GM called in the goodly number of hashers who’d dressed up for Santa. Who would win the contest for the best Santa hat? Make your selection below!


Then it was time for the Mystery Whip, enter Posh Pussy. Going for the men, as usual, first in is Straplessand PP wants to know what are his priorities. How long have you been a hasher? Since 1987. How long have you known your wife? Since 1974. So your wife takes 2 weeks holiday and where are you? – on the hash. So now we know the hash is more important. The Circle agreed… “He’s all right…”


Enter Grandpa 8.24, who says the sight of everyone dressing up reminds him of the good old days. However, his concept of dressing up is a little different, he has a little ditty about men walking around in their wife’s underwear when the wife is out of town. For this hilarious cross-dresser’s anthem he’s decidedly “All Right…”


On On to Mystery Mystery Whip Roo Rooter, who wants to harken back to the Kampong Outstation Run at Miri. This seems to have been a highly piscatorial affair with more drinking than running, and RR complained that he couldn’t keep up with locals like Strapless and Popeye. “Let’s have another couple of beers for the road,” said Strapless “You buy the drinks”. RR discovered later that the locals were drinking one for everyone else’s two. “Here’s to the lightweights…”


Mystery2 Whip’s next charge was accepted by proxy Trolley Dolly standing in for Cheerless and the issue had to do with a discussion on POTUS’ potential impeachment. Seems Voting B* got a point of law wrong and was in for B-I-M-B-O. Given the complexities of the US legal labyrinth that most Americans don’t understand let alone the rest of us, not surprising. Scribe is sure Voting B* or 8.24 can provide an explanation on request, however we will short cut to the point which was to award TOTW. Unfortunately the T-shirt was not around but TD got a D-D anyway.


AOB time and Pokai is eager to summon two butch guys– Astronut and Trolley Dolly to hear revealed their whispered conversation, which went something like this:

- Why are you carrying a handbag?

- Oh, do you like it?

- The colour is a bit off, doesn’t match with your outfit.

Pokai is from the old school, it seems, & not into gender equality, “How can two grown men talk like this, what can I say?!” so the 2 guys get a D-D. “Here’s to lady men…”


AOB from Ayam Zinkingwho calls in our Virgin, Nathan. Seems Nathan is not only a fair runner, but also his masculine propensities are well developed. Running along with Bibrator, Nathan suddenly dropped his pants. Bibrator’s reaction is not on record but the Circle asked “Why was he born so beautiful…”


More AOB came from Butt Wiper, nominating Tight Lips and Michelle as the new couple, and the irrepressible Pokai summoning Butt Wiper and Cherry Picker for unspeakable behaviour.


After which at the hour of 8.30 pm it was on-on-on to the indefagitable Samy’s Curry.


AFTERWORD: Voting B* thanks all who contributed to the successful collection of toys for

Santa’s sack and the charity Food from the Heart.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1917
Santa Hash Run

Run 1917 Circle Report

Friday 14th Dec 2018

Run Site: Dempsey Rd Durian Stall Car Pk

Hares: Voting B*, Stick Her Shock, Roo Rooter

On-on: Samy’s Curry


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:   43 Members, (19 F, 24 M)

Virgins:                                    1,

Guests & Returnees:                 5

Next Week’s Hares: Tight Lips & Butt Wiper

Run Site: Blackmore Drive

On-On: Red Lantern


Circle Scribe: Airborne, Photos: Count Dracula

The good thing about having a lot of hares is that you get a lot of trail marks. Not so good are the gaps between where the understanding of the hares about whose turf ended where was not quite perfect. Shiggy lovers had nothing to grumble about on this run, it was there in plenty and just when you thought your shoes had got rid of it, there was another squelchy stretch. The territory was pleasantly historic taking us on a circumnavigation of the old British GHQ, whose site is now occupied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy. Despite being 8km our extreme-hashing GM was home a few minutes before 7pm, even beating some short-cutters.


Locum Grand Mattress Voting B* had more success than GM Puck Smuggler in getting a Circle together, probably from longer experience and shorter patience, so it was that by 8.05pm the natterers and jabberers formed up and the burning question was asked. WDWTOTR? GM got the usual set of grumbles, too many checks, too much chalk and too much shiggy. The drink stop at Farrer Park Condo and inventive use of territory swung the decision away from Technical Hash Shit to GOOD RUN, confirmed by the GM’s edict.


One virgin- Nathan,joined the run and performed well despite not being looked after. Well he was big enough not to need it anyway. He was made to come by Puul Toy, enjoyed the run despite going off-trail and thinks he might come again… so of course “He’s all right…”


Guests & Returnees totalled 5 with only 2 admitting to be Returnees though Scribe is sure there were more. From the record they were: Cinderella,Not Tonite, Spreads Easily, Morgan & Stiffy.


As Next Week’s Hare, Tight Lips is calling us back to Blackmore, in Christmas costume please, and on-on 1 is at the Red Lantern (with a special helping of Chinese Christmas Pud ? – Scribe) and there will be an on-on-on 2 for those with sufficient endurance.


Hare Whip was Stick her Shock, hauling in Cherry Picker for spilling his drink-stop drink over a dog. Well the dog was probably grateful. Then she seemed to be sympathising with Roo Rooter having to lay the last 3km of trial but arrows everywhere confused the runners – BI-M-B-O. Third victim is Puul Toy, from the picture it looks like he spilled his drink not on the dog… unless it was a lap dog. Here it seemed was a bit of family score settling, PT was accused of destroying the romance by being last in at the drink stop. Somehow he got B-I-M-B-O for that. If Scribe has failed to make a connection somewhere it was due to the Whip rotating as she spoke, so the words came in bursts and the bits when she was facing 180° from scribe got lost.


OfTOTW least said the better, POTUS this week having kept up his stream of verbal faux pas. POTW made a brief appearance and Butt Wiper was assailed to keep the Prick. He couldn’t find a good reason why not so it went back home again.




Run 1917 pictures