And now, it’s time, for, the, Mystery, Whip??? Of course it’s not Cherry Picker, but it’s Miss Me Again – Awesome 4some. On in Fawlty Bush for her driving misdemeanour – when did you get your licence – 6yrs ago, and what is your job – a professional Grabber. What two things should you do before reversing on a Singaporean road? Check your mirrors, and put on your hazard lights. But then it’s on in Fawlty Towers, for bringing the two young girls, and distracting Fawlty Bush – He’s the meanest…. On the run tonight, Bibrator, in the Jungle, calls – I need a man, and immediately, the tallest man on the hash diverts toward the Damsel in distress – Bugle Boy, and then we had the other extreme – Coo Chi Coo. And who got there first? Surprisingly, it was CCC to the rescue. Let’s give the sexy lady a note, Here’s to Bibrator, she’s true blue….


Milestones – first in is Fawlty Bush for 50 LCH3 runs, but she’s not getting it off, even for the scribe. Then it’s 100 for Posh Pussy – y’all turn around and look the other way – I’m just like a Christmas present that has to be unwrapped. And then Durian Dog is in, shirt already off for his 200th run. And as Astronut comes in for his 900th run, we’ve seen more than enough and it’s - on on on. They’re alright, they’re alright....


Chastity Belt is calling SoI in for a horrendous error tonight, but the Irishman is at the beer truck, consumed with consuming. What was the Sweep from the front stuff all about asksCB. I was a FRB and I never saw him all run? Let’s give the reverse Irishman a note.


MMW??? Coo Chi Coo is in – what pisses him off? When the Hash Brew sing they’re alright, and there are men and women in the circle, and CCC is confused which end of the song to sing next. And when someone – Durian Dog, parks in his showering space. But there is some things that bring a tear to CCC’s eye – like when we are 5 minutes into the run, and Cherry Picker calls out – f the hares – give them all a note – they ought to be publicly….


Chastity Belt has a Christmas one for us. Santa has been having a tough week, the presents have been all f’d up, some of his elves are ill (Voting B#tch), his mother in law is staying (Saliva), he checked his reindeer and one is pregnant (Cherry Picker), he checked his elves again and one is really p’d off (CCC), so Santa goes to the living room to have a cider and a biscuit, but the bloody elves have taken it all. Now Santa is really p’d off, and then there is a knock at the door. Storming to the door, he opens it to find an Angel (Posh Pussy), with a very big Christmas tree. And so began the tradition of having an Angel at the top of our Christmas trees!


Any, Other, Business? Airborne calls in the returnee Bugle Boy – howdy and sympathies for the state of the US Congress. NowBugle Boy dedicated a Tshirt for Trump of the Week – where the f is the Tshirt now when we really need it? Dump the Trump and here’s to impeachment….


The GM’s get the stand in hare and b’day gal in – hashy b’day to you, and, for she’s a really Posh Pussy….


Circle Jerk has an astrology observation. Christmas Day is a Wednesday, following by Boxing Day on the Thursday, and at precisely 1:21pm, there will be a solar eclipse – not a full one, just a partial one. And for that he’s a B.I.M.B.O……..


In n Out is also in with an observation – but you can’t look at it (well mate, neither can the rest of us with verandah’s over the tool sheds)


CCC notes an Oxymoron in relation to Circle Jerk’s very insightful observation – Intelligence and the Hash? And CJ say – here’s to the Moron, he’s true blue….


Bugle Boy has two messages – one from King Leer – he’s still alive but he’s now slower than an Irish tax return. And then there is US health insurance – it’s a bit iffy. So Bugle Boy was recently seeing his Proctologist – Dr. Hooch. And apparentlyStash also uses Dr. Hooch – for his tonsillitis!  But Dr. Hooch says to Bugle Boy, I’m afraid I have some bad news – you’ll have to stop masturbating! But why say Bugle Boy? Becoz i’m about to start your examination!


Durian Dog is overcome with his 200th run award. I couldn’t do it without this man he exclaims, you know, we are virtually related, as he puts his arm around Strapless. I want to thank you, and also thank you for the advice again today. As we went across the road and into the jungle, and there was no paper to be found, and Cherry Picker comes along and saves the day. Strapless, how come you led me the wrong way? But turns out it was a short cut up the slope – true or not, right? Here’s to my upslope mentor, he’s true blue….


And since the hash brew is done, then so are we, and it’s on on on at 8:36pm. Well done in the rowdy circle GM’s and great job Posh Pussy for stand in hare, and SoI for getting to know her so well on the run. Ho Ho Ho, it’s time for Christmas

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1970
Posh Pussy's

Circle Report

Friday 20th Dec 2019

Run #1970 – A Posh b’day run

Run Site: Tagor Industrial Ave

Hares: Posh Pussy and Sperm On Ice

On-on: HWA Seafood, Upper Thompson


Total Run/Circle Attendance: 42 of which 33 Members (15F, 18M)

Virgins: Ari from Indo

Guests & Returnees:  Dead Fish, Le, Bugle Boy, 14 Penguins, In n Out, After Hours, Tiger Lily and Bangballs


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Count Dracula

Welcome to run no. 1970, as Voting B#tch and Chastity Belt have several falsies at getting people off the road and the circle started. It’s a rowdy crowd tonight, and finally, at 7:54, let’s just get the hares in. WDWTOTRun? Best run of the week, if not the year!, who took the chalk? We were all FRB’s? It’s gotta be a good run. Why were they born so……


And since the Virgins were about to get into their taxi, let’s pause the hares there, and get Ari from Indonesia and Le from Vietnam into the circle. Who made you come? It’s all the fawlt of the scribe. They’re alright, they’re alright, the’re a little…..


The hares are back in to announce the on on – HWA Seafood joint, Upper Thompson, hands up for Vegetarian Italian and two bottles for everyone!


Next week’s run? It’s the Christmas run, by Butt Wiper and Tight Lips at Vanda Link, and roast turkey at the Red Lantern.


Let’s get the Guests and Returnees in, including Bangballs from Thailand and the Philippines (cries of sex tourist), Bugle Boy, 14 Penguins, In n Out, After Hours, Dead Fish and Tiger Lily. Here’s to our visitors, they’re true blue…..


VB calls for the Hare Whip, and it’s Father Sperm Off Ice, who just had to bring in Posh Pussy. Now, according to the Holy one, when you do a very intense recce with someone, you get to know them very well. So what was his take out on Posh Pussy? Apparently, she just loves the shiggy. But the first recce included drains, tunnels, oh the insects, the scratchy long grass, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and that was just as she was getting out of the car! Here’s to Posh Pussy, she’s true blue…..  And then on the run tonight, Posh Pussy seemingly got lost? So SoI asked the Posh one if she was indeed lost? But then the long legged Le who is near enough to be a virgin, ran past to put them all to shame. But since she has departed, get the Fawlty one in who brought her along for the down down. Here’s to the lost pussy….. And then, since the virgin who was apparently sweeping has gone, let’s get a lookalike in? Airborne? Here’s to Airborne sweeping up the virgins, he’s true blue….


And now Posh Pussy takes charge. Some men think they are hero’s, but they can be pussies as well. SoI – recce no. 1 – (was thay y’day? asks someone), decides to take the hard road, and bash through. Who cares about the spider’s webs and the mud and the insects, but the Posh One deftly glides around all that and beat him out the other end – here’s to the she man…… And as they were planning recce no. 2 – Neil (who the f is Neil) can you be on time please. Knowing his reputation for being Paddy No Show, PP wants to make sure he is on time. But he’s a changed man now, and arrives as Bishan MRT as requested, on time, but then PP was late – coz you need to show the man who is in charge. And SoI keeps going on about PP’s car – I totally don’t recognise your car, it’s not a SLK Merc? I was sure it’s a SLK Merc? To which the Posh one replies – Merc is for Aunties – B.I.M.B.O… Next the PP directs her attention to No Rection – Come! And Cherry Picker says – is that how she does it at home? The PP continues – I volunteered for the b’day run, and when I got home, No Rection said – are you not busy enough? Anyway, who is that SoI? He’s Santa’s little helper she says. He’ll probably never make it says No Rection – He’s the meanest, he…..


VB has a PSA but is obviously struggling a bit and has dropped below 100 decibels. I’ve been quite ill she explains, and I’ve been in bed, but without the Roo Rooter! And I only got outta bed, coz we need hares for Jan 10 and 17, and most of the rest of 2020. Volunteers welcome!









Run 1970 pictures