Next up from Mystery Whip…did you know that the accident rate goes up 53% on Friday 13th? “Come in Airborne & Bibrator”… and SFre-enacts (with more than a little dramatic license) our very own Friday 13th accident where Airborne, his eyes on Bibrator’s bum, head-butted a stationary bus shelter outside Block 43. “They ought to be publically…” Airborne thanked his Medical Support Team -Stick her Shock, Pool Toy and Foetus, for not only finding him a doctor who put the 8 stitches in the head – no pain no brain, but also bank-rolled the victim. As always, our jocular resident minstrel In & Out had an apposite little ditty for the occasion…

Grabbing an opportunity, Coo Chi Coo called in Comes Quietly, who had been noticed sitting in the boot of his Porsche. Was this peculiarity due to the car having been fitted with a shower in the boot? “One Porsche driver drinks, all Porsche drivers drink”… came the reply from the Circle so Astronut was dragged in but couldn’t throw any light on the strange behavior…”They ought to be…”


VB steps up to join Shipyard Flasher in a very Singaporean double act with smartphones (seems  SF has been spending time at La Salle Drama College - Ed) - a reminder about this year’s big event: and the good news is that the time limit for Early Bird discount has been extended … one week only!


TOTW seems to have gone the same way as POTW, Missing in Inaction…


Mystery Mystery Whip the ever ready Juicy Pussy enters the Circle and promptly summons the stand-in GM Cherry Picker… for the sins of the real GM, the usual last-minute request to be the Whip. The Circle agrees … “He‘s the meanest…”

After this, the charges come thick and fast, “I don’t really like Carlsberg, can we have a different beer?”  Windy Bar is called in along with Poser and Bibrator, getting into a conversation on competitiveness on the Hash, seems women as well as men indulge but maybe in a different direction, deprecating those who go on the Monday to avoid their mistresses… is JP giving away trade secrets?

Next JP calls in one Brit (was it our doyen of English prose,In & Out?) and one American (should have been Stash squirrelling) with a warning about language traps, apparently the Chinese word for beer is the same as for breasts, so are beer lovers simply going back to the bosom? …on which note of hilarity we move on to…


Any Other Business: Voting B* notes that someone has used darkness for cover and crept quietly into the Circle – it’s Sperm off Ice “Here’s to the creepy one, he’s true blue...”

Cherry Picker notes that last week’s Circle was cut short without an announcement of a New Member, and earmarks Puck Me Lately for complaining about the cuts and scratches she suffered on the last run “You’re all mad…” “But you just joined up… !!” Never mind, said the Circle, “She’s all right, she’s all right...”


Juicy Pussy called inButt Wiper and Cereal Killer for odd preferences, seems CK prefers fighting with the Turkish Army & Navy and tussling with Butt Crusher to other sports…chacun a son gout…”here’s to the Butt Crusher, he’s true blue…”


And on which note the GMs & acting GM called on-on-on !

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1855
Triskaidekaphobia run

Circle Report- Run 1855 – Triskaidekaphobic Run

Date: Friday 13th Oct 2017

Run Site: N Buona Vista/ Holland Dr

On-on: Hansa Thai, Commonwealth Dr

Hare: Voting Bitch*


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 45, of which 35 Members (  F 19 & M 16)

Virgins:                                   Not as such

Visitors & Returnees:               10 (4F, 6 M)

New Member:                          Fawlty Bush

Milestones                              As last week

Next Week’s Hares:                  Deep Throat & Ripper

Run Site:                                 Marymount Terrace

On-On:                                    Blk 22, Sin Ming Rd


Circle Scribe: Airborne,   Photos: GMs & File

Cherry Picker was a noisy stand-in for absenteePuck Smuggler and fired the Circle into life at 8.05pm along with our doughty GMs. A suitably creepy dark place was chosen to ask the inevitable “What did we think of this Triskaidekaphobic run?  Not enough jungle, too many HDBs, not enough aggressive lamp posts…” the usual stuff. However… Roo Rooter having done a runner to some Asian destination, Voting B* was left to do a lone hare job, but still managed a 9.2km trail that ranged as far as Dempsey Road and had even some FRB stalwarts coming in after 7.30. How could it be anything but a GOOD RUN? so “Here’s to the hare, she’s true blue, she’s a b-starred through & through…”

“Where’s your on-on?” Directions to Commonwealth Drive challenged some locals but it turned out to be only a short stagger from Commonwealth MRT, for the convenience of the imbibers.


Next Week’s Hares: were not around so the announcement was made by Voting B*, short cutters need only to look at the header.


Guests & Returnees: Girls: Gemmie, Tight Lips, Windy Bar & Ying. Men: Butt Wiper, Cereal Killer, Lincoln, Samson Letoi, Spank Me & Tight Grip.


Hare Whip: Voting B* extends the phobia from Triskaidekaphobia reminding us there are many different types of irrational fears and superstitions, including Arachnophobia, which she proceeds to demonstrate with some nastily realistic look-alike insects, generously handing them round. What is it about the month of October that makes it attractive to exercise our fears, climaxing at Halloween? Coo Chi Coo wants to add more variety– priapo-phobia (fear of the erect member - Ed) but … “He’s All Right…”


While VB pauses for breath, Butt Wiper gets in a quick plug for the Sunday Hash which this week is at Blackmore Drive.


Cherry Picker charges VB for favoring All the Brits, giving a D-D so we ran out of keg beer.


Mystery Whip is Shipyard Flasher, calling in Ditch & Running Sh*t. She has a little charade on the theme of economizing on plastic bags.Ditch is eliminated as too Singaporean. As the Green propaganda gets ever more strident, have you noticed the supermarkets don’t seem to get the message? With RS’ help, she demonstrates… at the checkout, not only to they give you a bag, but if you buy meat or soap you get given another one. Buy anything heavy and you get a double! What to do with all the bags? Use them to pack up your rubbish … so they all go up in smoke anyway…Who deserves the Hash Award for Re-Cycling? Maskerbator of course…”he’s all right, he’s all right…”