Time...for...the...Mystery Whip, this week it's Cherry Picker and his first pick is PML. Being teutonic and cool by nature, he wanted to recount a conversation started by PML.

- Hallo, how are you?

- Fine thank you...you're on you're own this week?

- Yes, my boyfriend is travelling. BTW how old are you?

- How old do you think I am? I was born in the year of the Dog.

- Really? Let me guess...say 48 years ago?

- That's 1958... Which earns PML a D-D & " B-I-M-B-O... Then she's thinking hard...

-      Wait a minute, when did this conversation take place?

-       Last week...

-      Last week I was in Wimbledon... so that was bulls#t... now who's the bimbo?

-       He's the meanest


Changing the subject quickly, GMs calls in All the Singaporeans, for this National Day Celebration. There's rather a lot of them, even with some notables (Strapless & Chicken S#t) missing. SC's all recite the National Pledge, more or less in unison even though a few had a struggle to remember all of it. "Here's to Singaporeans, they're true blue..."


Before we can get to TOTW,Pays to Cum announces that PML is a year older than she was when being chatted up by Cherry Picker, has had a birthday which is duly celebrated with a "Hashy Birthday eff you..." and a cake thoughtfully brought in by Voting B*


Guest Mystery2 whip is Cereal Killer, who recounts the details of the archery encounter which might have been a lot more dangerous than even sending Tight Lips to hospital. He has a charge for over-competitive FRBs who don't care if there's trail marking or not, they run on anyway... who's this? Our very own GM along with guests. "Here's to the oblivious, they're true blind..."


Circle expresses concern at the whereabouts of POTWbut is informed that CCC is taking good care of it.


AOB time and Prick Me has the first of tonight's overheard quotable quotes... calling in Awesome 4some, Wonton, Cumpuss, Mother Mary & Pokai, she instructs Dead Fish to repeat what he said earlier... "I like those girls in shorts & short dresses - they look like boys..." "here's to pederasts, they're true blue..."


Second overheard remark is quoted from Juicy Pussy by PS "I like smelly balls..!" Well actually she was talking about the famous Singapore delicacy, fish balls. "She's all right..."


Stash wanted to berate the Run 1900 team for keeping quiet the Run site, especially Airbornewho sends out a message every week for hares to give good notice. He screwed up a bit by calling it the 1300 run, clearly a little under the affluence of incohol, of which he was given more.


Ditch wanted to expose the reticent Singaporean - there was one who didn't appear for the group D-D. Poser was duly ex-pose-d. Mrs Ditch aka Sweet Thighs called in 2 more deviant Singaporeans for not wearing red & white - Posh Pussy & Juicy Pussy.


Around 21:00 hunger began to abbreviate AOB so after an exhortation fromGMs to remember to BYO drinking cups next week, it was on-on-on.


ECO-FRIENDLY LCHHH… Everyone must be aware now that disposable plastics are becoming public enemy No 1. GMs Puck Me Lately wants LCHHH to set an example to this over-consuming Republic. We are going to have to work on this, because things like D-Ds have developed into a habit for disposables. Also we don’t want to overwork the already challenged Hash Brew. But we have to start somewhere, and one way to do it is for members to follow the good example of Astronut, Cherry Picker and Mother Mary, joined this week by Ditch, and BYO mug or bottle warmer. No decision yet, but one suggestion is to change T-shirts for beer mugs to further encourage people.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1899
Singapore National Day run

Lion City HHH : Run 1899 Circle Report

10th August 2018 – Celebrating National Day

Run Site: Queen’s Crescent HGV Park

Hares: Durian Dog & PoKai

On-on: Stirling Seafood, 169 Stirling Rd


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   64, of which 46 Members (22 F, 24M)

Virgins:                                   1F 2M

Guests & Returnees:                 18 (5 F, 13M)

Milestones:                             Not this week

Next Week’s Hares: Puck Smuggler, Puck Me Lately & Airborne

Run Site: Gillman Barracks Car Park B

On-On: Sum Kee Food, 2 Telok Blangah St 31


Circle Scribe: Airborne - Photos: Count Dracula

It was good and dark by the time the last few runners returned by their various routes, most of them missing the tunnel under the AYE which was intended to be a short cut on home. Not altogether a bad thing, in a run that provided many challenges, including staircases to nowhere in the jungle, confusing chalk from 3 other hashes, and being shot at. So it was that GM Puck Smuggler found himself needing to accentuate the positive when it came to the overwhelming question. He didn't get much help from the Circle where the pros & cons cancelled each other out. "Hares in the Circle..." Well, Hare in the singular, the lead hare Durian Dog had found an important reason to be somewhere completely different, and PoKai was left to hear the verdict. For the record, it was : GOOD RUN. Certainly points for creativity and challenge.


For the spotless, we had3 virgins, one lass (Gina) and 2 lads (Robert & Shawn), out of 3, two liked the run and the third was a "maybe", but we found them "All Right..." and hope they will come again.


Both GM & GMs Puck Me Lately appeared visually challenged by the On Cash's handwriting, the Guest List (18 names) too long, so they resorted to "Come on in, Guests, you know who you are..." For their trouble, Guest Girls: Emily, Lily, Pink Fanny; Men: Ben, Cereal Killer, Chicken Dicken, Cunni Lick Her, I’m Not Gay, Putin Pussy, Ray, Sigi, Telecum, all got "They're the meanest...". Returnees welcomed back were Cunning Linguist, Dead Fish & Shoeless.


Hare Whiphad to excuse herself from Hash Brew duties to call in Posh Pussy, who, arriving too late for the hares' briefing, didn't get the instruction to follow only WHITE arrows but followed all colours & got lost. "Am I the only one on this trail?" B-I-M-B-O..." Next Bimbo was 8.24, complained his National Day Celebration socks didn't fit, but found he was trying to get the right sock on to his left foot. "His left ... hangs down to his right one and his right one down to his knees..."


Two of Next Week's hares were already in the circle AS GM & GMs. They called in the third, Airborne, who explained that the trail for the 1900 RUN will be the creation of the GM, the other 2 being relegated to choosing the on-on. Rumours that it will be a practice for the Monday Hash 3000th Ball Breaker were probably true (only joking). "The run site is over there", said PS pointing in the general direction of Mt Faber. For the real directions & On-On details see the front page or the www. 8.24 rushes in at this point, and wants to hammer this week's hares for exposing runners to danger. Emerging from a patch of forest into an open field, hashers found themselves at the target end of an informal archery range. Though Running S#t called "Cease Fire", Tight Lips wanted to run the gauntlet, but tripped on uneven ground, fell and dislocated her thumb. She was hospitalised whilst the rest of us were on the run. Messages of sympathy were WhatsApped to her whilst the circle sang or hummed Barwick Green, aka "The Archers" theme.



Run 1899 pictures