight? No eff me . She’s still all right…. And let’s get the Puck Family show on the road again. So, WDWTOTRun? No hills. Not enough overhead bridges. Too much shiggy. But it was the great drinks stop that paid off, and GM Puck Smuggler agrees with the masses and declares it a good run – “Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue…” And tell us about your on on? GnT’s at the Coffee Shop – usual place, go up and straight for 7 courses and free beer. And we can now officially record run #1913 as a Very Good run!


Meanwhile, our co-GM is caught out talking, and so it’s B.I.M.B.O., for Puck Me Lately, and as she hesitates, Coo Chi Coo is overheard to say “and what part of down, down don’t you understand?”


Virgins? Not tonight says Bibrator, but we do have lots of Visitors - Francesca, Java Jugs, Jennie, Pink Fanny, Chicken Dicken, One Rung Pussy Driver, Or Ful F*k, Sperm off Ice, Steve, & Thomas. Alleged Returnee – on in Telecum – Here’s to the future members, they’re true blue…..


And do we have a hare whip? Where’s Wally? Where’s Trolley? Oh, they are one and the same? And the dressed up red and white Trolley Dolly exclaims – “A man walks into a bar…. But hold that thought and instead it’s On in Stash – and take a seat and some ice as the gold medal winner of God knows what. And Silver and the same fate await our GM – PML. And Bronze goes to Suction Cup. Here’s to the medalists, they’re true blue…


And back to that man in the bar…… And another man walks into the bar – and its Puul Toy (more chair and ice), and a third man walks into the bar – Telecum, blowing up ‘balloons’ that weren’t designed to be blown up that way! Meanwhile, TD strips off to his nightie and socks?


But not satisfied, TD calls on Pink Fanny to assist in removing the nightie (it was never designed to go on a body like that), and Pink Fanny obliges to reveal TD in his budgie smugglers and socks. Then our Whip does the - Ben Dover, and emerges in his next outfit – a bear rug? Now calling for two teams to down enormous steins of beer, its Pokai, Pink Fanny and Bibrator versus Stash, Puul Toy and Telecum. And despite the valiant efforts of the gals, Telecumdoes the heavy lifting and downs the stein fastest. And as Trolley Dolly dons a fourth outfit – an eff off shirt, (he really does like dress ups), it’s time for the inevitable, unprintable song, to send him on his way… eff off, you…


Count Dracula makes an announcement that One is graciously accepting contributions for his Walla Walla duties, as hashers rush for a re-fill and hopefully the tips jar, after TD’s extended scenario. PML, who claims she is no longer late (Pays 2 Come must be relieved), welcomes in two late comers from the trail – Windy Bar and After Hours, and what do the circle think of their hash navigation skills? “They’re dumb, they’re dumb…”And talking about latecomers, PS calls in Ayam Zinking – which way did the run start? And with a look that said No effing Idea, “He’s the meanest….”


And now, according to our well organised GM – PML, its time, for, the, Mystery Whip? After a few falsies,Circle Jerk projects his imposing vocals and calls in all the Singaporeans, sending Pokai into a panic exclaiming there’s not enough beer. But says CJ, observing the assembled, where is the missing Singaporean? The one that recently applied to be a Singaporean. SeemsCherry Picker thought his application gave him a licence to act like a Singaporean, and short cut at every opportunity! “Here’s to the wanna-be Singaporean, he’s true blue…”

Run 1913 pictures