Puck Me Lately has a look of frustrated anticipation, it’s THAT TIME again, but the GM is missing – so how? Oh, here he is, and Chicken Dicken is keen to off load the honourable member on some deserving POTW. “I was given this last week for looking after someone…” he says. “If that’s the case there must be many more like me… Ditch for instance, he said, pointing at Stash… that makes you a pr*ck too!” Well there’s no answer to that (thanks in memory of Eric Morecombe) so Stash has to take his medicine… but all’s not done yet… see later.


In a moment of quiet, enter Honkie Guest who turns out to be GMs of the Wanchai Hash. She’s keen to get to know LCHHH and exchange T-shirts with our own GMs. The Circle men are definitely up for this and the volume starts to rise…off…off… OFF… OFF!!After a little stage management from PoKai, the exchange is conducted to the considerable gratification of the males…”They’re all right, they’re all right, a little flat-chested but they’re all right.”


And then…it’s time for the Mystery Mystery Whip and Stashseems a bit irritable…after the usual complaint about short notice from the GM, it seems the exchange of POTW is developing into something of a needle match. Calling in Chicken Dicken he asks: “What’s my name?” “Stash?” You called me “Ditch”… that’s Ditch over there… who did you mean?? Once more there was no answer to that, so Stash hauled in Sooch. Now, it’s been some time since Sooch was subjected to trial by Circle so she was a touch surprised. “How long have you been married to Running Sh*t?” “20 years”. “But you tried to get into the wrong car just now!” After 20 years can’t you get it right? Are you sure you know which bed he sleeps in? So gentle Sooch gets a B-I-M-B-O, and Stash has used up his quota of M2Whip charges.


Into AOB now, and Returnee Bugle Boy hasn’t used up his stock of jokes… he calls in Coo Chi Coo and reminds him that he said that he doesn’t travel much these days… ”Well, how about that time I saw you in Chicago? You were in a pharmacist’s buying condoms. The assistant asked did you want a bag, and you said “She’s not that ugly…”


More Guest AOB and this time it’s a complaint about Cherry Picker failing to break a T-check… ”He’s the meanest…and he ought to be banned for 3 runs”


AOB from Circle Jerk who called in Sooch and Running Sh*t. Sooch was somewhat in shock at being called in twice for one circle, having avoided the last 50, but had to hear RS being questioned on the interchange with PML during the run. PML was allegedly overheard to say “I am very happy to have you coming behind me!” Which had CJ in orgiastic paroxysms of speculation as to what might be the powers beyond with which RS was endowed.


Trolley Dolly believes there was a miscarriage of justice in the award of POTW, which is black. There is one present whose accessories are also black to match… so he deserves the Pr*ck. Butt Wiper is suffering the side effects of a certain masculine operation whose side effects are less than attractive… ”Why was he born so beautiful…” Don’t worry BW, it goes away after a year or so (Scribe).


Handbag, fastidious as ever, had noted the date on the Newsletter was 26th not 25th and suggested to kick out the GM as having overall responsibility. “He’s the meanest…” Actually he should be agitating for the On Sec to be kicked out, and I hope he’s willing to take over the job.


Last AOB was a public service announcement from Butt Wiper that the Sunday Hash will be staging their 25th Anniversary Run on 30th March 2019. There will be a 25km Ball-Breaker. This will be Run No 666. Those interested in devilry will know that this is the number of the beast due to appear at the Apocalypse. In days gone by this number was regarded as a “no-no” and in the UK you were forbidden a car with that plate number. However this is SG and numerology is basically Chinese so no worries and hopefully no Apocalypse (Scribe).


On-on was declared a little after 9.00pm and 3 tables’ worth of hashers enjoyed the selection.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1923

Run 1923 Circle Report

Friday 25th Jan 2019

Run Site: Pepys Rd Car Park C

Hare: Puck Smuggler

On-on: 99 Buona Vista Kitchen


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 52 of which 41 Members (20 F, 21 M)

Virgins: ?

Guests & Returnees:                11 (4F, 7M)

Next Week’s Hares: Stash, Bibrator & ?

Run Site: End of Tagore Road

On-On: Happy Kampong Seafood


Circle Scribe: Airborne, Photos: Bibrator & stock

Where’s the hare? GM Puck Smuggler is well organised and back in time from trail laying, but in no rush to kick off the run. So he’s harried by the Hash House Hasslers and after a brief briefing and more hassle from the Grand Mattress, the run goes on-on at about 6.07pm.


The same laid-back approach is followed at Circle time and so it’s about 8.15 when all the terribly serious conversations (and equally serious smokers) can be corralled into shape to give us their views on the burning question… WDWTOTR?? Not enough hills, too much chalk & not enough paper, in other words the usual grumbles and nothing to seriously detract from the award of a GOOD

RUN (even with the GM in a perfect position to tilt the scales!). The on-on’s at 99 Buona Vist Kitchen at $12 with 2 free bottles of beer and that clinches it. So…”Here’s to the Hare, he’s true blue…”


Looking for Virgins – sorry folks, not tonight; but Guests we have a plenty… Guest Girls: Free Rasdof, Joylene, Kark, Guest Men: Bang Cook, C Dickin, Dead Fish,Lady Boy, Owen, Sperm off Ice, Thomas. With extra drinking time, the Circle’s in a mood for hilarity and the visitors are asked “Why don’t you come more often?” Nudge nudge wink wink. We had two Executive Returnees in the form of Bugle Boy (making a side trip from China) and Shipyard Flasher both ex-GMs, and richly deserving the serenade “They’re the meanest…”


So do we have a run next week? Yes, we do, and Stash assisted by one mystery hare is going to steer Bibrator round a trail starting at Tagore Road by the Happy Kampong Seafood, resto which is also the on-on. It’s marked on Google Maps so even Bimbos should find it.


On with the Hare Whip, and the GM’s one-man-band is playing for Stash, GM wants to know why he was keeping a low profile whilst Thursday’s Mis-Management Committee Meeting was in progress chez Stash, looking for new committee members…”Where will you be in April?”…”On a Caribbean Cruise” “How long” “Until I think it’s safe to return!!” “He’s the meanest..”


Now it’s the turn of Puck Me Lately and GM wants to know if we should change the Constitution to remove Effme Shoes as GMs seems to have lost them this evening….” B-I-M-B-O…”


Finally from the Hare, it’s No Good in the spotlight, she’s been seen showering al fresco in the car park despite being less than 100m from home sweet home at The Peak.. “Here’s to the lazy one, she’s true blue…”


Well Puck Me Lately, do we have a Mystery Whip? Enter Ayam Zinking, still full of energy and dancing around in anticipation as he calls back the GMs and Rooning Sh*t. He noted on the run that the pair disappeared behind a building and emerged some time later looking very pleased with themselves. Aha! Not sure if AZ should be counter-charged with voyeurism on the Hash… ”Why were they born so beautiful…”


Next up is Lady Boy… ”He pi$$ed me off… short cutting.” Well AZ, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em… ”They’re the meanest…” The British are next in the stocks, pilloried for the current indecision over Brexit, Trolley Dolly is joined by Circle Jerk, In & Out, Running Sh*t and other prominent Britons whilst an embarrassed Circle Scribe kept his head down behind his clipboard. AZ’s solution is for the Brits to learn German. However, the assertive tones of “Austrian Hymn” are howled down by “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves…”