Trump of the Week was not present but a poorly Prick of the Week made a return by proxy. Astronut, had wrenched it from Poser’s grip to right an etymological wrong. Where are we? Not Pesspi, nor Pepsi, nor Peppies Road, We were in Pepys (pronounced Peeps) Road, named after the great diarist and lesser philanderer who recorded the Great Fire of London in 1666. On in No Good for not knowing where she has lived for 20 years.


Then an unknown, but strangely familiar, figure entered the circle, military fatigues, dark glasses and that certain swagger that speaks of uncontested power and incompetence. He loved the smell of Hares in the Morning. Agh, it’s8:24 advertising the Hashywood D&D on the 10th of November, Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. Tickets on sale now for Early birds. Good one.


Thence a management lesson from our own GM in the guise of the Mystery2 Whip. Our GMs had run into the bureaucracy that is NParks. So she undertook the path of email and Whatsapp to satisfy the unfathomable mind that passes for NParks. As the will to live was leaving her, her co-GM suggested an old fashioned technique, little used today, the phone call. It worked, “yes, “yes of course”, “naturally”, “no”, “no of course not”. And it was all over, everyone happy. Thanks for the lesson and here is your beer.


AOBand summoned next CCC for taking a light stroll when with those who know him and striding out like an athlete past the nubile of NUS. Your beer, ol’ chap.



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Run 1904

Circle Report – Run 1904

14th Sept, 2018

Run Site: Pepys Rd Car Parks C&D

Hares: Puck Me Lately, Pay to Cum

On-on: Alexandra Village


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 28 of which 23 Members (11 F, 12 M)

Virgins:                                   yes, two Englishmen

Guests & Returnees:                3 ( 3 M)

Milestones: Not tonight

Next Week’s Hares: Bibrator & Astronut

Run Site: Lorong Sesuai

On-On: Red Lantern


Circle Scribe: Corny Linguist Photos: Count Dracula

‘Twas a balmy night in Singapore on the eve of the F1 and the 80th anniversary of hashing. And uncharacteristically small pack of 28 had completed the Puck and Pay run. Was it good, over marked, suffered from too many tee checks or a great example of reverse plagiarism? Yes, all of the above but to Puck me Lately and Pay2Come, a GOOD RUN.


Virgins numbered two, both from UK. Welcome Matt and Will.

Visitors also numbered two, Miles from Singapore and Telecum, again. Returnee, Crock of Shit, taking advantage of a typhoon cancelling a trip to Hong Kong.


Pay 2 Come, in another world seems to go by another name, shared by virgin Matt, who is younger, more handsome and not coming back, thus was worthy of a down down. Pay2Come’s other world also intruded when he sought sympathy for being late due to overwork. Bibrator remained unmoved and was rewarded with a down down.


Puck me Lately clearly underworked and seeking additional employment brought Blur Like Sotong into the circle to remonstrate with him for highjacking the ON on ON to unknown spot in Alexandra Hawker Centre.


Mystery Whip was more of a family feud between No Good who had used an arm semaphore to ask the advice of her beloved about the availability of parking places at the run site, only to be waved at in a way that was interpreted to mean that it was full and she should walk up from the lower levels. But there were spaces andCooChiCoo’s inability to communicate with hand signals over a long distance were worthy of a down down. Or was he ‘saving’ his beloved from the handsome visitors? We may never know.


Another beer for our GMs for disappointing her fans of femme fatale footware. No flip flops when we could have F...MeFootware.

Run 1904 pictures