And now it’s time for the Mystery Whip. On it Awesome Foursome with a pre-emptive self-charge for doing the hash in a rain coat and umbrella only for the rain to disappear. Then it’s welcome back Machine. But where’s G-String – at home looking after 5 babies? And on the same charge, Posh Pussy for leaving her baby - No Rection in charge of the shop whilst she gallivants on the hash. Here’s to the abandoners, they’re true blue….. And now it’s the super organiser Pokai who having organised Interhash and the food and dancing every night, was seen organizing her own room parties instead. She’s the meanest…

Cherry Picker then calls in Puks Me Lately. Here’s the cute young gal, always smiling, but what’s behind the ??? Whilst at his fav Sunday morning coffee place, recovering from the SC marathon, CP bumps into the Puk family. As Cherry Picker is explaining all the local restaurants, cafes and eateries to his new neighbours,PML asks “this is why you do all this running and stilly have a big belly?” Who ate all the pies….

With the PoTW still in Thailand, and the ToTW MIA, it’s on to the MMW – new member Samson Letoi. Apparently a circle is like Church – no swearing, no drinking, and definitely no hats. On in Hooray and Poser but they’re alright.... Then it’s the bored (or talkative) ones – BLS, Saliva, Bibrator and Ayam Zinking – they ought to be publicly…. Meanwhile the InterHashSec steps in charging the MMW for not charging the sitting Suction Cup – and she gets the horse song. And again for competing on the hash – she’s still the meanest. Then its PML and the FRladies for short cutting, and Trolly Dolly for sounding like a heard of elephants – drink it down, down, down, down.

And as our new members are sung – get a life…. VB reminds us to pay our Q1 subs

CP asks have we charged Shaggy? Which reminds him of the BKK hash, whereupon running out of beers, had banana down downs. And so Shaggy regales us with the Thai transvestite song.

So why was our GM so late she missed the run? Because she was watching the new StarWars movie, drinking smuggled in gin. So now drink a beer down, down

More AoB – Puk Me Lately starts off about yesterday’s Sunday hash? It didn’t take the hashers long to compute and sing B.I.M.B.O…. Pushing reset, PML was charged by Dripping Bush last Sunday, and now the hairy one gets charged in reverse

Pokai calls Dripping Bush back in. PML is the hot, new, young thing on the hash, and Dripping Bush was just a Chi-Ko-Pek (Dirty old man)

Trolly Dolly tells us he is a superb athlete, who was watching Baywatch, and was reminded of Stick Her Shock, running in slow motion. After a chest bump with VB, SHS was still alright, she’s alright, she’s a little flat chested… (really?)

Now Pokai tells us about the hare leading the hashers on the durian trail, but others went to Cold Storage and bought out boxes of durians and red wine. On in Fawlty Bush, Chicken Sh#t, Awesone Foursom, Sharon Batu and Bibrator for then trying to mask the smell by drinking coconut water! A spoon full of seaman helps the harietts go down….

Trolly Dolly brings in the Fawlty family. FB was awoken by FT crashing up the stairs after a big night out. Are you ok asksFB? Yeah, I’m just bringing up a keg of beer! But why ask FB? Its ok, I’ve left the keg downstairs.

And with that, it was on, on, on at 8:50pm to the Red Lantern and even more beers ??


Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1864 - The AA run

Circle Report - Run 1864

Date: Friday 15th December 2017

Run Site Gaharu

On-on: Red Lantern

Hares: Airborne n Alvin


Total Run/ Circle Attendance:    43 of which 38 Members (F 19 & M 19)

Virgins:                                       Egard

Visitors & Returnees:                  4 (1F,3M)

New Members:                           Samson Letoi & Suction Cup

Milestones                                  Nine more sleeps till Santa comes

Next Week’s Hares:                    Pokai & Tina Tuna

Run Site:                                    Pasir Ris

On-On:                                        Georges Bistro



Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers,   Photos: Luc

At 8:01, our shy retiring type GM’s called the pack to order.Voting Bitch and her stand in man – Cherry Picker bellowed – and what did we think of the run? Too dry, too many short cuts, too many marks. Despite a range of interjections from hash shit to possibly ok, we all made it back after a good 10km work out and so it was rightfully declared a good run, especially given the efforts of the hares, laying and re-laying trail in an extended torrential downpour, and shepherding us around the complete trail. And a good hash feed at the Onon with plenty of beer from the hares, ensured an upgrade to an excellent run

Virgins? Yes – Egard the tall German guy. WMYC? Apparently some nameless girls. But one German drinks…….. and back in the other tall German – Cherry Picker. Here’s to the Germans, they’re true blue…..

Guests? Dripping Bush, Tight Lips, Machine and Shaggy the sex tourist from Thailand. Why were they born so beautiful…

Next week’s hares? Pokai and Tina Tuna (minus their Handbag). Get ready for the scandalous Grandma run at Pasir Ris

And the GM’s ask “do we have a hare whip?” On in Airborne explaining his trials and tribulations with the N Parks Mandarins. No bike trails, no nature reserves, no durian trail, resend your map, and then finally at 3:50pm Friday, as it was belting down, they finally relented. No worries about markings as they were all washed away. Here’s to N Parks they’re true blue….

Apparently Airborne struggled to keep up with his co-hare (even on his bike), only to learn Alvin was an extreme runner who had just completed the Spartan run in JB, some of which was under water – what good training for tonight! But it seems although the as yet unnamed Alvin survived the submerging, his I-Phone didn’t – B.I.M.B.O….

Cherry Picker quickly got the naming going with his story of Alvin breaking his own checks, only to get lost in the first bit of shiggy – blur….. and it wasn’t long until it morphed and he was on his knees receiving the powers infested in Voting Bitch, more sprinkled water and a down down and for herein ever after to be know as Blur Like Sotong

Lolly, lolly, and as the circle parted, the car stopped in the middle, and out comes Corny Linquist andShipyard Flasher – here’s to the late comers….

Thanking Airborne and BLS (it took about 10 seconds for the Singaporean acronym), for stepping in to fill the hareline, our Grand Mattress puts out a call for Friday the 12th of January. And immediately up steps Ditch – what a hasher he is – he’s alright…… And at this stage, the assistant hash cash fills the scribes beer and it’s all looking downhill from here

Run 1864 more pictures