And now, it’s time, for, the Mystery, Whip? After the refill falsies, Stash is in, promising to reveal the first liar of the night? As a bunch of youngish (ok, aging) hashers were struggling up the hill, one of our even younger hashers – Fake Virgin, was trying to give chase, but was puffing and panting like a 65 year old (ok, Asians just look young). Here’s to the young one, he’s true blue….. And next it’s the pretend consultant – Durian Dog. As Stash ran over Adam road, next to the consultant, he encountered Ditch, helpingSweet Thighs. And Durian Dog says, that must be a T check? Hang on says Stash, aren’t you the hare? Or maybe, the not so good hare? Here’s to DD, he’s true blue….. But according to Stash, we are mostly aging gracefully (except for Rooning Sh#t), and whilst Saliva is not aging at all, she thoughtfully chose a drinks stop with a Defibrillator for the rest of us – she’s alright….. And whilst you’re in here – can you try to explain what went wrong at Kheam Hock road? We had the S/M/L split, with an arrow up the hill for the M/L, another arrow to a T check, Butt Wiper raced up the hill but was called back by Sweet Tongue, who then decided to draw an arrow for the S, but then stood on it,  HooRay was telling everyone to come back, Cherry Picker somehow made it to the top of the hill and was calling on on. All in all, a bit of a cluster…… But we don’t blame the hares, we blame Butt Wiper – here’s to him, he’s true blue….


VB calls on BW to stay in, and for Fake Virgin to join him. When she was a young girl growing up in the US, our GM used to read a comic magazine featuring Goofus and Galant. And tonight whilst taking a shower and making herself b’ful, VB got what we might expect from BW – ie: Goofus, and a compliment from Fake Virgin – ie: Galant – they’re alright, they’re alright, they’ve got tiny weenie…..


PoTW? Strapless has taken to Malaysia and it’s now in quarantine where it should probably stay for a very long time.


MMW? Indeed it really is Cherry Picker, and he has some fake news – on in Posh Pussy. The fake news was that Saliva promised an 8.5km long run. But on the run tonight, CP and PP were discussing which run they would take. PP – I want to do the long run. CP – but it’s 8.5km? PP – oh, that’s too long for me, but if it was 8.5”, that would be just nice! Now CP comes from a metric country, and so had to ask for a translation from the Imperial - inches to the Metric - centimeters. And PP says – why, do you want to measure up the shortage? CP, and what about the overage? And as they arrived at the check doing their mental arithmetic, PP says to Ditch – just jump over me. As Cherry Picker’s mind starts boggling, PP says, and then I can jump on you. Here’s to the Imperial B.I.M.B.O…. Next CP tells us about his CNY company lunch. 300 people, the very high up manager makes a speech. So we need a local lady as a look a like – on in Posh Pussy again. And the manager goes on and on about what a great job the company has done to protect its staff during the Coronavirus crisis – free masks, free hand disinfectant, flexible work policy, etc, and then she proceeded to lead the Lo Hei, with everyone putting their contaminated chops sticks in and passing the contagion around to all. And some even came back for seconds, just to be sure. But its ok, coz we have free hand sanitizer for all – B.I.M.B.O…..


GM Chastity Belt has a $63 million dollar question – who saw Saliva’s house?


Is there Any Other (quiet) Business? Fake Virgin explains how Asian’s like to be very honest when they meet and greet. Oh, you’ve put on weight? Why you dress like that? Etc. But tonight, when Posh Pussy met our guest she greeted him with – you are black like charcoal? She ought to be publicly……


Rooning Sh#t calls in Butt Wiper. Tonight, under the PIE, we turned right, then jumping out from behind a bush was BW calling T check – he’s a lying bstd – he’s the meanest, he……


CB – who needs a map for the on on? And so at 8:30pm, we enjoyed Mr. Hoe and a full bar in the quiet playground. Great job GM’s, and well done hares for an excellent run and on on

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1977
"4-Play" Grounds for Crazy Rich

Circle Report

Friday 7th Feb 2020

“4 – Play” Grounds for Crazy Rich

Run Site: Watten Heights Playground

Hares: Saliva and Sweet Tongue

On-on: On site


Total Run/Circle Attendance: 45 of which 37 Members (14F, 23M)

Virgins:           Not tonight

Guest Hare:      Sweet Tongue

Guests:           Eskimo, Little Pr#ck, Gemmi, Laura, Myles

Returnees:        Impossible, Shipyard Flasher


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Count Dracula

Welcome to our whispering circle by our very subdued GM’sChastity Belt and Voting B#tch. Apparently we need to be very quiet and not disturb the crazy rich? And as we begin to circle up in the 4 play ground, VB has an early PSA? Keep June 27th free for our LCH3 2k run! And if you have any questions – see our chief organiser – Ditch. But he appears to have NFI and is blaming a drunken moment for putting his hand up.


Ok, let’s have our hares in – Saliva and Sweet Tongue and their able assistant – Durian Dog. WDWTOTRun??? Seems it’s all positive. Very nice scenery (where was the $63M house?), we had S, M and L run options, very well marked and a great drinks stop. So indeed a good run. Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….. And Astronut has mapped the run, and it appears as an outline of a dog? Well done Durian Dog. On on – on site – Mr. Hoe, just $12 for fish, pad Thai, veg, apple pie and ice cream – what are the rich eating? And a full bar served by Sweet Tongue – now it’s a great run!


Next week’s run? It’s the 14th of February and Valentines day. And where to go for a cheap date? I was going to ask the lead hare - Puck Me Lately but she doesn’t know yet? So best you get yourself to 26 Evans Road, Hostel car park next to Mr. Prata, for a run hosted by Fawlty Towers,Fawlty Bush and Puck Me Lately. On on will be on site.


Crazy Virgins? Not in this neighbourhood.


Guests: Eskimo, Little Pr#ck, Gemmi, Laura and Myles. Stay and join us? They’re alright…


Returnees: Impossible and Shipyard Flasher – welcome back. Here’s to the returnees, they’re true blue….


Hare Whip? Saliva is showing Mr. Hoe how to cook, so Sweet Tongue is in, and chargingWankie Pooh, for being over instructive – calling everyone on back, when she then went over the bridge in the opposite direction and didn’t call “on on”??? And then there was over instructive no. 2 – Rooning Sh#t, who was heard swearing and cursing, and he wouldn’t listen to anyone. So let’s tell them all where to go – they ought to be publicly…..  Seems Mr. Hoe has now got the hang of it, and Saliva is back, to charge her co-hare – Sweet Tongue. In the chit chat planning for the run, Saliva asks Sweet Tongue – how old do you think I am? And the reply was a somewhat nervous – 70??? And Saliva was hurt and couldn’t sleep and Sweet Tongue felt some remorse and promised to bake her fresh bread.  But where’s the bread tonight? Here’s to the forgetful one, she’s true blue….


Whoa, what’s this, VB is on the grass, on her knees? Just like the old days says someone.  She is begging for hares – Feb 28 and Mar 13 and if you have Triskaidekaphobia – get over it!




Run 1977 pictures