Which brought us to the Mystery2 Whip slot, and PS into the circle. “It’s tough being GM,” he said, to jeers of synthetic sympathy, “I’ll show you what I mean”, calling in Cherry Picker. A short Q&A session found that 2 weeks ago, CP had refused to MWhip on the excuse of a prior engagement, but he still attended the run. So, we understand why a GM’s lot is not a happy one, happy one, and a D-D for CP.


Leaving CP in the circle PS called in Juicy Pussy, an alpha female who likes to be in front. Seems CP had slowed down to give help to a less athletic FRB when JP came blasting past both shouting “I win, I win!!” So, let’s give a D-D to hash competitives.


And whilst they’re taking their time over it, into the circle comes the compelling presence of Voting Bitch with a reminder that fun and games are on the way and a lot of effort is going into the event of the season, our … Hashywood D&D on the 10th of November. A suitably salty and upmarket venue is provided by the Royal Singapore Yacht Club… I’m sorry I’ll read that again, Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, where, not long ago, we enjoyed an hilarious evening. Tickets will be issued as soon as they are ready, but Early Birdscan reserve your places by the simple expedient of internet transfer to LCHHH Bank Account, details on last page hereof. Prices are S$ 120 for members, $130 for Guests, up to 1st October… so get your money in quickly!


Now it’s time for some AOB, and first up is Circle Jerk who’s here to confess (or brag) that it was he, not Rooning S#t, that prodded circle people into voting for CP as TOTW last week. This was a ploy to get RS back in again, for short cutting the long run. Whilst on the Green Corridor (or what’s left of it after PUB has closed off most of it), RS couldn’t see the trail. Had he lost his specs? Well, frankly no, in the southerly direction, paper died out and there was yet another very long check back.


AOB from Guest Vibrator who noted the group of bird watchers, cameras at the ready, binoculars scanning the skies with eager anticipation, just inside Bulit Timah NR behind Rail Mall. As the noisy runners came by, you could see disappointment writ large on their faces, especially when Ayam Zinking shouted loudly “ONON!!”


Then Juicy Pussy reported that, at the Kuching Hash, she was offered a Motherhash T-shirt but not allowed to wear it. She noted the number of women this evening who were wearing Motherhash T-shirts shirts… where no women have ever bin… So how? “Here’s to motherhashers, they’re true blue…”


AOB from Ditch spotlighted Pays to Cum having the temerity to sit in a folding armchair when much older & tireder hashers were standing. “He ought to be…”


Chastity Belt, with a stopwatch? apparently, reported that Guest Walky Talkyhad actually been silent for 20 seconds and wondered if this was a record?


Final AOB from Careless, who reported that there were stalkers operating in KL and people were following him around…one such was King Leer and cronies.


After which the shouting stopped for long enough for GM to call On-On-ON!

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1905

Run 1905 Circle Report

21st Sept, 2018

Run Site: Lorong Sesuai

Hares: Bibrator & Astronut

On-on: Red Lantern


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   41 of which 29 Members (13 F, 16 M)

Virgins:                                   Not this week

Guests & Returnees:                 12( 3F & 9M)

Milestones:                             Not tonight

Next Week’s Hares: Blur Like Sotong

With accomplices Chicken S#t & Strapless

Run Site: Bt Merah Lane 3 Car Park

On-On: KEK Seafood 124 Bt Merah La 1 #01-136


Circle Scribe: Airborne Photos: Count Dracula

GM started the countdown at 7.45pm with “Circle in 10 minutes!” but it was a good 8.10 before the yattering rabble could be got sufficiently attentive for hares to be called in and the run verdict requested. A run for all tastes, apparently, too much shiggy, not enough paper, too many checks. But, good use of territory, unexpected twists & turns (signs of a wily recidivist hare) and perfect post-rain hashing conditions, all swung the balance to GOOD RUN. So “Here’s to hares, they’re true blue…” and a D-D for Bibrator & Astronut.


Of virgins there were none detectable but a lot of guests & returnees: one Girl Guest Stiffany, Men: Chicken Dicken, Dead Fish, Stevie, & Walter. Hello & welcome, how was the run? Too short? Put your DDs down! “They ought to be publically…”


A mob of Returnees included Girls,Trish Trash, & Walky Talky, Men Buzz Light Year, Careless, King Lear, Sir Flaky, & Vibrator, pleased to see you all again, why not come back & pay some subs? “Here’s to Returnees…”


Hare Whip was called but Bibrator remained unmoved so Mystery Whip Running S#t was brought forward so he could indulge his favourite fetish of winding up Cherry Picker, on the subject of short cutting. At the Mother Hash Octogenarian celebrations CP made much of “hiding his abilities”. He was looking for a nice flat run and agreed with RS to go for the Long Run, But it was cancelled so they had to go for the Medium. Far from being flat, it was up & down the north face of Bukit Bintang, CP complained bitterly. “Here’s to the modest, they’re true blue…”


Next in MW’s sights were Walky Talky and After Hours … “I remember you from a long time back… don’t you remember, we talked about xyz123…” “ Oh, that was on the Harriets’ Run…Wednesday… 2 days ago…” “Here’s to Alzheimers, they’re true blue…”


TOTW gave Cherry Picker the opportunity to hit back at RS who fancies himself as a super tough runner. On the Mother Hash celebrations, which of three runs, Long, Medium & Short, did the super tough hasher choose? The Medium run. Bleah. More aggro was piled on by the political lobbying that gave CP the T shirt on the last LCH3 run. Seems RS was going around the Circle telling people “Shout for Cherry Picker…” So…D-D & a shirt for RS and “He’s the meanest…”


Finally Bibrator got up enough bottle to kick off Hare Whip, showing how grateful she was to Puck Me Latelyfor volunteering to sweep. Seems PML reported no paper in some areas, so HW said she wasn’t looking properly and awarded a D-D. (Scribe’s note: This might have been due to Airborne & Careless, convinced they were the tail-enders, doing due diligence in Bukit Batok Nature Park.). Astronut, as hare by special invitation (aka press gang), called in Bibrator, recalling that he had asked his co-hare where she preferred to lay the run. “I don’t know, before I just followed Comes Quietly…” “B-I-M-B-O…”

Run 1905 pictures