Other troublemakers included Canada, the US, Huawei and Boris Johnson for whom Airborne was considered a suitable lookalike (despite hairlessness). “They ought to be publicly…” Finally, did we have some French tourists with us? Come in you lot in yellow running vests, are you fresh from the riots in Paris? Bad luck for a couple of suspect protesters…


Not only were several usual runners MIA but also so were the POTW and TOTW so time for the Mystery Mystery Whip was brought forward. She’s been aroused by the Yuletide instructions on cooking a turkey…”Vigorously rub the butter all over the breast…” She alleges there was a husband and wife team arguing on the run and calls in Astronut & Poser. She’s accusing him of looking for comfort in Orchard Towers, he comes back with “Well I don’t get it from you…” to which she retorts “You never told me I could charge for it…!!” “Here’s to commerce, it’s true blue…”


“Now I’m looking for a prude…” SHS’s radar rotates until it’s pointing at Comes Quietly…the story is that the two of them were on a bus together when SHS saw a girl friend at a bus stop. SHS re-enacted the body language that went between the two girls but modesty forbids me to describe in detail. They included flopping the bosom and lifting the skirt which, SHS claimed, prompted CQ to protest about his outraged modesty. The explanation, assured SHS, was that the other girl was deaf and they had developed sign language to get across a message that was innocent if a trifle vulgar. “Here’s to the true prude, he’s blue too…”


Finally SHS says “I wanna leave you with one last thing for this holiday season… Turkey? I don’t want to eat any more.”


After which it’s AOB time and first up isDitch, calling in the GM, seems he was having directional difficulty. He needed a Pasir Ris Park map to find which way to the beach…B-I-M-B-O.


Coo Chi Coo arrived a bit late, heard people calling in the jungle but couldn’t make contact. He calls in Ditch for mistaking him for the hare. Handbag calls in Pays to Cum and Coo Chi Coo to play the part in a story of two penniless drinkers. One persuades the other to let him spend their last few cents on a sausage. They go to a bar, get served 2 beers and after drinking most, one guy kneels to perform a disgusting act with the sausage that gets them both thrown out of the bar without paying. 10 bars later, one says to the other, “Can’t do much more of this, my knees are killing me!” Replies the other “Neither can I, can’t remember in which bar I lost the sausage!” “They ought to be publically …”


AOB from the GM…”who went to the Quad Run last Saturday?” Apart from the GM, onlyPoKai & Trolley Dolly. A trio of B-I-M-B-Os, Awesome Foursome, Puck Me Lately and Sweet Thighs chorussed: “Oh we didn’t know….” So the GM gave us all good notice that the Malaysian Nash Hash will be hosted by Tanjong Petri HHH in 2020.


AOB: Handbag calls in Awesome Foursome recalling he asked her “How did you come?” “Oh along the PIE, then the TPE, then straight by the MRT “ “Crikey, you were off paper on the PIE!” “Off paper? I was in my car!” B-I-M-B-O … but not sure who was which…


Puul Toy prompts Puck Smuggler into a hambone to the delight of the women present, and then lifts his T-shirt to say “This is what you’re going to look like in 30 years!”


Final AOB from Handbag who wants to say sorry for the poor things who suffered thorns in the jungle: P2C, Rooning Shit& Posh Pussy “Here’s to the sufferers, they’re true blue..”


And then it was ON-ON-ON to George’s & free beer.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1916

Run 1916 Circle Report

Friday 7th Dec 2018

Run Site: Pasir Ris Park Car Park F

Hares: Handbag, inspired by Tina Tuna

On-on: Georges@ The Cove


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   26 Members only (12 F, 14 M)

Virgins: Nil,                             Guests & Returnees: Nil

Next Week’s Hares: Voting B*, Stick her Shock, Roo Rooter

Run Site: Delsey Durian Stall Car Park

On-On: Samy’s Cury


Circle Scribe: Airborne, Photos: Count Dracula

It seems that as transport gets more available the less people want to travel longer distances in this wonderful island. As one of the more far-flung outposts of the Republic, Pasir Ris seems to be the equivalent of Outer Mongolia. Not only that, but rival attractions like the Kampong Hash outstation run at Miri drew away several regulars. So it was that a rather small circle formed up at a little past 8.00pm after a run that challenged FRBs and short-cutters alike. Hats off to Handbag for managing to organise a drink stop after setting the run on his own, with Tina Tuna keeping her head down over in Jakarta.


WDWTOTR? GM Puck Smuggler has given up trying to get sensible comments from hashers, so it was the usual grumbling match, too many checks, not enough arrows (or paper). Having said that, complaints were dispelled by the drink stop with Handbag’s carefully concocted Bradford cocktail. So it was a GOOD RUN, confirmed cum laude when it was learned that there would be free beer at the nearby on-on.


No Guests, No Returnees much less virgins, so GMs Puck Me Lately was mostly unemployed but still managed to cop a B-I-M-B-O for just being there.


GM wants to alert the hash, not to fake news, but fake runners… they’re only here for the beer. Puul Toy & Stick her Shock…”They ought to be publicly…”


Hare Whip: no prizes for guessing that it’s Handbag again. First in his sights is Ditch who complained about no arrows when he was standing on one (Here’s to the blind man…) followed by Hooray for wearing an antique T-shirt from the days before the LCHHH Run 100.


Next Week’s Run was announced by Stick her Shock on behalf of the other hares, the Durian car

park at Dempsey Rd followed by on-on at Samy’s Curry. Should be not a challenge, even for lady drivers. SHS copped a B-I-M-B-O D-D for forgetting to mention that they are collecting toys (unwrapped, please) for Food from the Heart charity.


A rather early Mystery Whip was Samson LeToi who called in Stick her Shock, being in a political mood… back to Brexit, where Theresa May has been given a lot of trouble by French, Germans, Irish, here he was on dodgy ground, as there no Germans, French or Irish present to charge. Okay how about Americans & Australians? “They’re the meanest…”




Run 1916 pictures