Then Coo Chi Coo was in for some whipping, for complaining that PML's dress was unco-ordinated, and then Stash who found something to grumble about both the length of the run (10.5km) and the drink stop.


Voting Bitch then reminded the circle that the run was for charity and now was the time to bring forth the toys for smalls. She credited GM with the nous and the will to organise it. "Here's to hares, they're true blue..."


Mystery Whip started with a struggle between Coo Chi Coo and Running Sh*t for who was to take the floor, eventually mite triumphed over height and CCC, in reminiscence mode, remembered that when he was the LCHHH's 2nd GM, introduced the idea of a secret MW who reported candid hasher sillies & indiscretions. For instance: Who forgets their wife's birthday (KITA from No Good)? Reviving the custom he produced this from the GM: "The short is short and the long run is long", and another from Juicy Pussy " I feel like a squirrel" (Whatever turns you on, dear :)) B-I-M-B-O...


Time to honour POTUS appropriately, so in came the current TOTW Bibrator ready to pass on the robe of office to some deserving person. "Check out the info, who's the Dirty Old Man of the Hash?" Not exactly a brain teaser: Coo Chi Coo. "Are you going to give me a Christmas present?" Apart from the shirt, CCC is awarded a red ribbon bow to be worn just above the honourable member.


This week we were honoured with the return of POTW, decently concealed in his case. So who gets it this week? Seems like some hashers got lost on the run and decided to make for the drink stop. They got to the appointed place and waited...and waited...and waited. After 50 minutes PS & PML turned what had they been up to...? The circle voted by cheers, PS got slightly the loudest and becomes the proud possessor of the plastic phallus for the current week.


M2Whip was Circle Jerk whose theme was ...body parts. For his first charge this seemed to be not so much parts but the total size of bodies. At a T check he was helping folk to pass through a narrow gate but for certain hashers it turned out to be impossible..."Let's have it for the fat bastards, Who ate all the pies..." Next, a story for Chinese tiger mums: those who push their kids to come first in everything they do. One young lad had enough of being pushed and chopped off his mother's head. He was found out when he posted a picture of the head in a bucket - on Facebook... Last charge was on Juicy Pussy and Suction Cup for running faster than CJ but not seeing the bloody great truck that nearly gave us a pair of flat pussies. B-I-M-B-O !


AOB and this was how Stash found a way of getting revenge on CJ. FRBs got stuck in a deep drain. There was an easy way out if you stood on a polystyrene box. But CJ stood on the box and it crumbled..."Who ate all the pies..."


AOB from Handbag...who wanted to get his hands on SPU’s…. unfortunately Scribe didn’t hear the end of the sentence so we can only imagine what it was. ”she's the meanest..."


AOB from 8.24: we passed out of the drain with the disintegrating box, up the hill, and we were totally

lost. A quick FRB conference decided "It's gotta be down to the PIE" Telecum & Ayam Zinking went off like blind mice ...the wrong way, with Telecom grumbling later that his Satnav watch said 12.5km. "Three blind mice..."


AOB from In & Out, who overheard two saucy ladies at the drink stop, discussing what seemed to be their pet fetishes...until he realised they were talking about the relative merits of new cars... calling in Sharon Batu & Saliva who "ought to be publically..."


AOB at this stage degenerated into a general discussion with Juicy Pussy proclaiming the merits of Jakarta hashes with 11 drink stops (who could start again after 5? Scribe) and Stash accusing In& Out of parking skills on a level with the Singaporean. Telecum was accused of whining in case he got lost. Finally GMs decided enough was enough and her dulcet tones called on-on-on! at 9.05pm.


Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1863 - Santa Run

Circle Report – GM’s Santa Run No 1863

Date: Friday 8th December 2017

Run Site: Lorong Sesuai

On-on: The Red Lantern

Hares: Puck Smuggler & Puck Me Lately


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 41 of which 35 Members (F 20 & M 15)

Virgins:                                   One, Ava

Visitors & Returnees:               6 (4F, 2M)

New Members: Samson Letoi & Suction Cup: Welcome

Milestones                              None Declared

Next Week’s Hares:                 Alvin & Airborne

Run Site:                                 Jakan Gaharu

On-On:                                    The Red Lantern


Circle Scribe: Airborne, Photos: Count Dracula – For full photo-shoot, see LCH3

website, go to /Gallery for Run 1863.

There we were, once again at Lorong Sesuai, for the GM's Santa Run, the GM sporting a Santa hat, and his attractive co-hare Puck Me Lately looking like the famous reindeer minus the red nose. The weather was anything but Christmassy, but gave us a luckier evening than most, without rain. For those who took it, the long run lived up to its name, and we didn't see the FRBs until something like 7.25pm.


The GM & GMs delayed starting the circle a few minutes until the latecomers had time to cool the sweat outside and slake the thirst within. So with one hare already in the Circle, GMs Voting Bitch shouted "What did we think of the run?" "Too much drink stop, too short, too long, not enough shiggy...etc etc." In other words, no serious objections so... GOOD RUN!... " Why were they born so beautiful ..."


Next Week's hare: Airborne got out of his scribe seat for long enough to complain that the Powers that Be had once again frustrated his trail ambitions, but never mind, the run will start at Jalan Gaharu and the co-hare Alvin is superlatively creative and will come up with a run to delight and amaze you! (Good Grief, did I say that? Scribe). And the on-on's at Forture Seafood once more.


Is there a virgin? O yes, come in Ava from Sweden, ("She's all right, she's all right...") who was made to come by her husband, visitor Hendrik. They will be in town for some years so we really hope they will come again.


Guests & Returnees: we did well from Sweden, with 3 including Ava & Hendrik. Girls: Gemmi, Britte, SBU, Men: Hendrik, Telecum.


Hare Whip was Puck Me Lately and in line with custom & practice abused her co-hare. "All week I nagged him to get the right clothes and still he comes in the wrong T-shirt.." Shouts of "Off-off-off" from the circle. So off came the inappropriate garb and on went an apron. From Chinese movie fans, this drew cries of "The Butcher" but for most circlers "He's all right, he's all right..."

Run 1863 more pictures