Circle Report – Bondage Run aka No. 1869

Date: Friday 19th January 2018

Run Site: Jalan Gaharu

On-on: Red Lantern

Guest Hares: Teeny Weeny Willy, Butt Wiper &

3 Discipline Girls


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 40 of which 32 Members (15 F & 17 M )

Virgins:                                  On a Fetish run? Well actually, Yes !

Visitors & Returnees:              1 F, 2 M

New Members:                        No, but a lot of flagellation

Milestones International Fetish Day

Next Week’s Hares:                  Saliva, Chicken S#it & Strapless

Run Site: Dempsey Rd, behind the Durian Stall – see p.1

On-On: TBA on the night


Circle Scribe: Airborne, Photos: Count Dracula & Goodie Bag

Standby GMs Stick Her Shock and GM Puck Smuggler, dressed for the occasion, finally got busy at 8.10pm and after posing for the cameras, asked the usual question…”What did we think of the run?” On in the Hares…and hare-iettes…

The response was also as usual, if rather dampened by weather & beer, except for the “Not enoughs…” included “Not enough whipping” but given the theme, the creativity and the extra effort put into dealing with the weather, not to mention the Drink Stop, there was no serious opposition to GOOD RUN. “Here’s to hares…”

Where’s your on-on? Where else? Like a lighthouse in a storm, the Red Lantern guides us ever onwards…Hash to the Forture?


Virgins: Yes, we got extra lucky, a virgin Hare, made to come by the other hares. So who comes first…? There’s no answer to that so “She’s the meanest…”


Guests & Returnees: Apart from a rather large number of hares, we had just one lady, Jo Anne, one Returnee Malfunktion and visitor Teeny Willy. “Here’s to visitors, they’re true blue…”


Hare Whip: Teeny Weeny Willy complete with enough chains to start a Gothic shop, called in the unchained, for deviating from the deviant and deviously running without the bonding cord. Offenders included Fawlties Bush & Towers, with Ayam Zinking & Trolley Dolly.


After which it was time for the Mystery Whip in the person of 8.24. First target, the British, for really getting into this fetish thing…if they didn’t invent it, they certainly practice it more assiduously than the rest of the world (Americans just talk about it, apparently – Scribe). Isn’t this another case of Britannia Waives the Rules? On in the hares Butt Wiper and TWW …”Why were they born so beautiful…”


Not done yet, 8.24 looks to the US Citizens for his next charge, since there seems to be general ignorance geographically and in particular the whereabouts of Norway. Calling in token Americans (and look-alikes, apparently), he challenged them to point to Norway’s location on a map of the world, promising to buy dinner for those successful. However there was a catch, for which we had to wait in suspense, whilst “Lorry lorry…” interrupted. See the photo what the map looked like, so no winners! Seemingly, it was a map drawn by POTUS…


Which should have brought us neatly to TOTW, except that the current holder, Hooray, failed to remember to bring the shirt. Instead, we moved on to POTW whose current custodian Butt Wiper was keen to part with possession. Here was an opportunity for a bit of schadenfreude. With the skies having fallen on Singapore, the soggy trail needed extra care but still someone, who should have known better, managed to fall and hurt himself. So the priapic prosthetic went to Samson Latoi whose expression of delight speaks volumes…”Why was he born so beautiful…”


On to Mystery Mystery Whip where once again Puck Smuggler was forced to D-I-Y, having failed to persuade some other victim to take on the task. After warming up on Coo Chi Coo and Circle Jerk for unmentionable deviance (They’re the meanest…”) He launched into a shaggy dog – charade, explaining that he was a farmer, and needed a horse, calling in Sir Long & Thin. Next he wanted a faithful dog – Corny Linguist. After that, more animals, including a cow (Running S#it) a pig (Malfunktion) and a rooster (Pokai). Guess where all this was leading? Not adding bestiality to the evening’s menu of deviance, but …“Old MacDonald had a farm …“, with onomatopoeic accompaniment from the elective animals…who were not averse to a D-D. (They earned it – Scribe)


AOB and first up is Trolley Dolly. Off-trail through washed-out markings, he and Eleven found themselves walking by an adult accessory shop. Stopping in, they bought a whipping kit. TD stayed within the limits of decency by not putting it on, but called in, as most deserving of it: Goody Bag, Fawlty Bush, Shipyard Flasher and Suction Cup…”Here’s to Bondage People, they’re true blue…”


Circle Jerk bewailed the fact that some peoples’ choice of partner was not acceptable, with Handbag getting more than his fair share. Handbag counter-charged that CJ had gotten seriously into the spirit of things by trying to seduce construction workers along the Greenway…”They’re all right, they’re all right, a little bit rough but they’re all right…”


Touching AOB from a visitor: “I’ve been stuck with the name Teeny Willy for 30 years thinking I was alone with it …tonight I’m happy ‘cos I’ve met one worse off than me: Teeny WEENY Willy!” “Here’s to the Willies, They’re true blue…”


Last and also least is Coo Chi Coo – it seems his need for the opposite sex is insatiable: “I need some women in the Circle…” His call is answered by Stick her Shock and the Hare Discipline Girls. The charge? Over dressing…”Why so heavily dressed?” Of course, actually, “They’re all right…” Final comment by CCC: “In Singapore I’m used to girls having only fried eggs to stick in their bras…but tonight I saw a really nice pair of tits… Puck Smuggler!” True enough, it looks like the GM has either

been pumping iron or been at the steroids again…”Why was he born so beautiful…”


Upon which note GMs & GM called on-on-on at around 8.50pm.


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Back to History...
Run 1869
International Fetish day run

Run Report – Bondage Run aka No. 1869

Date: Friday 19th January 2018

Run Site: Jalan Gaharu

Guest Hares: Teeny Weeny Willy, Butt Wiper &

3 Discipline Girls


Run Report: Airborne

Something completely different was not only promised but duly delivered…chains and whips a-plenty, enough to satiate the most frustrated control freak, the hares putting on an effort that did more than justice to International Fetish Day.


The elements did their best to flush away deviant behaviour but hashers proved more than equal to tropical torrents, frequent floggings, running strung together in bondage twos and threes. With trail markings washed away by the 5.45pm downpour, there was no alternative to live hares so Teeny Weeny Willie and Butt Wiper had to rush out in front after lashing the pack.


The trail led through greenery along the PIE to emerge into Bingkai Park, then dodging through the short cut by the Swiss Club to Turf City territory along a pipeline corridor. Raising eyebrows in the motor mart and restaurant areas, the pack went through Turf City and crossed Bukit Timah Road to a stretch along Sixth Avenue before turning right and working their way through Greenleaf land to the not-so-Green Corridor. After that, a run northwards until crossing into Jalan Bangket and Mayfair Gardens where a DRINK STOP with more flogging awaited those who failed to turn up with Map re-created from TWW’s description the bonding cords intact. Consolation: bourbon!


Run 1869 more pictures