Bibrator – wah, what now? Well, now, it’s time, for, the, Mystery, Whip??? And the Hash Brew it is, telling us about his 3 day old underwear, and how he arrived late huffing and puffing, but managed to catch up to Smells Me and Chicken Sh#t, who both turned around and said, oh, it’s just Circle Jerk – disappointment no. 1. And his second let down was when he tried to catch up with Pucks Me Lately, and she took off across the road to join Cherry Picker and Stash, who were like boys at Uni, and suddenly full of running. And that somehow led to a comment about PML’s eggs, but the now second youngest hasher (welcome Tina Tuna) responded that she has plenty of eggs in the bank! They’re the meanest….. And then CJ doubts himself – there’s something wrong with me? As I was running with Posh Pussy, and they were talking about her day – making money selling handbags. I can sell to anyone, but the bag has to be the right size. And Cherry Picker says, what if a man comes in? But Posh Pussy is adamant – no, I would never sell one to Circle Jerk – disappointment no. 3. D.D.D.D……


PoTW – anyone? Chilli Balls pull it out from under the kilt and calls in Poser – WTF? What is our hash logo she asks? Lion? No. Foot Prints? Yes. It’s apparently a logo for conservation? But as Poser was recently moving house, she amassed over 600 boxes, which took a house, a penthouse and a warehouse to accommodate. Here’s to the big foot, she ought to be publicly…..


Chastity Belt, perhaps sensing his co-GM was on the verge of losing the plot, calls for the MMW??? It’s Durian Dog – this could take a while. On in Dead Fish – is he deaf or dead? Now, somewhere in the beginning of the run, there was a drain, and DF declares – I’m just gonna do my own run and the Durian Dog analogy was – that’s just like – I want to have sex, but think I didn’t come? He’s alright…… Durian Dog – today was one of the best runs – certain parts were dry, the next part was wet. On in Posh Pussy, who was innocently running through the bushes, while Durian Dog was dreaming of In n Out (not the hasher). It was such a nice dream, he didn’t want to wake up, so he kept running in his dream. And he heard Posh Pussy say  - I go on top lah! And he still refused to wake up. But then there was this irritating voice – trip, trip! It was Fawlty Bush, who was trying to bring him down from cloud 9. But then Durian Dog caught a vision of Posh Pussy’s bottle down the butt crack look, and he was deep in sleep. Until they came to the long/short split, and DD says, I’m not short, and PP says, let’s go long. And the threesome continued running, until DD falls down, and the gals pick him up. And the dreaming FRB is now dreaming he has been made to bark like a dog by our Harriet’s. And whilst trying not to wake up, but admitting all dreams must come to some kind of end - as dreams are just unsatisfied desires. But coming back to reality and into the run site,DD had to summon the courage to ask the gals, did you really want me to bark like a dog, or was that just a part of the dream? Here’s to the sexy puppies, they’re true blue….


AOB? The 4skin guy had overheard our young hare Tina Tuna had new shoes especially for this run? On in TT with her bright white shoes – here’s to new shoes……


Handbag overheard Smells Me and Pucks Me Lately talking whilst getting dressed for the run, saying they apparently had to be over 25 to qualify for this run? And PML claims she may almost qualify.


PML stays in – some hashers are gaining weight as we approach Christmas. And many were really struggling on the run tonight – Stash was just tripping, but the 4skin guy was tripping over himself, and then the worst thing happened to Cherry Picker. The Tiny Hare had set up the hashers with the trail going over a log, and CP was the last of the trio to cross, and duly broke the log and fell down – Who ate all the pies……


Chastity Belt calls in Handbag. Seems he was putting the cat out whilst Tina Tuna was waiting in the taxi outside, but as he turned to go back in, the cat ran through his legs back inside. So Handbag had to go back in and find the cat. Meanwhile, Tina Tuna is trying to explain the delay to the taxi Uncle, and says, it’s ok, he is just checking on my mother in law. Handbag finally gets to the taxi and then loudly explains to Tina Tuna – I had to  get down under the bed and drag the old girl out by the scruff of her neck and throw her out in the backyard! They’re alright………


Handbag forgot to mention there will be 2 towers of beer at the on on. And the GM volunteers that will be 2 towers per table. And that was enough to disburse the circle and on on on. Thanks to our GM’s (especially stand in Bibrator) and our hares for a great run in the Far East, and an excellent on on.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1968
Tiny's Handbag

Circle Report

Friday 6 Dec 2019

Run #1968 – the Tiny Handbag run

Run Site: Pasir Ris Park, Car Park A

Hares: Tiny Tuna and Handbag

On-on: Ohana restaurant


Total Run/Circle Attendance: 35 of which 29 Members (15F, 14M)

Virgins: Yes – Bob’s claiming, Bibrator yet to check.

Guests & Returnees:  Dead Fish, Bob, Samson Letoi, Suction Cup, Geordie la 4skin and Dirty Groper


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Fawlty Bush

Welcome to our stand in GM – Bibrator, and a round of applause for next year’s GM. And Bibrator is not shy telling our GM where he can put that! Ok, let’s get our hares in – Tiny Tuna and Handbag – so, who set what part, and who got wet? But it’s up to the circle now – WDWTOTRun? Too flat, a learning experience for some, draining for others, unexpected shiggy, and where the hell is Pasir Ris anyway? But it’s definitely a good run, so here’s to the hares, they’re true blue…….


Bibrator is on the ball – hang on, where’s your on on b4 you depart the circle? It’s just over there – virgin on on territory at Obana restaurant. About $15 – just pay Handbag and trust he won’t abscond.


Next week’s run? It’s the GM’s run with his co-hare Wankie Pooh, on Friday the 13th – what could go wrong? Get yourself to Clementi Stadium – same same as last year, but bound to be a good run with a seafood on on.


Visitors in, virgins also can, returnees also can. Chastity Belt tries to find out how Geordie la 4skin got his name – apparently something to do with Google glasses? Here’s to all of them, they’re true blue….


GM – what’s with the pink flamingo beer cups? On in hash brew Circle Jerk, for forgetting the regular cups, then raiding the corporate pantry for their Christmas cups. B.I.M.B.O…..


GM has a PSAhares now seriously needed for Jan 10 and 17 – step up and let Voting B#tch know, and you’ll be a LCH3 champion for 2020.


So, what’s next ask the GM’s? Saliva has some advice for Bibrator – but she’s on to it already – on in the Hare whip. And Handbag reminisces about the run no., and its relation to 1968, when the Beatles were into Hari Krishna? But it’s traditional to get in your co-hare, so on in Tiny Tuna. But she interjects and says, that’s not what we discussed at the kitchen table? But Handbag relents, and since this was her first haring effort, she did a cracking job, especially in the jungle. Seems the Tiny one experienced all kinds of emotions, from pure fear to elation at finally coming out the other side. Here’s to character building, she’s alright….. Now, let’s get our GM in, whilst Tiny Tuna hands our Christmas Carol song sheets. And to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer – let’s sing “our GM’s a hapless hasher……..” D.D.D.D……









Run 1968 pictures