PS calls for the ToTW. It’s been another quiet week in Washington according to Ditch, so on in Cherry Picker (just give it to me now), for take a p#ss on the first circle check, Ayam Zinking who had set the Sunday trail and was falsely claiming he knew this trail but was Making Sunday Great Again, and CCC, for idolising Trump coz he can grab ‘em by the pussy. And the verdict according to Ditch and the noise meter, was Ayam Zinking…


Regaining her composure, PML has found her hareline. (In those shorts, I’m surprised it took her so long – Ed) And Chicken Sh#t, with the aid of a loud speaker - next week’s run is declared a Sh#t (family) run, Bukit Batok Nature Park.


And now, it’s time, for, the, Mystery, Whip? On in Puul Toy, who calls in Pay2Come and Puck Me Lately. PT had overheardPML after showering in the carpark say – “I need to spray my man for monkey’s”? What kind of monkey sex was going on in that dark corner of the car park asks PT? They’re dumb, they’re dumb….


Next PT shares something that has been worrying him for the last 2.5yrs? He’s been observing Aussies, and there’s something troubling about CCC? And finally it dawns on him – Coo Chi Coo is a bogan! And the wigs come out (blonde of course for PML) and a dicky knee hat and mullet for CCC – hashy b’day to you….


PoTW? Strapless declares, stand in or stand up? And the contenders are CCC – so many runs here and still managed to screw it up, and Cherry Picker – “This guy, I tell you, pees on the first check! Here’s to the C Pr#cker, he’s true blue…”


And now it’s time for the M,M,Whip? Finally, it’sAyam Zinking – speak English! AZ bats on – “I was reading the Straits Times”? (seriously – who does that?), “and I read about reckless driving by Singaporeans”. On in Strapless, who, driving a black car with a big star on the front, almost ran down our HDB hasher – he’s alright, he’s alright…. Next it’s the Friday Committee,   duly served up with water, for mismanagement and running out of beer – they’re the meanest….. But Wonton declares, it’s all Tina Tuna’s fault for being so sexy whilst serving beer and driving demand through the roof!


AOB? Big Head tells us about the Hariettes 45th b’day run – Sat Oct 13th – Turf Club Pegasus Hotel, and promising the Singapore Hariettes never run out of beer!


And all the complaining about lack of beer brings back a Bugle Boy Trump joke – “Can you imagine if I drank? I would be even worse”. It hasn’t always been that way. Back in 1976, Trump walked into a swanky NYC bar, and ordered a drink. He downed it, then looked into his pocket. This occurred again and again. When Barman Bugle Boy enquires, Trump says, “I have a picture of Ivanka in my pocket, and when she looks good, I’m going home”


Bugle Boy calls Bully and King Leer out of their chairs. Claiming to be tired, and needing to sit and rest, but the boys were in fact carefully positioned to observeBig Head’s ass! Down boys!


And with lots of thirsty, hungry, hashers, and loads of cold beer and No Good cooking just up the road, our GM’s declared on, on, on at 8:40pm. And a great on on it was indeed. Well done hares and GM’s


Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1907
Coo Chi Coo's birthday run

Run 1907 Circle Report

Coo Chi Coo’s birthday run

Friday 5th October 2018

Run Site: Pepys Road, Car Park C

Hares: Coo Chi Coo and No Good

On-on: CCC’s place – up the hill


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 57 of which 40 Members (18 F, 22 M)

Virgins:                                   not on CCC’s run

Guests & Returnees:                16(5F, 11 M)

Milestones:                             Not this week

Next Week’s Hares:        The S* Family

Run Site: Bukit Batok Nature Park Car Park

On-On: On Site – Mr. Hoe’s with the works


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers   Photos: Count Dracula

ECO-FRIENDLY LCHHH… Everyone must be aware now that disposable plastics are becoming public enemy No 1. GMs Puck Me Lately wants LCHHH to set an example to this over-consuming Republic. One way to do it is for members to follow the good example of Astronut, Cherry Picker and Mother Mary, joined now by Ditch & Stash, BYO mug … or bottle warmer.


It’s 8:03pm, the barrel’s gone already, we’re into the bottles, and we’ve got a big, animated crowd ready to go. WDWTOTRun? Amongst the usual, too much of this and too much of that, it seems most of the pack lost this Friday’s trail, and followed either last Friday’s or Sunday’s trail or their own trail. But despite some calls for hash sh#t, it seems Puck Smuggler was one of the few to connect the dots, and found this Friday’s trail, and so it was declared a good run! Here’s to the hares….. OnOn? Poolside - up the hill, about $10 for No Good’s cooking (would you take $8 asks Bully). Girls in bikini’s FoC


“Where is next week’s run?” Puck Me Lately asks innocently, having lost her list? Hang on, isn’t she the Run Mistress? B.I.M.B.O…..


Guests & Returnees – yes all 16 of them, Guests: Fatty & Sweaty, (Harriet)Buzz Lightyear, Cunny Lick Her, Chong, Dead Fish, Drop Shorts, For Source, Scott, Telecum.


Then some notable returnees including Boo & Quickie, Big Head, Bugle Boy, Fourteen Penguins, Tina Tuna, and King Leer, but there’s no respect shown and it’s “F-off you Charlie Uniform November Tangos…” And the returnees were called back in for another verse of the same song…


PML calls for a hare whip – where’s CCC? Oh, he’s already in the circle? CCC is up for a hare b#tch. Claiming he planned the run 5 wks ago, but then other hashes had sabotaged it by laying runs in the same area, and given it hadn’t rained in SG for over a week, we had arrows and checks and fresh paper everywhere. But CCC claimed some had managed to stay on this week’s trail – b/s, b/s, it all sounds like b/s to me…. And for leading half the pack on his own run, it’s Rooning Sh#t that cops the charge.


Next it’s co-hare No Good, who calls in Ditch and Sweet Thighs. When she arrived in the car park, Ditch was complaining how tired he was after doing a 4hr reccie for the Monday boys, then having a 4hr rest, but he was still tired. But look at CCC, he did a 5hr recce then set the run, and he still looks better than Ditch? (And Strapless chimes in, “Is that because he then went for 4hrs of massage?). “Why were they born so beautiful…”

Run 1907 pictures