And Chastity Belt is reminded of Strapless, claiming to merely be adding some chalk arrows on the run tonight through a sparse patch, but in fact he was setting his own short cutting run home – he’s alright, he’s alright……

CB has a PSA – save the 9th of Nov for our big party night. It’s not a DnD, it’s a D,DnD – dinner, dance and drinking. Standby for more information

MMW? And in he comes, swinging it – the Handbag that is. Can we have both GM’s in. One is kind and considerate, and one is a filthy bstd! As I was getting ready tonight, both GM’s simultaneously pulled out their mossie repellant. The inconsiderate one stood just upwind, and the considerate one politely positioned herself down wind. He ought to be publicly…… And as Handbag got back in from the run and was getting himself ready for the circle, Chastity Belt says, HB, can you be MMW tonight? Btw, are you a member? Only for the last 15yrs! Here’s to the mammory loss, he’s true blue… And next – who is responsible for our newsletter? On in Count Dracula and Fawlty Towers. Seems they now have Handbag doing 2 runs in succession (and with a charge like that it could soon be 3). Here’s to the fake news ones, they’re true blue…..

Chastity Belt calls back Handbag. Seems last week, after the on on, HB was so pissed, he got in a taxi, but the taxi was stopped at a police checkpoint, but HB had a bit of luck and managed to get through. Telling his story to Tina Tuna the next morning, and Tina asks, so why was it lucky you got through the check point – you got a taxi right? Yes says HB, but I’ve never driven a taxi b4!

PoTW? He’s with PML and doesn’t want to come back.

AoB? Coo Chi Coo claims whilst he was running tonight – b/s, b/s….. And I ran past a runner, then he ran past me, and this continued more than 4 times. And so CCC looked more closely, but all he could see were hashers legs, and a head somewhere in the clouds, where the oxygen was thin, and so virgin Alex kept slowing down. Let’s give thin air a note – he ought to be publicly….

It’s 8:22pm so close enough for 8:24, who immediately brings in Handbag. Seems whilst 8:24 had to duck under the bridge, Handbag ran right, sticking to the trail, whilst 8:24 missed the T check, and ran to the moon and back. One small step for Handbag, one giant f up for 8:24. Here’s to the hares, f the hares……

Chastity Belt – the circle almost didn’t happen tonight. Apparently there was an incident on the run tonight, and the Police approached Pr#ck Me. “We have grave concerns for this man,” and showed her a picture of Airborne. “That’s ok,” she said, “he normally looks like that.”

Wonton is in with a mammory loss charge for Strapless. Today I got a watsapp – Strapless to Wonton – have you registered for the Kampong 20th anniversary run? Yes, I gave you $100 last Friday. Strapless, oh, I forgot and the money has disappeared. Wonton – you think I gave you $100 for nothing. D.D.D.D…. And Strapless reminds us to remind him if we’ve paid for the Kampong run or not.

Pokai has a ‘strap on’ charge so to speak. There was a discussion amongst Dead Fish and Cherry Picker. I’m telling you, I paid StraplessPokai, well you’d better email Chicken Sh#t. And when Strapless came home, he says to Chicken Sh#t, 2 people paid me, not sure who, can you pls take note! And then Voting B#tch paid her $50, but she’s a member so thanks for the $20 tip. Here’s to the Kampong clueless, they’re true blue.

And with pizza on the way, and loads of beer, it’s on on on at 8:30pm. Well done GM’s and hares, an excellent run and circle again.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1953
Prick Me's farewell run
Run 1953 pictures

Circle Report

Friday 23rd  August 2019

Run #1953 – Prick Me’s farewell run

Kallang Riverside Park

Hares: Pr#ck Me and Airborne

On-on: On site Pizza


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 38 of which 34 Members (18F, 16M)

Virgins:                                   Yes – Alex

Guests/Returnee:          Dirty Groper, DA and Sockher Mum


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers

Photos: Count Dracula

It’s 7:52 on a Friday night, and welcome to the Kallang Basin. It’s the Coronation run, with the Grand Mistress wearing her finest CFM’s. One hare in, all hares in, and Airborne reluctantly joins for the verdict.WDWTOTRun??? Where was the long/short split? Who knows, no one saw it. Very scenic. Breezy. Nice stapling of paper to the trees. Great drinks stop – that’s more than enough for a Good Run. Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….

And thanks to our EGM, Voting B#tch has been demoted from new GM to hash brew.

On on? It’s pizza on site, and loads of Cross Roads beers.

Next week’s run? Back to Bukit Merah for the first truly NParks approved run of the year. It’s at the open air carpark – remember your coupons. On on is at KEK Seafood – a Michelin star restaurant???

Virgins? Yes on in Alex from the UK. He mightn’t have been old enough to have voted for Brexit, but he’ll come again so, he’s alright, he alright, he got a tiny weenie…….

Guests and ReturneesDirty Groper, DA and Sockher Mum – here’s to them, they’re true blue….

Hare Whip? Airborne is up for duty. Out on the run today, laying the trial, sweating in the blazing sun, he gets a text – will you be MMW? On in Chastity Belt – B.I.M.B.O….. Next up is his co-hare – Her Majesty. Has Pr#ck Me been dethroned tonight – not till next week say Voting B#tch. And Airborne regales us with P Me’s LCH3 history. She has been with us 2.5yrs, and made a grand entrance in 2017 by stirring up a hornets nest, which became the origin of her hash name. Then she volunteered for the Committee, stepped up to be GM, and has now been dethroned and is heading back to Kiwi land. But save that awful song for next week. And Airborne reminds us, that the female of our species is more deadlier than the male. And so it is with Pr#ck Me out laying the run today. When we could have taken the easy route, P Me led Airborne on – this way, no there’s not enough thorns here, over here, watch the trip, let’s make it hard? Here’s to the female of our species….. Next it’s on in Awesomefoursome. Is this a hash? Do we have shiggy? How about drains? But it seems AS4S made every possible detour to avoid entering the drain – here’s to the clean gang, they’re true blue… And P Me can’t decide if she’s really a hasher or a sailor. Is she a sailor that does hashing, or a hasher that does …… So on in all the sailors who also can’t decide. But they can all for sure drink it down, down, down, down…..

Voting B#tch asks, and do we have a Mystery Whip? And after a long pause, Chastity Belt says, yes, it’s you. B.I.M.B.O…. Strapless in on the phone, doing a $1M deal, but he is dragged in anyway. Tonight at the EGM, Strapless asks – can I borrow $10 so I can buy a drink on the run tonight, but remind me to pay you back. Here’s to the cheapo……. Now it’s the long and short of it. At 5’ 8”, VB just managed to get under the bridge tonight, so how did the giraffe family of Diet Coke Head and virgin Alex manage it. So let’s punish the hares for endangering us all – here’s to the hares, they’re true blue…