It seems the King of Saudi has relented, and will now allow women to drive. But the Grand Imam says how can women drive after shopping, when their brain shrinks to ¼ the size? So if that holds true, what happens to In n Out’s brain when he sees a hot babe, and all the blood flows to his nether regions? But according to 8:24, it’s the camel toes that do it in Saudi. Seeking a hash medical diagnosis for Theresa May’s coughing, In n Out asks could it be because she was spotted very close to Emmanuel Macron, and perhaps had a frog in her throat? Struggling to organise his iphone notes for the next charge, In n Out acknowledges it’s getting harder to get it up. But whilst on a hashing holiday in Portugal, In n Out was on the veranda, recovering from a run, reading a hash magazine - year 2000 anniversary edition. Calling in Rooning S*, Strapless, Astronut (lookalike - No Rection) and Coo Chi Coo, he explains the article was about political correctness, and inappropriate references to short ass, midget, runt…. Now if the average bloke is 5’ 8”, then +/- 8% covers pretty much everyone else. But the differential between an A and D cup is 487%, so join me in searching for the over-sized ones. And which of the 4 hashers was the author? Of course it was Coo Chi Coo – here’s to breast man, he’s true blue….


ToTW? Seems CCC has forgotten the shirt – so who’s the moron? Blaming his first lady, VB defends No Good Melania, and leads the circle in a rendition of – he’s the meanest…


PoTW – still MIA seeking the 69 virgins. But VB is charged by PS. Claiming she hadn’t quite reached her 10,000 step goal, despite having done a hash? Was it because she turned around at the first drain? Determined to reach her goal, VB walks around the circle – 9,997, 9,998, 9,999 drink it down, down, down, down


And now it’s time for the Mystery, Mystery Whip? Step up first timer Puk Me Lately. She’s a quick

learner, and immediately calls in Puk Smuggler. When PML was done showering,PS was complaining she had used up all the water, and btw, you’re the MMW. Seems PS first choice was a no show so PML was the back up plan. And how long have I been your back up plan? He’s the meanest…. On the run tonight, PML found herself off trail, running and chatting to Ditch, who had said something really disturbing. Asked how long in Singapore, Ditch responded he has been here for many years, but has left twice – both times when Sweet Thighs was pregnant. Protesting he’s never leaving again, he is also declared the meanest, he sucks…

Like all the gals, PML was searching for the extra special virgin, but it seems Beer Bitch has beaten her to it. So a look-alike was called for, and Ayam Zinking is called in. Apparently abs man arrived late, then went for a wee, so was last out, got lost, and came back early on GPS. After some abs comparisons, the circle think Ayam Zinking deserves another beer to the tune of B.I.M.B.O….


Calling in fellow Monday hasher Rooning S* (one s* family member drinks, all..), Puk Smuggler asks has RS attempted to join the Puk family? RS was spotted by authorities at Colombo airport, having trouble walking. After closer examination, he was found to have 904 grams of gold chain where the sun don’t shine. Welcome to the family son, here’s to the smuggler he’s true blue…


AOB?In n Out is in again, telling us of the sign on their Spanish hotel room – “no moleste”, and Suzee Wong thought she was in for a night off! Here’s to the molester he’s true blue…


Hand Bag has recovered and comes in dressed in prior year S* family regalia – S*snoozing hat, S* tshirt, S* shorts and S* flip flops. Let’s give the S* haberdash family a note…..


Stash reminds us of the well prepared – setting out on the run is raincoats, umbrellas, head torches, etc. Coming back well after dark, Stash stumbles through the field, in the dark, past Dolly Trolley, who had his head torch strapped on, but turned off? What’s the use? Here’s to the battery saver he’s true blue…..


Declaring she is not a virgin (and so say all of us), Juicy Pussy calls in Rooning S* and tells us of three firsts – first time at this site, first time ‘running’ with Handbag, and first time she has seen Jakarta style shredded paper on a SG run. Here’s to the virgin hares – 3,2,1….


No Good explains how some come to run, some to walk, and some for a photo session. Bringing

in the colour co-ordinated Harriets, here’s to the tai tai’s they’re true blue.


And with Mr. Hoe declaring the bbq open at 8:54pm, it was on, on, on for all

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1854
The S* family run

Circle Report- Run 1854

Date: Friday 6th Oct 2017

Run Site: Bulim Street

On-on: On site – Mr. Hoe

Hares: Chicken S* & Running S*


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   40, of which 33 Members ( F 17 & M 16)

Virgins:                                   Quasi virgin – Jess and

Extra special virgin -                 Ben

Visitors & Returnees:               7 (4F, 3 M)

New Member:                          Dolly Trolley is back,

Puck Me Lately on expenses

Milestones                              Same Same

Next Week’s Hares: Voting B* & Roo Rooter – Triskaidekaphobia run

Run Site: Car park cnr Holland rd. and North Buona Vista rd.

On-On: Hansa Thai, Blk 115B Commonwealth Drive


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Goody Bag

At 8:05, Voting B* gave up onPuk Smuggler and called the other drowned rats together. What did we think of the run? Non existent, too much water proof paper, not enough drains, but despite the elements, the pack know a GOOD RUN, so here’s to the hares, they’re true blue, they are… looking remarkably like a shot from The African Queen (Ed).


And standing out from the crowd in her non hash but white hot top, Puk Me Lately is called in by VB. Amidst cries of off, off, off, our opportune Haberdash comes in with a wardrobe of options. But PML retains here dignity to the tune of, she’s alright…..


Next weeks hares? Stay in VB – It’s the Friday the 13th Triskaidekaphobia run - HV car park, then Thai, then Wala Wala – should be a great night!


Virgins? Yes we have a quasi virgin – Jess, who was previously a Horror – here’s to the quasi, she’s true blue… And now the gals are getting excited as the extra special virgin – Ben, is brought in by Beer Bitch leading the chant of off, off, off. And abs man titalates the harriets but according to the song, he’s got a teenie, weenie…(the sum total of a man’s assets is the same – Ed)


Stay in Beer Bitch as the guests are called, adding Cunning Linguist, Fawlty Bush, Herr Linguist, Theo … Here’s to the guests they’re true blue…


On in the hares – Running S*, Chicken S* and guest S* family member - No Rection. As the pack belted out “Sh#tty Trail”, the hares apparently don’t give a s*. Whilst the hares confer, VB gets in the announcements – 35th Anniversary run, DnD, n all day Sunday at VB’s place, for the bargain basement price of $80. Pay up online n make it easy for everyone, (especially Hash Cash – Ed)


Rooning S* whips VB – Since when does a GM start the circle without her fellow GM or the hare? She ought to be publically……. And tell us about the S* family on-on? Mr. Hoe’s bbq pork ribs, chicken and all the extras plus apple pie n ice cream for just $12, plus ice cold tiger cans – well done hares!


And getting her own back, VBgets in PS, for f’ing around after the run, drinking beers and chatting (normal hash behavior?) instead of showering and getting ready for the circle – B.I.M.B.O……

A quickie b4 the MW – on in 8:24 at the appropriate time for simulated sex in the circle.


And now it really is time for the Mystery Whip? In n Out steps up with a call for Juicy Pussy n Hand Bag, who had previously gone off trail, coming in in the dark at 7:55pm. Juicy Pussy was her usual fit and perky self, but after some rounds of in n out and in n out in the jungle, Hand Bag was looking completely shagged out. Here’s to the reciprocators, they’re true blue….