MMW? Seems we have no takers, but finally, Posh Pussy steps forward. Uncle just point to me so no choice ahh. Ok, so back to Coo Chi Coo’s run. I was in a bit of a dilemma and couldn’t decide – bikini or not? So I checked myself out in the mirror – not bad lah. And my husband said to me – just do your job. And PML also did the job. We run hard every week to keep our figure, and we did our job. But we weren’t expecting secret photo’s, dirty old men, no permission, surprisingly it wasn’t CCC (he had the CCTV recording?), perhaps it was Ayam Zinking? But it seems the real culprit was a very old man – Airborne. It’s always the quiet ones. What about our personal protection data? Airborne and Ayam Zinking were comparing photo’s, whilst we were trying to protect our dignity under the water. AndPML declares them guilty – of taking a photo of SoI trying to look like a mermaid. And Strapless sings a special song – Sh#t on your face……

Circle Jerk – a number us – huh? (Does he short cut everything?) – couples, find love on the hash, and we’ve got to work on it to maintain it. Tonight we had Fawlty Towers and Fawlty Bush, in matching attire, running happily along together, but when we got to the river, where was FT? He had bolted ahead, leaving the diminutive FB to make her own way across. And then there was the budding romance of Crock O’Sh#t and Tongue in Cheek, until C O’S stumbled and fell into the river, swamping Tongue in Cheek. And then there was the virgin – Barbara? Long hair, pink top, who was struggling to get across the pipeline – has anyone seen her? Still MIA.

PoTW?VB – I almost forget, it’s been a good week – Roo Rooter has been a real pr#ck. But fear not, for PML is eagerly in, to give the member away. In fact, this is not meant for non members (returnees excepted?). But I took on this mission with glee, and tried to fix it, charge it – but it’s no good, its f’d! But my dad has been cleaning up at home, so I have been paranoid where I can hide it, so I am very glad to get rid of it. So, should it go to the ungrateful one – Rooning Sh#t, who despite me missing a flight for his run, he still charges me? Or the unhelpful one – Blur Like Sotong, who when I fell down on the run, he just says are you ok and keeps running! Or the uncaring one – Fake Virgin, who did his virgin hare run recently, but then f’d off b4 the circle and I got to be his look a like? Ungrateful, Unhelpful or Uncaring? And Rooning Sh#t gets the gong and the dong.

AoB? Mothers Tongue has a kind of charge – on in the busty ladies – Fawlty Bush, No Good, VB, Awesome4some, Ugly Bum, Posh Pussy, Iron Crotch and Tongue in Cheek – look at the beauty! And please support the Hariettes breast cancer awareness run on Wednesday 16th October. Wear a bra – on the outside – and men also – (especially Butt Wiper). And you can fill you bra’s and your boots at the Crossroads on on afterwards. Gentlemen, they’re alright, they’re alright…..

Circle Jerk has a quick announcement for the dog hash – it’s in the Christian Cemetery – Chou Chu Kang – byo bones.

Ditch is calling out the FRB’s for screwing up the rest of us on. There was a log jam (so to speak) at the back of the pack, as the pack tried to shimmy across the log. Pokai was the last one, and how did the Yoga lover tackle the log? On her bum. Yoga on the log – what a sight – here’s to Pokai, she’s true blue…..

Seems we still have beer, so Pokai has a back track charge to last week’s pool party. Mermaid specimen A – it’s Tiny Tuna but we need a look a like – so on in VB. And we have PML as Mermaid specimen B, and of course Posh Pussy as Mermaid specimen C. And we have the pictorial evidence. All becoz of CCC’s 72nd b’day - actually he thinks like a 27 year old. Can you imagine them in bikini’s? But where is specimen DD? However Pokai has a specimen D? Once a year,CCC gets all the excitement – all the specimens in the pool. But tonight, No Good was standing up and striding out on the playground apparatus – oh, this is so exciting. Is that CCC’s normal excitement for the other 364 days of the year? Here’s to the Merdeka generation, they’re true blue.

And finally, at 8:50pm, its on on on. Well done hares for a fabulous run, and a great circle GM’s.


Footnote: Well done to those that stayed back to help search for the missing virgin. Rooning Sh#t, Strapless, Ayam Zinking, Chicken Sh#t andCircle Jerk. They found her at 10:45pm, on the pipeline, calmly waiting. Now she’s a real hasher. Great work all.

Back to History...
Back to History...
Run 1959
The S* Family run

Lion City HHH :    Run 1959 Circle Report

Friday 4th October 2019

Run #1959 – The Sh#t fam run

Run Site: Springleaf Avenue

Hares: Rooning Sh#t and Chicken Sh#t

On-on: Sher – Sembawang road


Total Run/ Circle Attendance: 52 of which 38 Members (17F, 21M)

Virgins: Well, yes, the French girl, but she’s lost in the jungle.

Guests & Returnees: King Dingaling III, Tongue in Cheek, Dead Fish, Sabine, Stars n Stripes, Just Jack, Barbara, Just Tim, Ball Scratcher, Hash Bunny, Pucks Me Lately, Skidmark, Ugly Bum and Ad Nauseum


Circle Scribe: Fawlty Towers

Photos: Count Dracula

Its bang on 8pm, and Voting B#tch calls the big crowd to circle up. And since it’s the Sh#t fam run, why not have another one as the stand in GM – Croc O’Sh#t

On in the hares – Rooning Sh#t and Chicken Sh#t. No need for the usual blah blah, this was a unanimous good run, even if they lost a hasher. Here’s to the hares, they’re true blue….

VB – remind us about your on on? Sher Indian – famous for their Chinese? $12, great food, parking (also 12 dollar), and beers. Commences after the lost one comes back – has she paid her fees?

C O’S welcomes our Wisitors – in 7 words or less – my mother made me come - King Dingaling III, Tongue in Cheek, Dead Fish, Sabine, Stars n Stripes, Just Jack, Barbara, Just Tim, Ball Scratcher, Hash Bunny  Here’s to the Wisitors, they’re true blue….. Keep your cups, they’re for your samples later

Returnees? Pucks Me Lately, Skidmark, Ugly Bum, Ad Nauseum….. They ought to be publicly…..

Next week’s hares? Blur Like Sotong and Awesome 4some. Gillman Barracks, Car Park B

Hare Whip?Rooning Sh#t is charging the FRB visitors, including the buxom one and King Dingaling the III. Trail went right but they went straight, then through the park, missed the turn, and on to the golf course, and missed another T check. Are you in the Navy? Give these blind bstds a note – why were they born so…… Next charge – Pucks Me Lately. PML – I was waiting for this. RS – I’d like to think… (and the rest of us – we’d like you to think also), that missing your flight by 5 minutes at 3pm, was really on purpose so you could join my run? B.I.M.B.O……

VB has a PSA, but drops a jug – she’s alright….. OK, back to the PSA x2. 1/ Very serious – we need a hare for the 18th, or the world will end, or the committee will have to do it – but they are all away. Anyone? The Navy guys? But it’s the spritelyAirborne stepping up as usual – here’s to him, he’s true blue… 2/ Sign up for the Hash Bash – Pokai has paid already - $60 for members – free flow of beer, wine, spirits and women. And Pokai has a 3rd one – don’t go to Orchard Towers for the Red Dress run – it’s at Fort Canning – check her FB

Mystery Whip? Ayam Zinking gets the – speak English, before he can utter a word. This week we had a newsletter, without the circle report (sorry about that – 2 4 1 this week), we only got a picture? And tonight PML was not supposed to be here, but decided to support the Sh#t fam run. So let’s get the bikini gals from last week in – here’s to the sexy girls, they’re true blue…. “And what is LCH3 coming to?” says our exasperated Ayam Zinking? Now we have new runners – not virgins? And holding up some piece of paper purporting to be off our web site, AZ say, and when I want to contact the committee – how, there are no hash names? They’re the meanest…..

Crock O’Sh#t is back in charge – he has been requested to manage the circle! By a small Chinese lady – so STFUp

VB has a hashy b’day – it’s for Rooning Sh#t. Have you had work done, she enquires? Stash – it’s just a wig. Hashy b’day, f you…..









Run 1959 pictures