Chastity Belt calls in our German, who rides an Italian super bike, but seems to like the French? Seems they had a meeting during the week, and from his Audi, kept sending message saying,  I’m nearly there, oh, I’m still 15mins away, now I’m further away, f it, turn off the German Audi navigation and follow Google.


PoTW? Seems its flying from SG to NZ with Puck Me Lately? Is it a gift for Pr#ck Me?


MMW? Corny Linquist – can we have a translator? CL explains the story, how our navigating hare, told him to follow In n Out and Stash, as if they were buoys? Not those kind of boys! But the British and the US apparently have different systems for buoys – the British go from one buoy to the other, whilst the Americans go around one then the other?  And then there’s Rodger – the cabin buoy – but that’s another story. And still on navigating, it’s on in Wankie Pooh, for using purple chalk on asphalt? She’s alright….


Tonight we had our first payer for the 2k run. Ditch was very excited, but didn’t know how to handle it. ThankfullyPokai was there – you can PayLah!, Pay Now or Pay Cash. And Chastity Belt asks Pokai – what’s that thing on your wrist? It’s my 19kg grand daughter. Back to the payment thing, send your money (not your dirty pics) to 96986266, and don’t worry, Pokai will only keep a small commission.


AoB? Eskimo calls in Durian Dog and Ditch – we need to get a little serious now? And he explains how at 4am, on the 11th Feb, 1942, our founder Gispert, took one for the pack, at the MOE car park. Keep the tradition alive and see you there next year, with your candle and beers and whatever else you need at 4am in the morning. And Durian Dog – stop teaching chemistry and teach some real Singapore history – D.D.D.D….


No Good calls in Airborne. Does she have a thing for older men? Well may be, as on the run tonight, No Good asks Airborne, do you know how to get home? Yes. And they kept running in the wrong direction. Well, how about the run site – no – he ought to be publicly….


Cereal Killer is in, and calls in Fawlty Bush, who he exclaims is a professional Grab driver? But it seems Cereal Killer and Juicy Pussy arrived early on their bikes as they avoid public transport and COVID19. And so they had a good view of Fawlty Bush’s parking skills?  There was only one car in the car park, so FB decided to show off her skills and park beside it. In n Out, In n Out, then she get out, checks the rear, and parks again. Here’s to the OCD parker, she’s true blue….


Croc O’Sh#t was impressed by our historian Eskimo just now. But as he was sprinting along with Comes Quietly tonight, low and behold, he was passed by the speeding historian. I remember when you guys were FRB’s – he’s the meanest, he….. all he does is POUND it…..


Stash is in, comparing times and distances. The hare said it would be 8km, but my watch said 9.5km, others said 8.2, 10.2, 8.5 and 9.8. What’s with your American GPS technology, mine is Korean! Here’s to the hares…….. But Chastity Belt points out that Stash didn’t do the right trail so it doesn’t matter what his Korean watch says.


And with that, let’s try and navigate our way around the buoys to the on on. Well done to our multi tasking GM’s and hares

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1979

Lion City HHH :    Run 1979 Circle Report

Friday 21st February 2020

Run #1979 – The GM’s run

Run Site: Clementi Park

Hares: Chastity Belt and Wankie Pooh

On-on: Yes if you can follow the directions?


Total Run/Circle Attendance: 43 of which 35 Members(17F,18M)

Virgins:                       Not on the West Coast

Guests/Returnees:        Michelle, Microscopic, Bagless 2, Cereal Killer, In n Out, Eskimo, Windy Bar and After Hours


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Count Dracula

Welcome to the GM’s run, and tonight we have Chastity Belt and stand in Wonton. Who was born in 1979? All the young ones. But let’s get the pre 1979 hares in – Chastity Belt and Wankie Pooh for our – WDWTOTRun??? Many got off trail and short cut their way home, whilst those who did the whole run were still out of breath – so we were all a bit lost for words. And then someone offered – It could have been a good run? And that’s close enough – good run it is – here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….. On on? Is our GM preparing a speech? No, he’s trying to relay directions to Sing Yi – good luck if you find it, $12 for fish head curry.


Visitors and Returnees? On in Michelle, Microscopic, Bagless 2, Cereal Killer, In n Out, Eskimo, Windy Bar and After Hours, Here’s to all of them, they’re true blue……


Next week’s run? It’s the Airborne rescue run, and according to the Octogenarian, it will have more than two arrows! Get yourself ready for a Red Hill romp.


Hare Whip? Chastity Belt keeps Airborne in for the warm up charge. Apparently Airborne was wearing the N95 mask (free issue for some?) earlier, so he hasn’t been coronorised. But how about the hash brew serving all the beers? But according to our doctor of epidemiology GM, the virus can’t be Airborne? So, he’s alright, he’s alright…. And then it’s the MIA Voting B#tch for some form of mismanagement, so let’s have a real blonde American in – Tight Lips – B.I.M.B.O…. Next Wankie Pooh calls in Saliva andCroc O’Sh#t. How many years have we been coming to this car park? Who needs a GPS? But Saliva and C O’S drove straight past, glued to their GPS’s, not watching where they were really going! Here’s to them, they’re true blue….. Now apparently, it absolutely belted down today on the west coast, and hence the scarcity of arrows, plus we ran through the uni, so apologies, but arrows are not allowed. But despite that, some managed to find their way around the full trail – well done Durian Dog, Astronut, Fawlty Bush, No Rection, Posh Pussy and Corny Linquist – they ought to be publicly….


Wonton asks permission to call in Ditch – that’s always allowed. Last Friday, Ditch tried to make an announcement, but he was a little Mabo – so let him try again? 27 June, Sat night, LCH3 2k run, cheap cheap - $60 for member, or $70 for guests. Or better still, sponsor a barrel and get freebies. Registration is now open. He ought to be…….


CB – do we really have a Mystery Whip? No, it’s just Fake Virgin. Seems he missed last week’s Valentine’s Day run, so has the Valentine’s blues, and tonight was stuck behind Posh Pussy – through the woods, across the streams, and then some fast bstd (CCC?) tries to overtake? And zooms past, accidentally on purpose brushing Posh Pussy – here’s to the exhibitionist. And then he overheard Awesome4some to Fawlty Bush, as it started to drizzle. Look at my butt? Fake Virgin – it’s a run not a butt comp. And then there is a hasher Fake Virgin has the utmost admiration for – Coo Chi Coo? Tonight, he was on his best (normal) behavior. Whilst waiting at the lights, he noticed CCC correctly crossing the road, also waiting at the lights, just so he could chat up the pretty young university girl, showing off his one pack! And for the finale’ (and the end), it’s Croc O’Sh#t. I’ve never heard so much sound from a showering hasher – oh, oh, itsssss, sooooo, goooood. What’s in Hooray’s shower water? Let’s give the warm waterers a note……




Run 1979 pictures