Chastity Belt has an aeroplane tale for Airborne. As Airborne had just boarded a small turbo prop, and all were seated and ready to fly, the pilot and his first officer entered from the rear door, and made their way down the aisle. But Airborne was aghast to see the pilot being led by a guide dog, and the first officer waving a white cane from side to side!  The pilots make their way to the cockpit and everyone nervously straps in. Engines on and off down the run way, slowly picking up speed. And Airborne, and by now the rest of the passengers have gone from anxious to panic stricken. And with the end of the runway looming, the passengers begin screaming, and the plane just lifted off moments before the end of the runway. And the pilot turned to the first officer and said, thank God they screamed so we knew when to take off! Airborne is alright, he’s alright…..


PoTW – still in the land of the long white cloud – PML has found a keeper


MMW? After many falsies, in comes Ditch, and he’s a bit pissed with the SG Govt? So biased lah – they rejected a Chinese PR becoz he breached quarantine, but they let in Singaporeans who have been to Japan? On in Strapless andChicken Sh#t – they ought to be….  This guy has been running for decades, so you think he would understand, that if you have to do a no. 2 in the shiggy, not to do it in front of the neighbour’s camera? On in the over relieved Coo Chi Coo – he’s still the meanest….. As PayLah! was running in tonight, she noticed Saliva, attached to a pole with a flexible rope, and she turned to Croc O’Sh#t and said: “Who put her on the leash?”


Voting B#tch makes a forelorn plea for someone, anyone, to step up for the committee at our upcoming AGM – all volunteers welcome.


Butt Wiper announces the Sunday run, and also his hash wedding to Tight Lips on Saturday the 14th of March at the Dempsey Durian stall carpark from 3pm – all welcome.


Airborne has a b’day greeting for his grandson who has his b’day on the 29th of Feb – with a birthday just every 4 years, no wonder he thinks Airborne is a dinosaur. Chastity Belt calls back in Butt Wiper – he f’d up, as he really wanted to get married on the 29th to avoid the anniversary presents.


Now it’s free for all – AoBNo Good calls in C O’S – ok a look alike will do, and Ditch, and Awesome4some. And with C O’S leading the pack and approaching a very narrow gap in the fence, Ditch and AS4S were overheard saying – he can’t get through there – here’s to the mispronouncers, their true blue….


Hooray calls in the GM. He’s been the GM for a year now, and just b4 the run rushes up to Hooray and says, did you get my msg? You’re the MW? Seems our GM has Hooray’s number from 40 years ago, and so here’s to the appointer, he’s true blue…. And Hooray has another – who is whimpy and who is hard core? Durian Dog and AS4S both live nearby, but the not so hard core AS4S has just returned from a homely shower – here’s to her…..


Circle Jerk claims some people are human – Pokai, Shipyard Flasher and Bibrator, whilst others are more Robotic – Rooning Sh#t. But today he showed a glimmer of humanity. On trail, off trail, in a mild state of panic, R/S says to Circle Jerk, I’ll just follow you, but then he disappeared, back off trail, short cutting straight to the beer wagon – here’s to the robotic one……


VB to CJ – we’ve all been exposed to the temperature checks lately right? VB was going down Orchard Road, and had to visit the doc and then go into a shopping centre – so 3 temp tests. 1st one – error – you’re not human, 2nd – error, 3rd – error. With her temperature dropping to 34.3°, VB had to explain to the nurse that Roo Rooter was away and that’s why she wasn’t at normal operating temperature!


CCC maybe has misheard but he wants to know why VB went down on Orchard road?


Stash has a question for CCC? Why are you recording everything? Seems he’s got a new phone and wants to test out the recording function before he takes it into his bedroom.


And with that it was on on on to the KEK fish head place. Great run Airborne andC O’S, and well done GM’s ensuring we all got out of another public car park without getting arrested. On on on.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1980

Friday 28th Feb 2020

Run #1980 – A rescue run

Run Site: Bukit Merah Lane 3

Hares: Airborne and Croc O’Sh#t

On-on: Kek Seafood


Total Run/Circle Attendance: 41 of which 36 Members (18F,18M)

Virgins:                       ohh la la – Nicola, Ilhame and Reshma

Returnees:                   Sperm Off Ice and Shipyard Flasher


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Count Dracula

Welcome to the rescue run by our GM’s - Chastity Belt and Voting B#tch. But the circle’s still dishevelled so VB get’s in a quick PSA for the upcoming 2K run. Just $60 for members but if you sponsor and drink half a keg, you get in for free – how good is that? Ok, let’s get the hares in – little and slightly larger – Airborne and Croc O’Sh#t. WDWTOTRun? Not enough marks, too hilly, too much shiggy, but we’ll have none of that – a rescue run is always a good run, and indeed it was. And they’ve even organised an On On – KEK – down there, high quality seafood for just $13 so let’s do a fish head count.


Next week’s hares? Count Dracula is in to announce the Sembawang Park run, ably assisted byBagless, Chilli Balls and Too Good.


Yes we have virgins – are they French? On in Nicola, Ilhame and Reshma. Reshma - who made you come? Croc O’Sh#t. How was it? Quick, Quick. Just one minute – he is so persuasive. And Nicola and Ilhame – Who made you come? The beautiful PayLah! Here’s to the virgins…… And next Friday it’s Ilhame’s b’day and they’ll bring more virgins.


Returnees?Sperm Off Ice and Shipyard Flasher – we’re just here for the beer – they’re alright…..


Hare Whip? Airborne has outsourced to the young fella – on in Croc O’Sh#t. 1st of all, I am not a fan of hare on hare violence. But we are not a young couple, and tonight, one hare seemed to do all the heavy lifting – planning, reccee’ing, setting. And those track marks you saw – that wasn’t a bulldozer, that was us with our pharangs. Now b4 the recce began, C O’S lathered up with SPF50 in the 36 degree heat and carted around litres of water. But not the spritely one, no time for sunscreen, and he didn’t take water and even declined the offer of a drink after the bulldozing. But after 14km, C O’S couldn’t take it any more, and slumped down, and insisted Airborne take a break and a drink. Ok, I’ll just have a sip. This is not a man, it’s a Cyborg. The real Airborne died 24yrs ago!  Here’s to the Cyborg, he’s true blue….. 


And for some more unreal humans – on in Iron Crotch and Wide Spread. Now these two look exactly like they did in 2006 (ok, what was C O’S doing in 2006?). But they have never been on time, but always manage to do the whole run? Miraculous? Tonight they arrived at 6:45pm, managed to do the whole run, and arrived back first for the beer – here’s to the female Cyborg’s, they’re true blue…. And now, deferring to the master, C O’S passes the baton to the young hare.


Airborne reminds us about the trials and tribulations of COVID19 (did a Singaporean give it the abbreviated name?). According to the MOH, masked are not needed, unless you are ill, in which case you should use an N95. But Sweet Thighs has been beside herself as the panic buying has stripped the shelves bare of N95’s. “Airborne, can you help me get an N95?” “Well yes, as it happens, I have some in my office, I can bring on Friday?” But then he got a SMS on how to deliver, followed by a watsapp, followed by carrier pidgeon. Here’s to the technologically challenged one – B.I.M.B.O….


And as Airborne tries to depart the circle, Voting B#tch calls him back, as co-hare C O’S had pointed out, the flying Englishman had actually set most of the run on a bike! Also a B.I.M.B.O…..


And now, it’s time, for, the, Mystery, Whip??? It’s Miss Microsoft – Tight Lips. There were lots of things out there today that I was not expecting to see? I was, unbelievably, witness to seeing Hooray on trail. In fact 3 times - as he short cut across the course. And then there was Strapless, pretending to run, whilst shortcutting down the corridor – they ought to be publicly….. And not forgetting Coo Chi Coo. The randy and cheeky one decided to go off trail (ie: 1M), and relieve himself. And Tight Lips has forever burnt into her memory a picture no woman needs to see – He’s the meanest…….




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