Run 1924 Circle Report

Friday 1 Feb 2019

Bibrator’s B’day run

Run Site: Tagore Road

Hares: Bibrator, Stash & Mystery hare

On-on: Happy, Happy Kampong


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   56 of which 43 Members (22 F, 21 M)

Virgins:                                    Francoise and Matt

Guests & Returnees:                13 (6F, 7M)


Circle Scribe: The acerbic Fawlty Towers, Photos: the Highly Esteemed Count Dracula

It’s another big crowd and another long run, so after a couple of falsies, stand in GMs Voting B#tch somehow gets a half-showered Puck Smuggler and the crowd in order – she’s really something! On in the hares – Bibrator and Stash for the verdict. Puck Smuggler tries to elicit a response, but the (momentarily) sober circle seem to have suffered brain death, or have no informed opinion at all? Well WDW really TOTrun? “Where’s the mystery hare? Not enough shiggy, not long enough…”. But our GMs likes ‘em long (what woman doesn’t?) and Puck Smuggler also (runs, I mean), and so it’s definitely a GOOD RUN for the hares. On on? Bibrator –“ It’s very far … over there at the Happy happy ending place (I thought that was a massage parlour – Ed), $12, a special dish and lots of beers. Here’s to the hares….


Virgins? Yes, we have Francoise and Matt. Now Matt had been pinging Puck Smuggler in anticipation, with loads of questions – is there a winner? (we all are), is there a loser? (only if you’re running with Cherry Picker), what if I get lost? (who cares, get a taxi home), is it like Lord of the Flies? (we certainly hope not). Here’s to the virgins…..


Now for the future members – Pink Fanny, Back Beard,Ray, Rum n Cock, Matt, DoHer Now, Thomas, Cereal Killer, Francoise and Returnees - Cunni Lickher, Wet Landing, Tiger Lily, Little Prick – They’re all right , they’re all right…


Next week’s run? On in Strapless representing the 1.4B. It’s the CNY run, BB Nature Park car park. It’s the extra auspicious year of the pig, so come and get some at the Red Lantern.


VB enquires about a Hare whip? With a shy Bibrator in hiding, it of course falls to Stash to complete the haring duties. So it’s on in co-hare Bibrator, who at the start of the laying, set out clear expectations “I carry the paper – that’s what I do for Comes Quietly!” But it turns out Bibratordid an admirable job, bashing thru the shiggy and frightening the hell out of the soon to be auspicious pigs.


And now for theMystery Hare? It’s a somewhat bewildered Cherry Picker, who had unwittingly laid half the run two weeks ago from Springleaf Ave. Drink it down, down, down, down. Now it’s Astronut’s turn for prognosticating at 7:10pm that this run would be a hash sh#t! But the FRB’s emerged from the shiggy just seconds after the technical hash sh#t deadline. Here’s to the Nostradamus, he’s true blue….


Informing us she was wearing the pls don’t eff me shoes, VB wants to acknowledge a pair of Bimbo's? WonTon for informing VB at 5:59pm she was the stand in GM, and Thomas for telling his mother that there was no need to take water as there would be drink stops on the run? B.I.M.B.O…..


And now, it’s time, for, the, Mystery Whip? It’s Cherry Picker, who spotted a breathless Bibrator, rushing to get back at 5:50pm to set the pack off in the right direction. However the real culprit of the charge is Comes Quietly who drove pastBibrator, and upon realizing his error, calculated it was too long to go do a U turn and so left her to run all the way back. He’s the meanest….. And a Bimbo charge? So we all know our exuberant Tiger Lily can’t see and can’t hear, but it was all reconfirmed as the breathless Bibrator set the pack off, and TL took off in the opposite direction!


POTW? It’s MIA – keep it if you like it.


MMW? As the imposters came and went, Puck Smuggler checks his phone – this is not looking good for our GM? Time for some impromptu improvisation. “I’ve been drinking in Vietnam, and as I was strutting down the street, expected the usual comments about my bulging muscles?”. But not getting the attention he usually attracts, our GM realizes there must be a bigger pair of biceps in town? On in Matthew McCafferty, whom PS has known for years. According to PS, 10yrs ago, young Matt would have been out chasing the girls, drinking gallons of beer, then trying to find a bed – anyone’s bed. Now Matt has matured, he’s a man defined by his hobbies, and a collector of Hard Rock pens and coins? But last week he was being a tourist, crawling thru the Viet Cong tunnels, preserving his marriage allowance of weekly Dongs (and Chicken Dicken in his best female voice calls out “we love Dong”. And VB recognizing an opportunity, calls for names? Dong Long Time or Puck Fkr are the nominations. And despite the best efforts of the GM’s, the rowdy part of the circle wanted a new member of the Puck Family, so on your sandals son, and VB does the honours, by whatever was infested in her. “Here’s to Puck Fkr, he’s true blue…”


AoB? Chkn Dicken calls in Windy Bar, Tiger Lily and Puck Smuggler. Tiger Lily is forgiven for running the wrong way, but why did the other FRB’s follow her? B.I.M.B.Os…. And next target is Coo Chi Coo – is he the new Tiger Lily? CCC was heard – “which way is the trail? Is it in the tunnel?” What tunnel? Here’s to the new B.I.M.B.O….


WonTon is in, reading a WA msg from 5:32pm (not a relation of 8:24) asking the committee if they could delay the start because a virgin was on the way but might be late? OhJuicy Pussy, you should know better – she ought to be publicly….


Circle Jerk is in the naming mood, and with Thomas having now attended several times, perhaps his time as come? Today bashing thru the shiggy with Chkn Dicken and behind the nameless Thomas, CDexclaimed, OMG, what is that smell? Joining the dots, CJ explains that Thomas had filled out a visitors form, claiming the hash name ‘Butt Cracker’? And after multiple suggested variations on Butts and other Sacres Bleu, it was decided Thomas would remain nameless for another week at least


And so with the beer guzzled dry by the big crowd, and the Happy, happy Kampong beckoning, it was on, on, on at 8:51pm. Well done to the improvising and stand in GM’s, and all the hares (CP included) for an excellent run. Happy b’dayBibrator!

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Run 1924
Bibrator's birthday run 

Run 1924 Run Report

Friday 1 Feb 2019

Bibrator’s B’day run

Run Site: Tagore Road

Hares: Bibrator, Stash & Mystery hare


8.73 Km
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