Now its back to the MW and Ditch with his recharged memory. Back to the scene when Pays2Come crashed down in the slippery drain. Whilst on the ground writhing in pain, Ditch calls for anyone with a phone? Fumbling with their phone, our technical wizard who represents the BBC on all important tech matters, seems to have lost the plot and couldn’t operate a mobile! On in Circle Jerk, he ought to be publicly…..


Cherry Picker calls in 4 Sores. Seems this fit young Monday hasher came in on the short run – why? Claiming injury time for helping P2C, 4 Sores is challenged by Cherry Picker who watched events unfold from the overhead bridge. “You only hung around for 10 mins then pissed off like the rest of the pack”. Claiming he thought he was more useful than that, the circle serenade 4 Sores– he’s the meanest….


Pr#ck Me announces her favorite time of the evening – it’s time for POTW! On in Stash wielding the willow. We are used to only seeing Ditch chaperoning his lovely Sweet Thighs around the run. We are definitely not used to seeing anyone worry about Tiger Lily? But tonight we witnessed Chkn Dicken hang back for TL – it almost made me chunder exclaims Stash. And putting the dickometer to a public vote, first it’s TL with a great roar, and then an equally noisy vote for CD? And after a decider round, it’s still a hung decision so to speak, Fk it, the POTW is a family award tonight – you two take it home and work it out!


TOTW? He’s been shut down!


AOB? 8:24 at 8:25 – as he was striding out tonight, he heard a runner behind say, “oh your body is so firm in all the right places”. Turning around to smile at Posh Pussy, 8:24 is responded to with – I was talking to the snail! Later in the run, as Posh Pussy was covered in red ants _ _ _, and screaming get them off, get them off, 8:24 responds – are you talking to the snail now? She’s alright, she’s alright….


Taking charge, Pr#ck Me brings in the talking club – Poser, Stiff, Stiffner and Wide Spread – they ought to be publicly…..


Tiger Lily – I’ve got a charge. CP has set many runs in the past week in this area now – Lion City, Dog Hash and Sunday. Last Sunday the log across the deep stream was fine, but tonight, after three packs of hashers and innumerable dogs had safely traversed the log, one of our LCH3 members managed to totally break it. On in Trolly Dolly – who ate all pies….


Juicy Pussy is not letting Cereal Killer off the hook, who has just returned from another tour of duty, in a good paddock, he also gets the pie song!


Roo Rooter admonishes CP who spent a full 5 mins of circle time disrespecting his elder, whilst on the setting of the run, had skipped over a mud hole, and as RR fell bollocks deep in mud and was calling for help, CP had found a second wind and was way on, leaving RR to his own devices. But it seems VB had been secretly collaborating with CP who had sent a Watsapp pic of the RR in distress- Apocalypse Now style. But the VB charge is for Puul Toy. It seems VB, and PT and Stick Her Shockwere in their usual position on the run??? When PT pipes up and says – hey, I know kung fu. Kung fu to you too mate, as he proceeds to knock over a hollow tree. Here’s to Bruce Lee, he’s true blue…


VB’s still on form and calls back RR. She was on the Internet, and you know how you get those annoying pop ups. So what pops up in VB’s house? It not what you think! It was the Northern Territory News talking about jail sentences for bestiality? In SA you get 10 yrs, Tassie 22 (they prefer to keep it in the family), and in the NT it’s just 3yrs – because the like to do the doggie more often in the NT! Bestiality’s best boys…


Cereal Killer has a rather unusual compliment for CP. Last week Durian Dog managed to fk his ankle on the CP dog hash, and tonight P2Come fk’d his. Here’s to the ankle fk’r he’s true blue….


And with the beer completely gone, it was on on on at 8:40 for curries and jugs. Well done hares for a truly shiggy good run, and to our stand in GM’s for exemplary service. On, on on

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1922

Run 1922 Circle Report

Friday 18th Jan 2019

Run Site: End of Springleaf Ave

Hares: Cherry Picker & Roo Rooter

On-on: Sher Restaurant


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 58 of which 52 Members (25 F, 27 M)

Virgins:                                   ?

Guests & Returnees:                 6 (2F, 4M)

Next Week’s Hares:       Puck Smuggler

Run Site: Pepys Road, car park C

On-On: TBA


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Fawlty Bush & No Rection

At precisely 8.00pm, Cherry Picker begins to attempt to call the circle together. But the 58 hashers are too busy drinking and talking! Form a circle you b*stds and eventually the stand-in GM’s including Pr#ck Me, get some semblance of control. WDWTOTRun? Good, good, very good? Really? Ok, too much mud, too dry, too Monday, but first impressions of the GM (and hare) is what really counts, and so CP declares a good run and the pack loudly agree – here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….


On on? enquires Pr#ck Me very politely? Indian curry, 3 jugs per table, $12, fill ya boots and good luck tomorrow…


Next weeks hare? Puck Smuggler is still on the world’s longest vacation, so on in Ditch to tell us about the run he has no f idea about? Check the web site.


Virgins – thankfully not for this mud bash, so on in guests – Chkn Dicken, Humper and Cereal Killer, and returnees – Tiger Lily, Stiff and Stiffener – great to see you back, but, why were you born so beautiful…


Do we have a hare whip? Yes, it’s the Australian, immediately calling CP to stay in. Upon pulling out an illegal substance on the run, CP is in a bit of a lather as he has lost the cap (not yet the plot) to his flour bottle. Attempting to avoid making clag, CP shelters under a tree whilst instructing Roo Rooter to bash on through the mud. Only to then find the cap! He ought to be publicly…..


Having signed up as a solo hare, CP was very obliging when RR offered to help, but I’m traveling b4 the run? So CP sets out for his first recce with Lap Dog, who whilst deep in shiggy, was bitten by something very painful. Amidst the screams of pain and whilst looking for a clearing to land a helicopter, CP calls Strapless who lives nearby. After dispensing some useless Chinese TCM to Lap Dog, she gives up and goes home and the recce is abandoned. Second recce, still no RR so CP sets off with the dog on a leash. And as Regina goes left andCP right around a nasty thorn bush, CP is dragged through the thorns. Ignoring Strapless’s suggestion of more acupuncture, CP abandons recce no. 2. Recce no. 3, no RR, no dog, and the biggest downpour in SG history, and CP lost the sole off his shoe? He ought to be publicly….


Well Pr#ck Me, do we have a Mystery Whip? Its looking dodgy as Crock O’Sh#t feigns interest. After a long pause, CPhas a note from Puck Smuggler to Ditch – surprise! And indeed it is as Ditch is surprisingly stuck for words? He’s on furlough, so it’s off to the make up corner as the GM’s call for the MMW? There’s no doubt here – its the shy and demure Voting B#tch! Parading a picture of a 2 yr old, blonde hair, angelic, baby Roo Rooter, minus the tatts, who has now morphed into a 50 yr old adolescent! On in also his 50 yr old brother in crime, Crock O’Sh#t who had also pretended to be a Santa Claus recently. Here’s to the birthday boys, they’re true blue…. Next VB calls in the rest of the January boys – Ditch, Chkn Dicken, In n Out. And after a poor attempt at a January song that no one knows the words to, Here’s to the Jan boys, they’re true blue…..

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