Chastity Belt calls back in Tiger Lily. Being Japanese, she wanted to be prepared for the Japanese etiquette – females wear the shirts, and older males occasionally go without. And so on in CCC. But the real Japanese jogger wears a safety vest, with flashing lights and a Hello Kitty outfit. Here’s to the Hello Kitties, they’re true blue….

GM Pr#ck Me announces a new, nameless member – Joon. Get a life! He just keeps coming back – it’s verging on the ridiculous? And as the hash name suggestions are thrown fwd, the little one exerts some assertiveness – is Pucks Me Lately really Singaporean? But PML reminds us of Joon’s virgin run. Up with the FRB’s, breaking all the checks, calling on on, trip, head. He even tapped me on the shoulder and said – don’t follow Tiger Lily. So he really is a Fake Virgin. And so it came to pass, and Joon is on his knees, on Pr#ck Me’s thongs, and by the powers infested in her, he will for now and herein ever after be known as;  Fake Virgin. Here’s to FV he’s true blue….

MMW? – It’s Roo Rooter, defying the groans and charging Voting B#tch. He’s been in Aus for a bit, but before he left, was reminded of VB’s busy schedule whilst he would be away – brunch, hash, lunch – all without me – f fantastic. And whilst hanging out with some old friends in Aus at 9pm on a Saturday, RR callsVB. I just woke up, it’s 7pm, don’t think I’ll make the Kampong hash! B.I.M.B.O….. Y’day, on his Roo Rooter travels around the world,RR was hanging out (that’s illegal in Singapore, mate), in the SQ First Class lounge. He received an SMS which interrupted his drinking. Now in the RR world of high flying IT, an SMS usually means a major f catastrophe – some system wide crash, that no one knows how to fix?  But it was just Chastity Belt – pls be awesome and volunteer as a whip (the awesome bit was a cut and paste from a previous failed attempt to entice Awesome Foursome). Then he gets a bit threatening – I keep track you know – it’s only two whips a year for those who volunteer. Wanting to get back to his drinking, RR says ok. And what thanks does he get – nada, zip, nothing – Cheers and f you too. He ought to be publicly….

PoTW? – the cobra is lost in Gombak

AoB? It’s the emboldened Pucks Me Lately – so, there was this Germans – no, not you Cherry Picker. And I saw something quite disturbing on the run tonight. Ayam Zinking was running, then stopped, looked up, and then started shaking a tree, laughing, uncontrollably. And a rooster fell out of the tree, and the German laughed some more. No sense of humour? One German drinks, all Germans drink – here’s to the cock shakers, they’re true blue…..

Pr#ck Me calls inAfter Hours and Windy Bar who are finally leaving us and tonight is their last night, and so, without hesitation, they get the dreaded song – f off….. And Tiger Lily has a gift from the Samurai hash – but if you drink this in public in Korea, you’re gonna get lots of hate speech!

Voting B#tch has four more sign ups for the Quad run on 24th Aug – get in whilst it’s still just $30

Chastity Belt feeling somewhat chastened by Roo Rooters charge, calls in the big kangaroo. I even wore his shirt and I still get sh#t? D.D.D.D….

Goody Bag (welcome back!) calls in 11. Circle Jerk is away, so did he make you wear the Chastity Belt? He ought to be……

Cherry Picker over hears Fake Virgin – anyway, what is she wearing? Is it a butt lifter? One butt drinks, all butts drink. Here’s to the Butt Wipers, they’re true blue….

And so, with the heavens about to open, it’s on on on at 8:39pm. Well done GM’s, fabulous solo haring by Tiger Lily, and farewell and all the very best to our friends - Windy Bar and After Hours

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1944
Run 1944 pictures

Run 1944 Circle Report

Friday 21st June 2019

Run Site: Bukit Gombak Stadium

Hares: Tiger Lily

On-on: Mankee place across the road


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 49 of which 44 Members (22F, 22M)

Virgins: Debbie (and a Fake Virgin)

Guests: Tiger Lily, Debbie, Joon, Peter Saltpepper and Sir Long and Thin


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers

Photos: Count Dracula

It’s just on 8pm, and our GM’s immediately bring in Tiger Lily to get the circle started. WDWTOTRun? Too short, too many hills, hash sh#t and not enough cobra’s. But given it was a very impressive solo effort by our very own guest Tiger Lily, and with the FRB’s completing 10.9km by 7:22pm, it’s declared a resounding good run. Here’s to Cobra Lily, she’s true blue…. On On? It’s at the Mankee place, 3mins away, $12 and byo. And it’s still a good run!

Next week run? Now it really is Smells Me, assisted by 8:24 and Spreads Easily. The fav Dempsey run site behind St. Georges Church, with a Sammy’s curry for on on

Meanwhile, Tiger Lily decides for a belated head count for tonight’s on on – not for the curry. But can she count past 23? Just as well, as it ended up being 4 tables of very hungry hashers

Do we have any virgins asks Pr#ck Me? Yes, Debbie from Aus, who was invited by our Kiwi GM. Will you come again? No! But still, she’s alright, she’s alright……..

Visitors? On in Sir Long and Thin – we’ll do him later - as a Returnee (that’s what his wife says). And also on in is: Tiger Lily, Debbie, Joon and Peter – old Saltpepper. He’s a LCH3 hasher from the ‘70’s – recruit your son for a replacement. Here’s to the old fart, he’s true blue…..

Hare Whip? It’s gotta be Tiger. Last week I did a race – now let me get this in the right chronological order – it was a run/swim/run. But I nearly drowned, it was very windy and choppy, with tsunami waves. But it was allWindy (Bar’s) fault, so let’s get in After Hours and a look alike for WindyCoo Chi Coo – why were they born so….. What sort of day was it today asks TL? Yes, it’s the longest day of the year – the Solstice. But CCC pipes up, actually in Aus, it’s the shortest day of the year! TL ignores the short jokes, and explains how she left chalk in the circle checks. And Strapless and Rooning Sh#t were overheard after breaking the chalk – RS – I got the long one? What sort of competition is that? Here’s to the short ones, they’re true blue….. And on in Cherry Picker (he has that look of resignation/guilt). TL – y’day I got a message, what are you doing on Nov 13? Is it a secret date? And the msg continues – are you interested in the SG half marathon on my behalf – I’m hoping to get a good time? But it turns out the real reason is that Cherry Picker won a ticket to U2. On in all the U2 bstds – they’re the meanest…… And that’s enough about U2 says our GM – we have a LCH3 DnD, so put 30th Nov in your diaries

Mystery Whip? Yes, it’s Wankie Pooh, calling in Mother Mary for making her feel so old. It was only 25yrs ago when I saw you pushing your son in a stroller?  (And now it’s Chastity Belt?) Why was she born so….  Next it’s all the Singaporean gals – is there really that many? Today is the first day of the Great Singapore Sale, and your all here? They ought to be….. Now, back to Strapless being a bit short. Try SLT. Have you seen him in the shower asks In n Out? And he arrived in SG just in time for the GSS – B.I.M.B.O….