GMs Prick Me welcomes 2 new members – Fake Virgin & Diet Coke Head, then it’s time...for...the...

Mystery Whip, Sweet Thighs who first charges the GM as an abuser, she’s been suffering from insomnia ever since she was persuaded to take on the task. “He’s the meanest...” After which it’s that well-known hash macho Strapless under fire for flirting with a woman on the run. To which Durian Dog contributes an aside “On Monday, it was a man ...” “He oughterbe publically...”But Sweet Thighs is irritated ...”Will you be quiet whilst I’m talking? I forgot your name is also Donald...” “Please don’t associate me with ... I’m not trying to make SG grate again!” “He’s all right, he’s all right...”

For the GM’s Moment, he’s tried to find something amusingly American for the 4th July, that doesn’t involve POTUS. Hunting around, he remembered the story of what happened to Ditch when he bought himself a Harley. Sadly, it wasn’t long before he skidded into a ditch. Crawling out bruised and battered he was greeted by a snazzily dressed lady who said “I’m a nurse, let me help you... here, get into my car...” Ditch said, “Oh, I ought to tell my wife...” “Never mind, you can call her in a moment, let me get those cuts & scratches fixed up” It was a long story and inevitably headed towards the bedroom. Nursie is just removing her skirt when she said, “Oh by the way where is your wife?” “Ah,” said Ditch “I think she’s still under the Harley!”

Mystery Mystery Whip is not Ditch but Circle Jerk, and after a quickie with Diet Coke Head for being programmed by Procter & Gamble (“Why was she born so beautiful...”), he admits to having to scratch around for material. But out on the trail he was surprised to see Handbag, experienced and fearless diver that he is, good for depths down to 75 metres, seemingly having vertigo 1.5 metres up on the tree trunk that formed a natural bridge over the water hazard. But of course “He’s all right...”

Not all right was the beginning of CJ’s day, getting up at the crack of sparrows to do his thing for the BBC. He was put on hold, as the previous speaker over-ran his time slot prizes for guessing that CJ was Trumped. “Why was he born so beautiful...”

AOB from Stash, we Americans are noted for our generosity and it seems our gift t’night was worn and appreciated by the majority...except for a few...come in CJ, Cherry Picker, and Handbag what’s with you guys? “They ought to be publically...”

More AOB from Cherry Picker, calling in Fake Virgin, who’s obviously a mathematician if not an experienced hasher... or very tactful. CP: “How did you get on with the run?” FV “I followed the locals” “Oh, which locals?” “Oh the Aunties... Chicken S#t”... BTW what does it mean, H to the power of 3?” “Why was he born so beautiful...”

Awesome 4some wants to call in everyone who appreciated the US running vests, meaning D-D for all, virtually. Finally All the Americans come in for the ritual voicing of the National Anthem, so there is hardly anyone left outside, and Circle Number 1946 comes to a noisy if not sonorous close at about 8.40pm. Another good run and an enjoyably happy circle.

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Back to History...
Run 1946
Run 1946 pictures

Run 1946 Circle Report

Friday 5th July 2019

US Independence Day Run

Run Site: End of Springleaf Ave

Hares: Stash & The Americans

On-on: Wong Chiew Restaurant,


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   35 of which 30 Members ( 14F, 16M)

Virgins:                                  A wannabee and a fake

Guests & Returnees:                5 (1F, 4M)

New Members:                        2 bless ‘em


Circle Scribe: Airborne    Photos: Count Dracula

8 o’clock comes and goes, and Chastity Belt after a few threats and squeaks from GMs Prick Me gets some sort of a circle more or less in order. Uncle Stash having set a nice long run with a steep hill and a water hazard, challenged the FRBs, but we didn’t have MIA like the last visit to Springleaf. So what’s the feeling about this run, on the two hundred & umpteenth celebration of the Columbian Brexit? Just in case anyone felt like giving it a loud three cheers, GM had to remind everyone not to overdo the shouting, to avoid bringing down the wrath of the local landed gentry.

WDWTOTR?? Comments sour & sweet there were, of course, but with the FRBs either winded or sated, and after some consideration (especially of the rather natty running vests donated by the Americans) our GM comes down in favour of  ‘GOOD RUN’  “Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue…”

Next question… where’s your on-on? Wonton announces it’s at Wong Chiew Restaurant just across Sembawang Rd from Nee Soon Road. $12 for umpteen courses & a free flow of beer.

Is there a Virgin present? Yes, from Malaysia, Kevin, who was so keen to come that he did it all by himself ... but he says he will come again so “He’s all right…” 

Guests? Yenni (from Indonesia), Ben, Rick and Returnee Sir Long & Thin, “Why were they born so beautiful, why were they born at all…”

Do we have a run next week? Yes, of course, an Awesomely Donald run by Awesome 4some and Durian Dog, which will start from Gillman Barracks Car Park B with on-on at KEK Seafood. See front page for other details.

For Hare Whip, in comes 8.24 to call in the GM. We know about his new Harley, but what some may not know is that it came with a freebie from the salesman. “A Freebie… what freebie?” “Shh – he’s trying to keep it quiet. It was a… one-night stand!!” Hence the secrecy… needs diplomatic management. Well, it seems CB had to wait around for his freebie, and when he got to the appointed place, no sign of any girl, just a sign saying “open the door”…behind it was his one-night UMBRELLA stand…”Here’s to losers, they’re true blue...” Stash took the opportunity to remind 8.24 that with his experience he should be a master of balance, instead, whilst out laying the trail he fell off a log crossing a stream. “Why was he born...”

GM calls in 6 wilful women including Smell Me, Awesome 4some, Chicken S#t and friends for spurning the trail ... Quote “We’re not going that way!” Unquote... Overheard too was Smell Me’s explanation of what the circle is about...”It’s to find fault with someone...” B-I-M-B-O...