Puck Smuggler asks his co. GM about the upcoming AGM run on 19 April, and gets a bewildered look. And so PS updates the rest of us Bimbos. It’s at Count Dracula’s place, “I’m the hare, but I’m seeking a co-hare???” Stash almost instantaneously volunteers, after a few beers, (if only it was that easy every week). Come early, vote often, and put your hand up to help out.


And Pr#ck Me reminds the community spirited amongst us, we have only 3 vacancies to fill on next year’s committee? How much do they pay asks Bully? AndPokai responds – free medical, free dental, free parking and... free beer – quick get a pen and sign up the new recruit from the Geelong Cats!


PoTW? Not hidden amongst the durians tonight.


Puck Smuggler has a special charge. Leetle Sh#t for cheating, Stick Her Shock for being oblivious, and Juicy Pussy the desperate one. As PS was dashing across the cricket field trying to catch up, LSjumped on a scooter – side saddle style, and zinged across the field, whilst SHS followed the looping paper around, doing circle work, oblivious to the very obvious short cut, meanwhile Juicy Pussy decides to shower under the sprinklers. “Here’s to the bstds they’re true blue…”


MMW? The scribe somehow extricates himself from his chair (I should have taken Airborne’s advice and done the short run). Tonight we had one virgin, and one old man (ok maybe more than one). Bringing in the reluctant virgin – MoMo, Fawlty Towersasks, so what went wrong about ten minutes into your run? Ignoring the jelly fish look, he continues to prompt her memory. Something about you shoe? Maybe the laces? Oh yes, I forget to tie my laces? And so how did you fix that? And MoMo immediately bends over to show how she ties her laces. On in Coo Chi Coo for having missed the real thing – is he losing it? “Why were they born so…”


As we arrived tonight, what was the first sensation that you noticed? Awesome4some – durian smell? Yes indeed. And so that reminded FTof an article in the Bangkok Post earlier in the week. A Durian farmer had offered 10M Baht, for someone to marry his beautiful 26 year old daughter. But there are conditions: He must be smart. He must be hard working. He must love durian. And he must take over the family’s two durian farms. And since its Thailand, it’s ok if he’s a Lady Boy. On in our own Lady Boy to claim his bride and a down down…


Pr#ck Me has a charge, and brings in the hare, Mystery Whip and MM Whip, who had all failed today for not mentioning International Women’s Day! Protesting his innocence and calling in Suction Cup, doesn’t help Airborne avoid the inevitable – “Here’s to the guilty ones, they’re true blue…”


AoB – oh f yes. On in Roo Rooter. Although not an elite athlete, like everyone, RR has a favourite pair of running shoes. Already in Aus for a holiday, and with Voting Bitch about to go down under – honey, can you bring my fav shoes? Meeting up for breakfast at the airport, RR asks, and did you remember my shoes? “Yes,” says VB, “I gave them to the Salvos.” B.I.M.B.O….


Voting Bitch gets one back with a musical charge, inspired by the girl (in this case boy) from Ipanema. Seems RR is taking a 36hr flight to Brazil, and upon seeing Leetle Sh#ts Brazilian flag sarong, asks can I borrow that for my flight? (If it didn’t cover LS’s ass, then the Brazilian hosties are going to be mightily happy VB said no!)


Puck Smuggler calls in the private seated circle – Wonton, Saliva, Lady Boy, Cum Puss, Diet Coke Head and Wankie Pooh, all claiming they were just pre positioning for the on on. Here’s to the lost and hungry ones…


And with the beer still flowing, do we have any more AoB? Carn the Cats –Bully has a sad and serious situation? How do you know when your days are numbered? As he was striding out along North Buena Vista road doing some pre season training for the upcoming AFL season, Bully was overtaken by Wonton! Hang up yer boots mate! She’s the meanest…


On in Jimmy the guest with a charge for those who can’t recognize a fellow countryman. Seems PS and 8:24 both asked where he was from? Do I look Norwegian? “Here’s to the American without an accent, he’s true blue…”


Astronut calls in Strapless. Business must be bad? In fact when the call went out b4 the run for shorts, Strapless heard “sex”, and so he offered Chicken Sh#tinstead. “He’s the meanest…”


Apparently Dead Fish is confused? (Is that something new?). On in Stash to take one for his better half. Wonton to Dead Fish – “Who is that in the nice shirt, the one that says Patrick Hyde?” “Who is Ditch?” asks Dead Fish? We’re all confused - the Monday boys don’t use hash names, they’re the meanest….


And so at 8:51pm, it’s on on on to the Vietnamese White Lantern for fabulous fare and more beer. Well done hares, especially the young ones, and also to our GM’s for another cracking circle. On, on, on…….

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Run 1929
Run 1929 pictures

Run 1929 Circle Report

Friday 8th March 2019

Run Site: Dempsey Durian Car Park

Hares: Samson Letoi, Suction Cup, Count Dracula & Airborne

On-on: On site – Vietnam Style


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 53 of which 46 Members ( 23F, 23M)

Virgins:                                   1

Guests & Returnees:                 7 (2F, 5M)


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers, Photos: Count Dracula

It’s 8:05pm and Diet Coke Head finally arrives back after a circumnavigation of the island. That’s enough for stand in GM P#ck Me to call for circle up and let’s get started. Puck Smuggler calls in the last minute hares –Airborne and Count Dracula, along with Suction Cup to face the music, and asking – WDWTOT Run #1929? Too much new territory? Not enough concrete, too short….. But it seems we were bloody lucky to have a run at all as Samson Letoi had a last minute illness so the younger hares stepped in to lay a very long trail. And although PS’s hip flexors were calling for hash sh#t, the FRB’s somehow got back a few seconds b4 the 1:15pm cut off, and so good run indeed. “Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue…”

On-on? It’s on site (thankfully not at the durian stand), The White Lantern, $15 for home cooked Vietnamese by Suction Cup and her daughter – well done ladies.


Pr#ck Me calls for the special virgin and the long hair MoMo from Burma timidly steps forward. She’ll come again, so she’s all right…


Guests and returnees? We have 7 including Dead Fish, Shuttle Cock, Leetle Sh#t, Jimmy Lin, MoMo, Lady Boy and Emily. “Why were they born so…”


Do we have a run next week? Yes, we’ve been running every Friday for 35 yrs so I should think so! and according to Ditchit’s not on concrete (is it bitumen then asks Bully?). Jurong Eco Garden, CleanTech Park. It’s St. Patrick’s day so wear green. AndCount Dracula asks us to arrive at 5:58pm for a super short EGM – that’s Belgian efficiency!


PS calling in Rooning Sh#t – “So smart ass, did you do the full run?” (that would be a first). However arriving late, RS missed the vital clue about ignoring the blue chalk, and so in fact did more than a full run. Here’s to the reluctant long runner, he’s true blue…”


Hare Whip? On in the whipper snapper, Airborne. I’m going to complain (welcome to Singapore, it’s a national pastime). We (the committee) are trying to get runs sorted out at least 4 weeks in advance (good luck with that). But tonight we had a shock withdrawal – a very sick Samson Letoi, (but he valiantly made it around the short course before succumbing and getting the bus home) and when we asked the master mariner – Chastity Belt where his run will be in a couple of weeks, we got the reply – NFI? I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure? “Here’s to the clueless…”


Next it’s Count Dracula. On arriving back somewhat shagged, Rooning Sh#t asked CD, who else did only blue chalk? Is he colour blind or mind blind? B.I.M.B.O….


Pr#ck Me knows what time it is – and now it’s time for the Mystery Whip? It’s Ditch, who calls in Chicken Sh#t. As the runners set off tonight, our French friend (Leetle Sh#t), called out for a pair of shorts. But it was lost in translation and so CS heard socks. CS to Strapless, just give him a pair. However Strapless had heard correctly, and not wanting to run in his jock strap, was not his usual charitable self. Confused at her husbands uncharacteristic behaviour, CS tried again in vain. “Here’s to the deaf one, she’s true blue…”


And next it’s the sacrilegious Frenchman, for running in a Brazilian flag and baring his ass for all of Singapore to see. Down down for him to the tune of the French National anthem….”Ou est le papier…” Then it’s on in Juicy Pussy. Waaaa, you tied your hair up so fancy la. “Oh yeah, that’s because I arrived in a convertible!” “Here’s to the poser…”